VidZone Update: This Week – Iron Men, Mardi Gras And Hotties On The Homepage

Good morning, evening or afternoon depending on when you read this. This is tailor made to be perfect for any time of the day, so if you just got in from the club or just wiping the sleep from your eyes you can check it out and be informed and educated about all the new videos and features on the one and only VidZone… I have one word for that opener… cheesy… but then… who doesn’t like cheese?


AC/DC does not give digital services rights to use their music or videos… of which we are one of those services… That’s a fact… UNTIL NOW!!! For the forthcoming release of the new Iron Man 2 movie AC/DC has allowed us to use the new video to their classic “Shoot To Thrill”. Like it? Thought so!


This Week

Hot New Videos (All Countries)

Don’t get too close cos you might get burnt… These videos should come with a health warning they are so hot. Including new videos for Art vs Science, DJ Zinc ft Ms Dynamite, Shakira and Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip.

Hot New Videos

Artists Of The Week

Tété (France) – Featuring his new single “L’envie et le dédain”

George Michael (Australia, New Zealand) – To coincide with his tour across Australia and New Zealand

George Michael

Lemar (UK, Ireland) – Featuring new single “The Way Love Goes” from his compilation album “The Hits” released 01 March 2010


Pitbull (Norway Sweden Finland Denmark Netherlands Austria Portugal Switzerland, Belgium Luxembourg) – Including his new video “Shut It Down” featuring Akon


Wyclef Jean (Germany, Italy, Spain) – featuring his new video “Hold On”

Music From Films

Without music films would be like apple pie without custard, good but not amazing. We got a list of the best of videos from the movies of course featuring the new video for Iron Man 2 Soundtrack – AC/DC – Shoot To Thrill (Iron Man 2 Version) that I was talking about earlier.

Half Minute Hero (UK, Ireland only)

To celebrate the release of Half Minute Hero for PSP we have a special playlist of videos that go perfectly with the game. Featuring Alter Bridge, Helloween, Hammerfall and Nightwish

Mardi Gras

PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY!!!! “Fat Tuesday” celebrations are going on all over the world and it would be rude for us not to give your own soundtrack. Featuring Nneka, Timbuktu and UB40.

Next Week

One To Watch – Daisy Dares You

Rising star and BBC sound of 2010 longlister, Daisy Dares You is definitely something you need in your life. Including new single Number One Enemy featuring Chipmunk

Artist Of The Week

New Young Pony Club (All countries) – London electro poppers will have you dancing around your living room with this, the lead single “Chaos” from new album “The Optimist” released on the 1st March

Post-Hardcore Hits

Featuring Enter Shikari who have a new album out on 22/02 called Tribalism, this playlist celebrates the wall shuddering genre which is post hardcore.

Hottie Videos

So hot you might explode! These videos feature some of the hottest, sexiest, scantily clad gorgeous human beings that ever graced a music video. Including videos by Armand Van Helden and Britney


This Week

Latest Additions – All the videos that we have uploaded this week so you don’t have to search through the whole application for what’s new.

Next Week

Biggest Selling Singles of All Time – Exactly what it says it is, videos from the biggest songs that have ever been made… You know what they are, check them out!

VidZone Goes Pop – Not as in explode, as in pop music… you realised? Oh… OK… Fair enough. All your favourite pop videos to watch till you pop.

Air Guitar Classics – Air can’t make you bleed so you can rock out for as long as you want knowing you won’t be injured playing your “Air Axe”

Like it? I hope so… More exciting things to talk about in the coming weeks so keep it locked. In the mean time… Go watch some music videos


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Hey all

Sorry this is a little late this week, Will be back to normal from now…

Over and out.


xKillerMonkeyx 23 February, 2010 @ 11:01

Nice update, loving Rise Against on Vidzone this week, especially one of their songs, Prayer for refugee or something, keep it up guys this is my study music :-)


Good job on getting the AC/DC vid up there, we just need more. Do you think you could twist their arm some more? I have to say Vidzone rocks but it still needs more metal :p


Hey Darkscorpius

Twist AC/DC’s arm?! I don’t think that would be advisable… Unless i want their bodyguards to twist mine a lot harder… ;)

We are always trying to get more videos that you all want… We will twist as many peoples arm as far as we can to get what you want.


lol Valid point there. I am aware you guys work hard to get new stuff for us but what can I say? I love my music and I probably won’t be satisfied until all my favourites are on there…lol

Out of curiosity is AC/DC’s stance on giving you guys rights to use their videos a common thing with groups? Surely any publicity is good?



It’s probably more common than you think. Some bands have issues with the digital market, or steaming services for many reasons… A lot more people are coming round to the idea that it is a good thing but it sometimes takes a while to persuade people it isn’t a bad thing.

Are there any Lupe Fiasco videos on the way?


Hey Tobi316

We are working on the label… hopefully we can give you some good news soon.


That’s kinda lame. Myabe you can try pointing out that I’ve bought an album because of a video I saw on Vidzone, it was Flyleaf’s last album, I wasn’t even aware it existed until I saw the video…lol

One more question. I’ve noticed a few times some vids have a yellow triangle with an exclaimation mark on it and won’t play even though they’re on my play list. Is it just a glitch or have they been removed or something?


Haha… you are lucky no one seems to be commenting so you get my full attention today!

The triangles are becuase we have lost rights for the videos you have in your playlists. This happens for many reasons (labels licenses change all the time!!) We try and get back all videos we lose the rights to from whoever has the rights now so you should see the videos live again shortly so I reckon you should keep them in your playlists for a while at least to see if they reappear.

Hope that makes sense.

LOL @ hotties! :p


that’s what i thought. It seems you guys have to potentially go through quite a bit of hassle, not just to get new vids but to keep them there. Rather you than me I think.

Cheers for the replies Ben & keep up the good work.


You probably can’t comment on specifics, but do you know if there are any plans to get Rammstein back on vidzone?


Hey VictorAnalogy

Always plans to get content back on the service. Rammstein has been a tricky one though… Hopefully soon.


are there any plans for Slipknot music videos on Vidzone?

keep up the good work, love vidzone.

can’t you add nothing than hypercommercial crap? most of the rap isn’t worth listenin too cause every other word is missing and there are like 5 good reggae tunes… i mean… where are like… snowgoons, jedi mind tricks, immortal techiques, actual bob marley himself, road to zion with damian and nas since they both are on vidzone anyways, some dance hall like bounty killer, assassin, mavado, elephant man.. some lee perry, scientist, mad professor..

Been asking for over a month now.
Why cant i see any Nephew (DK) videos. When i do an artist search they show up, but there are no videos. Shouldn´t they have been a “launch” artist here i Scandinavia?

Nice update, shame my VidZone Doesn’t work :-( tried re-installing it many many times it just crashes at the loading point. Help would be great! I miss my Vids!


Hey funkpower

Can you email your issues to please and we will sork through some potential fixes.


Need all Craig David video up on Vidzones, please!

When Poland ???

When Poland? :(


i’ll try something different this time…

when we’ll be able to see a poland re… rele… relea…

… argh, crap!

When poland??? :D

VidZone is still not available in some countries. When it will be? Maybe just in which quater of year?

With Warner saying they’re going to stop licensing streaming services, does that mean VidZone will never get them on the service.

I hope not???


Hey Sully

We hope not too… We are still working on it!


BTW the guy who dance on bed in Shakira’s song is B-boy Cloud, winner of Red Bull BC One.

And of course: When POLAND?!?!?!?!

ben is there any chance vidzone can start selling music albums similar to itunes as id love to be able to do that and im sure others would too . psn has games and movies to buy now its time to start selling music too me thinks , not music videos but actual music albums . cheers

nemesisND1derboy 23 February, 2010 @ 16:17

Hey Bem hows it going? Just wondering if you will be getting some Linkin Park, Green Day, Paramore or 30 Seconds to Mars on vidzone anytime soon? Keep up the great work….

P.S. Any news on a deal with Warner Music or EMI?

nemesisND1derboy 23 February, 2010 @ 16:34

i hate not havin an edit button…your name is Ben….


Hey NemesisND1derboy

Haha.. Don’t worry, thanks for the correction. We are still working on the EMI and Warner deal. Wish i had more to tell you, as soon as we do I will let you all know first.

Hi Ben, Any chance you can have a word with Sony to get Vidzone working through remote play, i can watch tv (play tv) at the pub on my phone (Sony Ericcson Aino) but can’t use Vidzone on it at the moment. Thanks

Hey Ben any news on VidZone for Greece?

Great service, keep up the good work!


what about electro dance playlist ????

Have you guys at VidZone any solution yet for the swedish users?

The PS3 crashes at the loading point, i know i can use a UK-account but i want it to work with my primery account.

Maybe you can release an update to fix the problem.

oooo Half Minute Hero celebration! I love that game :D

I don’t need vidzone I have Youtube

hello ben creasey, i have a sugestion for vidzone!

searching artists by country

im from Portugal so i dont know how many portuguese artists we have in vidzone, or other artists by country

if we have these feature(show all artist by country, and show them all) that would be nice indeed.

thank you

Good work with the Post Hardcore playlist although I can’t believe this thread hasn’t turned into an argument on what is and what isn’t hardcore. Perhaps The Kids don’t read this blog! :)

Vidzone is a really great service on PSN and I’m pleased that it’s a success. Keep up the good work!


works for me.. i never really use it tho..


It works for me as well. Maybe you should try seeing if your harddrive could use a clean up?

I think Bob Marley will get there eventually, don’t worry about that. Besides, with a service like this you need to strike a large audience before you start offering lesser known artists. They’re a company. If they don’t get money, they’ll suffer in economy and disaster will strike. Have patience.

The Half Minute Hero playlist looks good – im signing on now to check it out!

there actually is a bob marley tune now :D

What are the chances of you getting Hybrid’s new single “Break My Soul” (released March 9th) it’ll be under the Distinctive Records label?

will vidzone be released to other countries

What are the chances of you getting Hybrid’s new single “Break My Soul” (released March 9th) it’ll be under the Distinctive Records label?

Sorry, I meant to say 8th of March.


Hi there,

any possibility to put in songs of the japanese rock band “Dir En Grey” for Germany? Label: Okami Records (,48)

Thanks in advance.

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