PlayStation Home: MotorStorm Carrier, Plus Loco Island And Mui Mui Ship!

It’s that time of week again, when we stop by the blog and highlight upcoming updates for PlayStation Home. We’ve got plenty for you to see and do, with some great new spaces coming your way. This week’s highlights have to be the Loco Island personal space and brand new Mui Mui Ship public space, along with the MotorStorm Carrier.

That’s right, the stunning new MotorStorm Carrier has arrived in PS Home! Hinted at a few months back in the MotorStorm Sphere, the new MotorStorm space is a decommissioned aircraft Carrier. Bought by a wealthy, anonymous, rock star and donated to MotorStorm, the spaces comes complete with a number of mini-games, quests and funky rewards.

Check out the trailer below of this fantastic new space:

Try your hand at Lunatic Launcher arcade game or help out some of the ‘Stormers roaming about the space for your chance to win a prize. Or, if the mood takes you, spin some tracks at the DJ decks, where you can also play around with the smoke machine and lights. There’s plenty to do, and the choice is yours.


MS_carrier_6 MS_carrier_1


Once you’re done in the Carrier, we have possibly the best personal space out there! The brand-new (and incredibly cute) Loco Island. Watch the trailer below to see what’s coming:

This personal space comes complete with a swing, slide and hammock (for when you want to rest those weary virtual feet), as well as an array of LocoRoco characters including Mui Mui and Chuppa. Incidentally, the Chuppa can send your avatar soaring to the top of the tree house if required.


LocoRoco_6 LocoRoco_5


There are also lots of hidden features in this personal space. Try dancing in front of the LocoRoco for a nice surprise… You’ll also have the option to assist with renovating, or maybe even take part in a spot of farming: this isn’t one you want to miss out on! The Loco Island can be yours from Home Estates for the bargain price of £3.99.

The Mui Mui Ship is the perfect place for you to take a virtual cruise, from where you can look out at Loco Island and participate in a variety of activities. Sit down to a strategic game of LocoReverse, or have a bet on the hourly Domingo race with the pickories you’ve located.

Mui_Mui_1 Mui_Mui_3


Sodium updates this week, bringing new rewards for the Salt Shooter mini-game. These fantastic Tank Accolades – in Salt, Bronze, Silver and Gold variants – will unlock as you play through the Salt Shooter levels. For those who have purchased to Chilli Pilot jacket, tomorrow you will receive the full pilot outfit along with any jacket upgrades you have earned. VICKIE will also be updated with new content for purchase with your hard-earned credits!

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Looking like a decent update for tomorrow.

One thing though, will the Sodium rewards be retroactively awarded to those who have already completed the challenges?

Nice update.

Give yourself a well earned pat on the back for the communication in the forums and blog.

Is the Killzone 2 helmet fix done ?


The Helghast costume item fixes will hopefully arrive next week, assuming everything goes to plan.

I don’t get the Home haters. It is a great application, the content is at this time huge, and it’s being supported heavily.

And. Free.

So, a new Motorstorm is a-coming?

Brilliant update, cant wait for tomorrow

Question, is the stormer inside the motorstorm space a limited event with limited prizes?

As TheWretched said, i was going to pop that question as well. I love Pacific Rift and Arctic Edge but i wan’t a new fresh MotorStorm for my PS3 system! :)


EPIC update can’t wait for this one looking gd


I’ll have to check out the Motorstorm space.

Hopefully a new Motorstorm game will be released this year (for the PS3)… I would have loved Arctic Edge :(

with these new games i have to ask whatever happened to the queueing for games system that was supposed to have been included in an update a while back?
never found a game that actually uses it.


I know that pool uses this system. Will see if I can find out whether the MotorStorm game does or not.

Why was the first Motorstorm space removed, by the way?
It was not as good as this one, sure. But twice the spaces is always best, I guess.


The original was a limited time preview while the carrier was being fitted out.

I LOVE the LocoRoco personal space, and the items! LocoRoco slippers! AHH, that is SO CUTE! Can’t wait for this update! :D

:O … Thank You Weekesy… Will be looking to buy my own loco island :D… But can I ask ayou a few questions

1. Any chance we’ll see the Siren space next week?
2. Can you set a time frame for the Star Wars content arriving in home?
3. Any other secret updates for tomorrow? … *Nuges Alex*

Thanks Dude :P


Secret updates? hmmm … believe we should have more Ligne Roset (that missed last week at final hurdle). On the others, I don’t yet have solid dates. I’m hopefull that Siren is in the very near future, however that’s been a tricky one.

Captain_Koolaid 17 February, 2010 @ 18:08

Looks like a great update to me, they showing no mercy this week…2 public plus 1 private(which happens to be the best private space so far) is awesome.

Smoutefretter_BE 17 February, 2010 @ 18:13

OMG the Motorstorm space looks great :o

I’m A HUGE fan of the motorstorm series (1, PR & AE) Waiting for a new MS game for PS3 at this moment!


Don’t forget that the swing, slide and hammock in LocoRoco along with a jukebox and added music tracks for it have to be unlocked.

Nice update.

You all could of easily held out motorstorm space for nextweek or even later but you didnt and trust me its a good thing having all these stuff in one large update.

It means your ‘slowly but surely’ listening. which is a good thing FINALLY!!!

Keep it up fella.

Oh one other thing, LucasArts Store……. Please say “YES”…..



We’ll be getting the LucasArts content in a future update, but it won’t be this week I’m afraid. I’ll post updates on this content via the forums as I hear more.

Excellent additions.

What I feel home needs more than anything is fornightly (and never missed) clothing and furniture updates. It can’t be hard to upload 3-4 T-shirts in an update.


I think he decided not mention those features you thought to spoil so we can discover them ourselfs!


I LOVE LocoRoco! Thanks for the great update!

Has the Sodium registration issue been fixed. If not, when can we expect a fix?

with another beach, in addition to the one with the motorstorm private space, which i’ve bought, will we be getting that collection of beachwear and swimwear the us has?

there is one more thing i would like to say.
the us had a charity tshirt sale late last year.
how about something similar for europe.
this would be good, i suggested this before but nothing came of it, i thought it was about time i brought it up again.
make a tshirt like that for home and give the money from sales to charity and i swear on my life i will buy one.


We have some LocoRoco beach wear for both male and female with this update, yes.

Charity is something we’d like to do – in fact we tried for Haiti, however we ran into some red tape. It’s still on our list of things to get setup for future, though.

I have a different comment to make… i’v been a big fan of the playstation .. ps 1 ps2 and Ps3 why when i play SSX Tour the game freeze’s.. i want to play all the old skool game i have..! plaese answer..! Don’t Blank me or i’ll say it and play the xbox 360…
and later to the Playstation=3.. WHAT WE WHAT TO READ.. ANSWER A.S.A.P?


This is a post about PlayStation Home … you’ll need to get in contact with support or someone who actually works on SSX Tour I’m afraid.

not really the right place to ask that question cooler, try the forums.
unless some so called mod has had you banned.
i doubt you’ll get any joy though, the ps3 doesn’t have the chips to allow full ps2 emulation and ssx is one of the titles that doesn’t work well at all, in fact the eu ps3 never had the full set of chips to support the best emulation as they used the delay to redesign the hardware to take out the emotion engine.


Home needs to integrate with PSN and also having our home avatars on the XMB, at moment it seems to be dieing a slow death.


Do that Loco Island come with your own pet white shark? That´ll be sweeeeet.


Locoroco Apartment!!1


I just want a normal new apartment in home, is that to mutch? :O

That’s a very good update but that LocoRoco space …….way too cute!

Any chance we’ll get the Warhawk area?


If you mean the personal space that launched for SCEA earlier this month – yes, we’ll be getting that space in the near future.

Great update! But could HOME crew add some mini games to the personal space that lake one. Like kill zone 2 room.

But anyway! Great to see great looking HOME spaces and things to do in them. That is the key to have people returning to HOME! Keep it up!

why does it take so long for home to load and when will that get fixed?

when i unlock an item in home, i never get to see what i unlocked because home locks up at the same time i unlock an item, when will that be fixed?

i never go to the mall anymore because i’m tired of waiting for things to load, when will that be fixed?

stop with the useless content for now and start fixing things to make it less painful to enter home and faster to filter through all the content, then add more crap after everything is fix

thank you


I notice you’re posting with a Canadian flag. That being the case, you should direct your questions to the SCEA teams.

Having said that, though, I want to clarify that the questions you raised (eg load times) would be addressed through client updates and not through the regular content updates. Client updates are handled by a completely separate team from content development, so the release of new content each week has no impact on client development. The client team are aware of the load time issues raised by the community.


How the hell is £3.99 a bargain, or is that extreme sarcasm?…

Finally, the rest of the Sodium content! Thanks.


Just thought I’d drop in here to confirm that you’ll need to play a round of the Salt Shooter to prompt your earned jacket upgrades to unlock.

This is pretty much what should happend every week, its a decent update. And I love the ideia of some discounts on spaces too, you should also make more of that, trust me you’ll win more money than you lose.

Alex, any word about the shape blast trophy getting fixed? I love that item but its been broken for so many time now :( its a shame.

And, pleaaaase Alex, do something about our (Portuguese) message of the day, can’t you make it in english instead of spanish?

Hello Alex I have a few questions for you,

Whens Siren coming?
Whens Loot coming?
Whats happening to the Home Stuff Store?
Whens the Namco Essentials coming?
Any news on a new Home Square?

Sorry to ask so many by the way


Just to clarify the last point, its not a cultural matter but an understanding matter.

That LocoRoco space rocks!


What you said.

@Alex Weekes

IS Final Fantasy XIII Playstation Home Space and Costumes COMING TO EU & USA??????

I just hope we get something as cool as this for GOW3!!

Loco Island, probably the best personal Space ever:P

Thanks for the updates Thylaudax………………….


I want the loco island for free but i cant :(



**** it BOMB DA SKOOL :o

How do u update ps home?

great update ps3 and thank god its free

GuitarManiac95 18 March, 2010 @ 07:50

But the only bad thing about Playstation Home is the memory it takes up is a huge amount. But can anyone tell me, If you download the extra buildings, like bowling ally, when you delete it will it go too and bring back the memory space?

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