Happy Birthday Flower!

I am so thrilled to announce that today Flower is one year old and we are all busy getting candles ready on its cake ;o) But to let you also participate to such happy celebration, we decided to launch a fantastic promotion!

From yesterday (11th February) and for a week only, you will be able to buy Flower on PSN at just € 2.99 / £ 2.39 !!!

If you haven’t played this amazing and much awarded game before, run to the Store now and don’t miss this great opportunity!

And that’s not all… To say thank you to all Flower fans for their great support, Thatgamecompany created a fantastic dynamic theme that will bring a magic spring breeze to your PS3s from next Thursday 18th February.

A real treat!

And who knows, there could even be more flowery surprises coming later ….

Keep an eye out here for more announcements coming soon! ;o)

Here are a few words from Randall, Flower Producer at SCEA.

Hey Everyone.

Randall Lowe here with a lot of really exciting Flower news and announcements. It is my honor to be posting on behalf of Jenova Chen or Kellee Santiago, the creative geniuses at thatgamecompany behind Flower.

Today, February 12, we’re all very proud to be celebrating the one year anniversary of Flower’s release on the PSN! Before I get onto the news, perhaps I should recap for those of you who aren’t familiar with Flower.

Flower is a completely new experience in gaming that takes you on an emotional journey through vivid and beautiful landscapes. In it, you guide the wind to collect flower petals, float above grassy hills, and paint the world with color and light. Since its debut, it has won a ton of awards and recognitions, from critics and fans alike, as a truly unique experience and ground-breaking game. If you missed it, here’s Jenova and Kellee accepting the award for Best Indie Game at the Spike VGAs in December. If you haven’t tried the game out yet, now’s the perfect chance!

Even better than reading my words about how unique and beautiful Flower really is, please take a moment and watch this developer diary video featuring Kellee from TGC, and my boss here at Santa Monica, Eric Koch.

So, back to the anniversary. To celebrate Flower turning one year young, and all the success the game has enjoyed since its release, we’ve put together a beautiful and serene dynamic theme, complete with day and night cycles, for all the fans who want to bring the Flower experience to their XMB. This went live on the PlayStation Store yesterday for the low price of $2.99. Go check it out!

Want more than just the dynamic theme? Then you’re in luck! Coming soon, we’ll be releasing the original soundtrack for Flower composed by Vincent Diamante. This soundtrack has been remastered and mixed specifically for this release, and more details will be announced in the near future. So check back on the blog for a release date and pricing!

Speaking of fans, here’s a great fan-made trailer that the developers liked so much, they contacted the creators so we could release it officially on PSN!

Finally, I just wanted to take a moment on behalf of thatgamecompany and SCEA Santa Monica Studio to express the sincere gratitude and appreciation to all the fans of Flower; for the longevity of your support and your level of interest in this project that has meant so much to so many people.

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We all know that the bso and a dynamic theme is coming :o!


That first trailer is the most beautiful trailer I’ve ever seen.

Happy Birthday flower, you are like a wonderful drug, I usually play it now and then but as a birthday special I will play all the levels in one sitting.

Sony: Buy thatgamecompany.

Happy Birthday Flower!

I bought the game yesterday and I’m really enjoying it! I’ll buy the dynamic theme for sure, looking forward to it! :D

I love flower! Those trailers have me itching to play it again. :)

I can’t wait for the official soundtrack, but why must you tease us with a theme only available on the US store at the moment? :(


Announcement = more Flower? Yes? Yes?!

Yeah, bought it yesterday. Just amazing…a smile came to my face when the rainbow appears after you finish the 2nd level.

I bought Flower from the PlayStation Store last night and played it for a little while.

Such a relaxing game!


“a smile came to my face when the rainbow appears after you finish the 2nd level.”


Bring us more flower pleaaaaaaaaaase ;)
This game is the most Zen Time like I’ve ever saw :D


I love this game! I bought in the past and I loved it from the very first time. I hope that a DLC is on works….please tell me YES jeje

Do games have ‘birthdays’ I thought they were always referred to as ‘anniversaries’? Oh well no matter – Many happy returns all the same! :)

Good news about the Flower dynamic theme, will be getting that! I was only asking Mr Kebby about the possibility of one in the comments of yesterday’s store heads up, he didn’t reply but I guess that’s because he knew the answer already but couldn’t say anything!

Cool, i have no doubt i’ll be buying the Flower theme! :)

Sorry if I’m a bit whiny, but how about giving the people who paid the full price the dynamic theme for free?

Loved the game though, and still do. I sometimes put it on as a screen saver :)

I waited for this and bought it the day it was released. It’s in my top 3 games of all time, just a complete masterpiece. Shall be getting the theme definitely, I’ve had the static one for ages. Please tell me we’re getting some DLC, more Flower would just be the best thing ever.

bob dylan FTW :)
definitely have to try this title though.


this game is so beautiful …

im very glad, that the price catched my attention otherwise i would be not able to experience such gaming art!

really, this one… literally blew me away.

I bought this game on Thursday :D Can’t wait to play it! Looks brilliant. :D

Please remove the custom sounds on the theme!!

I hope we do get the dynamic theme over here :)

Fantastic news, I can’t wait to get my hands on the soundtrack!

I bought the game the same day it was released last year, and finished it that same day for the first time.

It’s one of my favourite games of 2009. And with this new price, two of my co-workers/friends bought it yesterday, and I’m trying to convince three more to buy it too.


I bought the game day 1 and I hope more games com to PS3 from that game company. I cant wait to see whats up next!

i’ve spent the last holiday season with this WONDERFUL game.
I really hope in a follow up, or just some new levels.
And can’t wait to have the soundtrack in my iPod.



Happy Birthday Flower!!! <3 <3 <3

Happy Birthday! Flower was the best game of 2009, a pure and honest piece of art.
I can’t wait your next game guys! (and I hope you will reveal is soon)

I bought the game, played it, loved it!

Happy birthday flower!
PS: the fanmade trailer is amazing! bravo!

flOw is currently free on American PS Store, and those outside of the US who have American accounts because the European store sucks can’t download it.

What’s up with that?

What a game.
Just, after getting the 100% on the trophies I played it a few times more, wanting more.
I’m having my fingers crossed for new levels, random or a level creation tool for user generated levels.

Per flos ad astra!

SpitelordDekka 13 February, 2010 @ 10:42

“To thank our supporters for purchasing Flower, we’re going to gouge you for more cash for a theme. THANKS FANS!”

What garbage. I got a free Fallout 3 premium theme for the Xbox for buying all the DLC. THAT’S how you thank your fans. Not by asking them to pay more.


Happy Birthday….. I love you thatgamecompany.. ;o) thanks!

I loved the game!
I played it out for 100%!



Yay! flower soundtrack ^.^ can’t wait for it!

Happy Birthday!!

I bought it 2 weeks ago…

So, why is it the US have the dynamic theme and Europe don’t?
Oh I got it, let me guess… due to localization issues?

LOOOOL unbelievable

I bought it 2 days ago. My personal score is 9.
Thanks for this “game” thatgamecompany. ;)

I hope you’ll make more PSN game in the future.

P.S.Would be nice if SCE put on the PS Store EU fl0w for free, like the PS Store USA.
We are ever the last, right SCE?

Possibly the most unique and touching experience ever on a games console. I really hope that ‘thatgamecompany’ can produce some more exciting new concepts for Playstation 3. DLC would be awesome as well.

SalarymanDaishi 14 February, 2010 @ 15:06

Awwww… Happy birthday, thatgamecompany, and no matter how much time it takes, please surprise us with either something equally unique or even just more of the same! Flower was a fresh breeze of air (pun intended) into gaming in general and moments like that are few and far between.

A sincere thank you for Flower, and all the best for the future!

Thank you for this masterpiece!

OH! And Happy Birthday!!!

I just love it. It was love at first sight when I played it one year ago. One of the best games of the store.

Why do we have to pay for the game, when our American cousins get the Game for Free.. what’s the Deal.. why do we all have to pay £2.40…!!!

Er …. i Know i sound Cheap…! but our American cousins get stuff for free and we still pay… SONY MAKE’S LOAD’S OF MONEY.?

I hope this theme will be available soon for european gamers ; )


@29 My thoughts exactly mate. “Thanks for buying the game.” (in my case on day one at full price) “To thank you for supporting our company we have graciously decided to ask for more of your money for what is essentially a trailer for our game that you already bought. We hope you continue to buy our stuff so that we can give you more thank you presents that you have to pay for.”


If you don’t want to pay for the dynamic theme, my suggestion would be that you don’t buy it. The cheek of these companies, creating things and actually asking you pay for them!

As For Flower, I also downloaded it Day 1 – superb.


I don’t have a problem with paid for content, if people want to splash out on dynamic themes and avatars, more power to them.

I am just saying that when I send someone a “thank you” message I tend not to bill them for the card and postage, even though they cost me money. It’s the mixed messaging that I don’t like, not the content or the price.

Fair enough, sir. To my eye the announcements about new stuff and the thanks are two separate things, but there you go.

Of course it would be nice to get free themes (I’m using the Wipeout Fury one for precisely that reason), but if a bit of extra revenue helps thatgamecompany continue making unique experiences like both fl0w and Flower I don’t see the harm. As I say, you don’t have to but it so you’re not really being billed at all.


Actually, to be fair to the Flower team Randall actually says: “To celebrate Flower turning one year young, and all the success the game has enjoyed since its release, we’ve put together a beautiful and serene dynamic theme…”

It’s the blog writer that says: “To say thank you to all Flower fans for their great support, Thatgamecompany created a fantastic dynamic theme that will bring a magic spring breeze to your PS3s from next Thursday 18th February.”

Cristina Giuliano should perhaps have stuck with the developers actual wording rather than ad-libbing.

I might pick this theme up. Depends on if I’m feeling flush. Although, given that the US got Fl0w for free I don’t think a theme is too much to ask for in return for our continued support. ;)

sharpenedpixel 17 February, 2010 @ 18:16

To say thank you for all the fans for paying 6.29, we’ve reduced the game to 2.89 for people that didn’t support us. You can also buy a theme to thank you even more.

This game is just incredible, very relaxing and magical.

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