UK Video Store Update

Hi everybody,

New this week from the video store:

To Rent:

  • Adventureland
  • Driving Aphrodite
  • Along Came Polly

To Buy

  • It Might Get Loud
  • Aliens In The Attic
  • Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (Unrated)
  • Couples Retreat
  • Malice In Wonderland
  • The Ugly Truth
  • Adventureland
  • Duplicity
  • Driving Aphrodite
  • Secret of Moonacre
  • Bandslam

To celebrate the launch of all 3 godfather movies on the video store we decided to create a Gangster Collection so you can find all your favourite gangster movies in one place.

Video Download Service - Gangster Movies

From Thursday the 11th of February for 1 week only we will be running a special Valentine’s Day treat for you. No, it’s not a collection of romantic movies with happily ever after endings but rather some cheeky films that everyone secretly enjoys :D

Video Download Service - Naughty Valentines

Naughty Valentines special offer is what you need for a perfect night in this weekend. A selection of movies, such as Cruel Intentions, School of Seduction, Fatal Attraction and many other great movies will be available for you to buy for as little as £5.99.


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Another Nice, if not small, list this week – thanks Olga… :D Been looking forward to adventureland…

No news on the speed issues?


hello, yep sorry for delay. My advise would be for you to contact your local customer service center so they can investigate it for you. hope it gets resolved!

Thanks a lot


Ìs there any chance anybody here, PLEASE, can tell me when this service is coming to other territories? i’m located in The Netherlands and would LOVE to have this service and use it!

olga , i see its back to business as usual with very poor updates again this week , so last week was a one off then i take it , really dont know how you expect any backing of this store with these kind of very poor updates e.g 3 films to rent and one is what about 4 or 5 year old lmao

xKillerMonkeyx 08 February, 2010 @ 15:12

Stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllll no spanish one.

Guh, when is this coming to Scandinavia? I would’ve loved it :(

Gave the service another go at the weekend to see if things had improved. Unfortunately not, the download speeds are still [DELETED] poor. :(

What happened to the massive weekly updates that were promised when the Video Store launched Olga? I’d really love an answer to this because it’s been the most ignored question.

still waiting for tv shows.

Any news on the invention of lying being available to rent?

Hello Olga. There’s a any Chance of having Lots of TV Shows and Films with a Same Content from American Video Store? is it Maybe Next Week or 2 Weeks or maybe Next Month? You Decide, I’m Waiting for Reply.

Thank You


Any announcement coming up soon? You know, about the video store hitting more countries.

is it the financial year 2010 (meaning until april 2011)
or just the financial year 2009 (meaning until april 2010)

or you don’t want the money of the rest of the EU.

looking planwise,it’s already obvious when the rest is gonna get the movieservice…

when ………freezes over :)

Oh dear, Why pay £2.50 to rent the Godfather when you can watch it for free on Film4 this week. What a let down the video store is.

One hint, if you put some decent Anime in the store you’ve got a sure customer in me!


It Might Get Loud is a brilliant film, if you have any love for the guitar buy or rent this (yup, I know you can’t rent it from PSN yet) but it’s a great music documentary.

I’m STILL having speed issues and I STILL find the game side of PSN far faster to deliver files than the movie side and it continues to be a shame that no one on the Blog is willing to offer some comment or even tell us where best to raise these issues.

Still too expensive and the films are not high enough standard (need all releases in HD and 5.1 sound).

When will Sony realise that selling shed loads of films at low, low prices will equal better profits than selling hardly any for a king’s ransom??

when are the rest of EU going to get this? why don’t we get comics and movies?


oh dear what happened to 50+ videos a week?

How do you rent the film?

When i click on the film the only option i get is to buy???

@Kyle019 – Don’t worry your not missing much, going to your local video rental store is still quicker, in fact going from Manchester to Paris and back is quicker!

@Fr34kyUK – You can’t rent all films. Some are only available to buy. Ideally they will listen to the feedback given about seperating the content and adding categories like “new” to the rental section.

Any word on when SONY are sorting the speed out Olga, it certainly has NOTHING to do with our ISP’s / Connection speeds. I know I’ve checked it out with mine, Be* has an excellent connection to the servers hosting your content in addition they do not shape traffic or limit speeds in anyway,

So why does it still take me 18 hours download less 7GB from you?


When POLAND????????????????????????????

Do you have any news of loads of TV Shows yet Olga? I’m Waiting

You Know I Really Like TV Shows. I like to see TV Shows for UK PSN Video Store because i want to see like The Simpsons (Season 20 and Season 21) and more of TV Shows. How Come Does Have TV Shows in American Video Store and we didn’t have one in the UK, why can’t we have one too. Please, We Like United States TV Shows as well here in UK, have a Same Content as a American One Please.
Thank You

as you’ve got no plans to bring us any tv shows i’ve got no plans to buy or rent your overpriced movies.

Has there been any news on when the european video store will be released for the rest of europe?


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