Heavy Rain Paris Launch Event

I hope you’re ready for lots of Heavy Rain content, because while we were at the big Launch Party in Paris this week we managed to secure a nice amount of interview and video content which should tide you over until well after the game comes out next week. To kick things off we’ve got a short teaser video and some photos which should give you an idea of what the launch event was like. I would’ve loved for you all to have been there with us, but hopefully this is the next best thing.

Heavy Rain Launch Event

The event took place at the Gaumont Cinema on the Champs Elysees in Paris, where David Cage (Writer/Director), Guillaume de Fondaumiere (Executive Producer), Pascal Langdale (Actor – Ethan Mars), Sam Douglas (Actor – Scott Shelby), Leon Ockenden (Actor – Norman Jayden) and Jacqui Ainsley (Actor – Madison Paige) met members of the film and game media and members of the public. After having played through the game last week, it was very surreal to see them walking around in the real world. The event involved much red carpet walking, hors d’oeuvre nibbling and industry mingling. Plus an ice sculpture in the shape of an origami. No, really.

Heavy Rain Launch Event

Heavy Rain Launch EventHeavy Rain Launch Event

A cut down video edit of the first section of the game was shown to media on one of the Gaumont’s many cinema screens. There aren’t many games which can be confidently displayed on the silver screen in front of dozens of members of the press but, if the applause was anything to go by, they seemed to love it. After this, director Neil LaBute stepped in to present a short film, which he had created specially for the event, based on Heavy Rain’s central premise: how far would you go for love? It’s a short eight minute talking heads piece involving a wide range of film industry members, such as Samuel L. Jackson, Hanif Kureishi, Nicolas Roeg, Stephen Frears, Ben Chaplin, Nicholas Hoult, Peter Bogdanovich and Jean Marc Barr. Check it out for yourself below.

This was followed by a Q&A panel involving Mr. LaBute alongside David Cage, Terry Gilliam, Martha Fiennes and Mathieu Kassovitz, during which they discussed how the film and game industries were merging. It was a pretty lively debate and we’re hoping to get you a video of that in the next week or so. It was great to see the enthusiastic responses from these respected industry veterans towards Heavy Rain.

Heavy Rain Launch Event

Heavy Rain Launch EventHeavy Rain Launch Event

The second day of the event was only slightly less glamorous, but no less interesting. Media had interviews with the actors, David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumiere and you can see our interviews with them begin to appear next week. Thanks again for answering my request for interview questions. I’ll leave you with the teaser video taken at the red carpet event and you can look forward to plenty more Heavy Rain content on PlayStation.Blog in the coming weeks. Plus, you’ll be able to pick up the game and play it for yourself on Wednesday in mainland Europe and Friday in the UK.

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So Coooool

Whoa!!!! I wanna be there :(

Looks. So. Sweeet! XD

To bad I don’t live near there. Looked like a fun time.
The woman on the picture with David Cage, is she the woman that was in the demo? They look so similair.


Yep! She also played Mary Smith, the auditioning actress in the original Casting Call video back in 2006.


almighty-slayer 19 February, 2010 @ 16:35



The Gaumont Champs Elysees is not my favorite movie theater in Paris though. MK2 Bibliotheque on the bank of the Seine river is way nicer.

I enjoyed the demo and will probably be checking this out once I’m done with some other games.


I’m fairly certain you’ll find it a refreshing change of pace from the games you’re playing right now.

Smoutefretter_BE 19 February, 2010 @ 16:46

Looks very good, great night at the event it seems :D

Also good to see the actors and in game characters almost look identical!

looking forward to next week!


It’s uncanny. Seeing them walking around was very, very bizarre. I can’t really over-emphasise just how strange it was.

I truly hope Heavy Rain becomes something more than a game, that it becomes something to relate to in many aspects of ppl lives and vice-versa.

I hope Television channels and media in general have the sensibility to see what’s so unique in Heavy Rain and that they transport that to the masses.

Good work Quantic devs and associates.

I’m really looking forward to a week from now….

Jacqui Ainsley is teh hotness btw.

GIVEMEURBANANAHS 19 February, 2010 @ 17:06

Can’t wait for the debate!

thanks to give a new way, a new meaning, a new life… to this interactive world.
i will enjoy heavy rain as like a book, a music, a movie… as an emotional experience.

I also had an invitation for the launch-event in paris,… but can’t get there, because I had no time *cry* :(

Is there any news on when we’ll be getting the final “reward” emails for Four Days? It’s been a week now without any news…


More news is coming soon, kaukomieli – watch this space :) Hope you enjoyed taking part in Four Days!

WhatIsTheMatrix 19 February, 2010 @ 18:05

@GhostViper #3
Yeah I thought the exact same thing woah that’s the woman in the Scott Shelby sequence on the demo. A very good likeness I must say. :)

WhatIsTheMatrix 19 February, 2010 @ 18:36

Have they by accident given away who the Origami Killer is?

If you look at the brief lineup of the actors/actresses who appear in the game the one on the far right (you see him briefly lean forward) is he up there as maybe he plays the killer?

Maybe I’m reading too much into it but I would of thought the killer is met several times in the game before you realise they are the one that’s behind it. Thus why this guy on the right is on the stage?


Certainly not! The person you’re referring to is Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Executive Producer of Heavy Rain at Quantic Dream. We wouldn’t dream of spoiling the game for you. :)

One Word, EPIC, Two Words, Can’t Wait, One More Word, EPIC

@ WhatIsTheMatrix
I think he plays lietenant Blake but im not positive

I pre-ordered the special edition, I can’t wait to get this game. Awesome.

Sorry to rant about this in this thread, but where is Demon’s Souls for Europe???????????????????????????????

Demon’s Souls is the most amazing captivating fascinating game in a long long long time, why does Sony keep Europeans from playing this wonderfully twisted dark demonic game!!!=!=!=????? ARGH!!

I want this game soo badly!

Really cannot wait for this game, it looks phenomenal. It’s really great to see it getting so much recognition as it truly is an amazing game (from what I’ve played in the demo and such). Loved the movies by the way, but couldn’t help but think Samuel L Jackson’s comments were a bit out of place in the first movie. I think he’s great, but it was a little odd hearing him say those things among the more artsy comments by the other people.

Hope we get to see the advertising soon, but I really, really hope they don’t make one of those horrific “Start” adverts for the game. It wouldn’t be able to convey the message of the game very well. Please tell me you created something more “mature” in the sense it’s similar to a movie advert or something :/


Cool to hear that you’re excited – I’ll be giving you guys a peak at the TV ad later this week. I think it does a great job of conveying the message of the game – looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Ooh La La… Formidable!

Amazing to see ‘Mary Smith’ for real. I recognised her instantly from the casting demo, which is a very cool video indeed so i’m looking forward to seeing it in HD as it’s an extra in the CE!


A week to go for us!(UK) I’ve made a fan advert for it:

I know it’s not that good but it’s only 30 seconds. :)

This game will be so groundbreaking! I really hope this sells well! Advertise this game like mad men SONY! This cant got drown by all the other fps games and such. This must stand out and show ppl that the gaming medium can do so much more!

ADVERTISE THIS allot! I speak to everyone that visit the gaming shop I work at about this game. I try my best and I hope SONY takes note from the SCEA and there ad campaign!


I am so looking forward to this game. Everything by Quantic Dream has been very unique, truly helping games to mature. I hope this will be a success for them.

I cannot remember the last time i was looking forward to a game this much. Maybe the first Zelda for the N64… and with The Last Guardian Sony might have another game of this caliber on the shelfs this (?) year. (i was not looking forward to Ico and SotC becaus i did not own a PS2 and never knew they existed untill after)

I feel like i am a child again, it´s awsome, i hope the game fullfiles my expectations! And if it dos, sign Quantic Dream up so they can become SCEEs Team Ico! Do it!

Simply amazing! I wish I was there :(


That bus looks pretty awesome.


It really was pretty cool! :)

wow i wish i could be there , can’t wait for the game ! :P

Oh dude look at all the food!!


This has got me even more excited for this game.

I hope HMV will deliver this early as possible, This week is going to drag till I get my hands on this game.

@ thenextbutton +1

First time I’ve ordered a pre-release with HMV. I hope they are quick to deliver.

Can we have some photos from the Heavy Rain launch party in London please? – preferably ones with Lindsay Lohan making a fool of herself in :)

Thanks for the response, Alex — I guess I’ll just have to be patient for a bit longer. I did enjoy Four Days and I’m very much looking forward to Heavy Rain.

Merging film and gaming?

Please, don’t. Both are multi-billion industries but that’s where all similarities end.

Interviews will be interesting to see, but the only questions asked were most likely those coated with sugar, piled with praise and accompanied by the sounds of lip-smacking


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