UK Video Store Update

Hi everybody,

And happy belated Valentines Day. Remember to check out our Naughty Valentines special offer that is still running in-store until this Thursday February 18th. A selection of movies, such as Cruel Intentions, School of Seduction and Fatal Attraction are available for you to own starting from £5.99.

Video Download Service - Naughty Valentines

New this week:
To Rent:

  • Good Luck Chuck: Fruity Edition
  • The Firm (2009)
  • Clive Barker’s Book Of Blood
  • August
  • Bloody Sunday
  • Double Whammy
  • Five Seconds to Spare
  • I’m Reed Fish
  • Palmer’s Pick Up
  • Baise Moi
  • Triggermen
  • Hit and Run
  • District 9
  • Dogging A Love Story
  • The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3
  • G-Force

To Buy

  • Good Luck Chuck: Fruity Edition
  • I Love You, Beth Cooper
  • The Firm (2009)
  • Clive Barker’s Book Of Blood
  • August
  • Adam
  • Up
  • Species
  • Away We Go
  • The Army of Crime
  • Five Seconds to Spare
  • I’m Reed Fish
  • Palmer’s Pick Up
3 Author replies

Glad we can rent District 9 now, I’ll rent it tonight.
Cheers for the update :D

olga will we ever get to rent the new final destination film , its been our months now and u.s store gt it ages ago . what gives

I didn’t see that Pelham 1 2 3 was available to rent, too. Those two (Pelham 1 2 3 & District 9) are the two films I’ve been waiting to become rentals.
Thanks for a fantastic update, looks like I’ll be getting both District 9 and The taking of Pelham 1 2 3, too!


awesome! hope you enjoy them both

Somewhat unrelated but..can PS3 users in the Republic of Ireland expect to hear any news on the video store front anytime soon?

How come the Video Store gets updated on Monday and not Friday’s like it use to? Just wondering


hello, we get most of new releases in UK available on Mondays so it makes sense to update you guys asap, cheers

almighty-slayer 15 February, 2010 @ 13:45

Happy belated Valentines Day to yourself aswell Olga!

I rented a couple of films over the weekend to watch on valentines day. Who needs a woman when you have the video store, lol.

Nice update this week, a couple of good ones i might rent (District 9 in particular – been waiting for it to come to rent. Is it any good?)


hahaha ok good point almighty-slayer :)
District 9 suppose to be really good, hope you enjoy it

olga just to point out incase u guys didnt know , the popular movies bit on storefront doesnt have a 1 to 10 next to each film in the list like the top hd rentals does and it looks very weird as the writing is all out of a straight line


Don’t hold your breath. Sony promised more information “in the new year” but, already into month two, and we haven’t heard squat.

And with PlayFirst being announced today for only our UK neighbours (once again), it’s just another slap in the face if you ask me.

I don’t expect a reply. I know there’s a “road-map”. I know there are legal issues with extending this service to other European countries. I just wish someone would be a bit more transparent about where things are at the moment.

Awaiting info for Australia aswell.

Baise Moi? Holy crap, didn’t expect to see that on PSN (Well, not in Ireland anyway – hint, hint)

still no tv, still no interest for me.

and onother thing, when does europe get a similar service to that qriosity the us has?
let me guess, “no plans for europe”
forget “make believe” or “it only does everything” sony’s slogan should be “no plans for europe”

@HazelAM – Its called Qore. Our version was announced today believe it or not. It’s called FirstPlay 99p per episode or 8.99 for 3month sub:


Goddamn it, I want this video service so bad. Pull yourself together, Sony.

Hello PS Managers,

When it will be available this service for Portugal?
I mean good service…

Ahh thanks for the answer Olga

Baise Moi? Not exactly your Valentine’s Day kind of film, that one.


Yeah makes more sense to update the store on a Monday thats when blu rays come out to buy on Mondays.


When POLAND?????????????????????????

If the video store were cheaper I’d use it all the time and given the number of comments on here compared to the amount of comments on a PSN Store update post I don’t think I’m alone…


Better update Olga. I wont go on about speed of download this week but ask another question.

Will Sony be putting up more older content onto the store. Perhaps a larger amount of cheaper, older films would reduce the sniping at you for the expense of the newer stuff. Also, as others mention putting TV stuff up would be good as well!

@Workshed: Same as…


TV progs would be a huge welcome sometime soon, I know you’re focussed on films at the moment, but the US store gets episodes of Lost the day after they are broadcast; for those in the UK that don’t have Sky this kind of option would be fantastic :)

sully, i wasn’t thinking of qore, i know about firstplay that should be launching in march, barring scee trademark “unforeseen circumstances, although nobody at scee seems to be aware of it from the lack of coverage :).
i was talking about qriosity, a totally different service.
i’ve read that it’s a instant streaming movie service that should be coming to the ps3 in the us.


Olga, please help

I’ve recently rented surrogates and transferred it to my PSP to watch, I was really enjoying it but about 10 mins before the end the film stopped playing and I got a ‘the video cannot be played’ error message.
I’ve had some really abd experiences with your customer services dept so Id rather not have to contact them, plus the call would probably cost me more that the rental itself, please advise

When…. Ah forget it, no one cares about Poland…


Its because the content expired bud. Did you activate it then watched it 48 hours later?

olga can u answer why the films to rent never goes past 620 titles , since store launched every week it goes up and down between 603 ,606 , 612 , and now its 617 films to rent im sure but its never been past 620 lol . why is this and why isnt there at least over 1000 films to rent by now , look at itunes guys to maybe do it right theres over 10 thousand films to rent and they rake in billions . maybe copy them and syart getting lots more films on store to rent even lots of older films . otherwise this service is not gonna see any sort of customer backing at all when itunes is vastly superior



its hadnt expired, there was about 2 hours left on it..


I’m not sure sorry

I want this video service to be made available for the rest of Europe!

Promised last year, and still no news for the remaining EU countries.

What is taking you guys so long?

The service is there, the content is there, the millions of PS3’s are out there… yet most of Europe still doesn’t have access to it!

March is around the corner, so I guess the original target date still stands?

AUSTRALIA WHEN??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????-??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

shame you don’t do tv or anime otherwise you could have halo legends on the store, just imagine if you could say “download halo to your ps3 now” :)
but sadly you don’t seem to have any plans to do anything other than movies, bet you can get it on the xbox.


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