The UK Set For Heavy Rain

Friday 26th February sees the launch of PlayStation‘s immersive and emotionally engaging crime thriller title Heavy Rain; a game in which your smallest decisions can change everything. Play as multiple characters in their search to solve the crime of the Origami Killer, and delve into their lives as they follow their own leads in a desperate search to find the killer’s latest victim.


Head down to one of the following stores on Friday 26th, Saturday 27th or Sunday 28th February for an exclusive demonstration of key in-games scenes, and an opportunity to get hands-on before you buy!

  • HMV Edinburgh
  • HMV Manchester
  • HMV Leeds
  • Gamestation Edinburgh
  • Gamestation Birmingham
  • GAME Nottingham

*Please note this is an 15+ title, all consumers wishing to demo must be 15, you may be asked for ID as proof of age

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Deffo off to the one in Leeds. Nice idea guys. Can’t wait for this!

How are you doing them on the 30th and 31st of February? xD

CartBlanche 16 February, 2010 @ 4:41 pm   3

Nicely spotted there Mr./Ms. adz2k7.

Why no London Love?

Mr 😛
Yeah, it’s kinda suprising there isn’t one in London, tbh


Why is NORWICH always left out of these kinds of events?

Unfortunately there isn’t a store near me doing this.
Don’t mind though, as I don’t need them to “sell the game to me” I’m definitely getting it regardless!


Damn, I’m busy on the 30th and 31st of February, you know, too busy existing on a real date and all that 😀


probably the most heavily populated city in the country, so, better not go there.
i’m really starting to wonder about scee, do they put something in the cooler water?
one unfathomable decision after another.
unless annoying people is actually company policy, in which case, great work, two thumbs up.
finally found something you’re good at.


Wow this article is so UK centric but still bears the EU flag 🙁

heathengray 16 February, 2010 @ 4:58 pm   10

Bringing forward the release date would also be a good idea 😉

I had the Special Ed. on pre-order and after playing the demo, I’m glad to say I still have it on pre-order!

I can’t wait!


Hmmm… interesting choice of event for this game…. 🙂


Can you give any confirmation on the EU release dates? The country-specific PS3 pages for some countries give release dates that contradict the Feb 24 EU release dates.


i need this game asap . wish it was out this friday lol . bring it on im putting a shed load of time into this game

thenextbutton 16 February, 2010 @ 5:30 pm   14

“Head down to one of the following stores on Friday 26th, Saturday 30th or Sunday 31st February ”

What calendar are you guys using 😉

Anyway, I can not wait for the game.

nutbear96 16 February, 2010 @ 5:47 pm   15

*COUGH* *COUGH* London! *COUGH* *COUGH* What gives? GAME Wimbledon? We give you many hours of tennis entertainment and what do we get back? NOTHING!

Paranoimia 16 February, 2010 @ 6:02 pm   16

Any idea when we can expect the promised e-mail for successfully completing the Heavy Rain 4 Days ARG?


i’m pretty sure if you looked hard enough, or not very hard at all come to think of it, you could have found a big hmv or game store, on oxford street alone, if they’re still there, i think they are, the hmv there was huge and i think it’s still there.


To those hating on the lack of London demos….get a grip! It makes a refreshing change that other locations are getting a look in, besides, think how people outside of the UK feel!? Sheesh, some people are never happy.


Nothing near Cambridge. :'(

I am envious of anyone being able to go to one of these events!

Why are you that bothered about these events? Nice idea for anyone who doesn’t have a chance to get the demo but seriously, shouldn’t these be a few days before release rather than on the day?

I know I don’t want to be standing in a queue in HMV to play a tiny bit of it when I could be at home playing the whole thing myself which I plan on doing.


On launch, it would be rather cool but not cool to indeed have some heavy rain. 😉


Wish I could attend, but I’ll be content with my pre-order from HMV arriving by release day to be honest. Was astonished by just how engrossing the demo of the game was. I was expecting more of the same as Farenheit, but this was far better than I was expecting. Loved the groovy Minority Report sunglasses in it, hope to see a lot more of that in the full game.

Devilater 17 February, 2010 @ 7:59 am   23

Birmingham YAY!

Nostromo74 17 February, 2010 @ 11:20 am   24

I couldn’t help noticing an amount of TEARING in the DEMO.

Was this fixed for the final release of the game?

Yes I’m 15! Yes it’s in Edinburgh! Yes I like Heavy Rain!


How does a fifteen or sixteen year old prove their age anyway?

Hopefully a set of dates for locations south of Birmingham will be announced too as I still need convincing that “Heavy Rain” is worth buying/playing regardless of review scores.

Also, why does nobody react to the rain in the demo? Not even moaning about it, or lowering their heads to stop water falling on their faces?

For all the realism of the environment & the attention to detail with the characters why do nobody’s clothes get wet?

In the Demo version FBI Agent Norman Jayden managed to get back into his car without looking wet. No drips from his hair, for instance. Also his glasses didn’t even get smeared with water whilst he was wearing them outside. I found that odd considering the weather conditions.

That said, I am more worried about a video I have seen where Madison Paige takes a shower without soap, puts the same clothes back on again, then goes to the toilet, doesn’t wipe, & leaves without washing her hands.

She can keep her clothes on for me, thanks.



Smegzilla 17 February, 2010 @ 1:56 pm   27

I’m gonna be at home playing the game rather than going all the way to Manchester (almost a tenner by train). I’d also have to walk past the shop I’m getting it from to get to the train station so yeah I don’t think I’ll be doing that! 😛

Hope everyone who goes enjoys it though, and it’s nice to see places that aren’t solely down South getting some love.

MobileTone 17 February, 2010 @ 8:16 pm   28

@ taurus82 – because they don’t know we exist in Norwich 🙁

MobileTone 17 February, 2010 @ 8:18 pm   29

@ FP – she’s a dirty dirty girl!


She may be mucky ‘tone… but I still prefer the original model, [ ].

I tried again with the Playable Demo this morning before deleting it (to make way for the demo for “Yakuza 3”).

Out of the two playable characters, Scott Shelby was the more likeable personality for me, but even then I could not relate to anybody on-screen. The voice acting seemed a little disjointed with the on-screen action. Just paying attention to the movements of Lauren Winters’ mouth & the actual words being ‘spoken’ was distracting enough to be annoying after a while.

I think the industry has a long way to go before we can expect video gaming to replace movies as core entertainment, but that shouldn’t be seen as a negative point to this game. Not everybody wants a night out to a cinema to all press [square] or [triangle] at the right points to influence the on-screen story.


…It also bothers me that when Shelby departs Winters’ room (for the second time). He opted to leave to the left out of the door not remembering he was at the end of the corridor & he had entered from the right! 🙂 Not a big concern, but another worrying observation that details like this can be missed especially when the title prides itself on attention to detail (or so it seems to me).

I do hope I’m wrong about my first impressions of this game as I really need something ‘good’ to play at present; nothing seems to have captured my imagination or long-term attention for quite some time.


…I expect the gathering of evidence in “Heavy Rain” is probably going to play a major part in the story, but also may provide many red herrings along the way just to prolong the game (or blue herrings in the recent Toad Murder Files).

What I don’t want to find is a game that turns into a random search & retrieve kind of activity without the dialogue between the characters hinting where to look to progress the story if an object, location, or vital piece of evidence has been missed.

Supplemental findings such as that “unrelated to the case” due to contamination of the crime scene by one of the police officers on duty may also prove useful. He may even be the killer… as it is easy to dismiss evidence of this nature due to the officer’s presence at the location.