Halfbrick Introduces Age Of Zombies

Hey guys, this is Phil Larsen from Halfbrick checking in to give you some details for the newest addition to our range of minis – Age of Zombies!

Age Of Zombies

You’ll step into the shoes of our hero, Barry Steakfries, who is thrown into a lab where Professor Brains is taking the next step to creating a zombie apocalypse – by sending them through time portals!

Age Of Zombies

Barry doesn’t take too kindly to this news, and after dispatching Professor Brains, ventures forth into the portal to save the world from a history of eating brains. Along the way, he’ll crack bad jokes, have fun blasting heads and deal all kinds of destruction with a wide array of weapons.

Age Of Zombies

Age of Zombies features the single player Story Mode starring Barry Steakfries, which takes place over five time periods containing three levels each. You’ll visit the Prehistoric era, Ancient Egypt, Feudal Japan and more!

Age Of ZombiesAge Of Zombies

You can also unlock Survival mode, where hordes of undead will attack relentlessly in a level of your choice. Aim for the top score by killing zombies in quick succession to gain combo points, and wield a huge arsenal of weapons including the shotgun, SMG, flamethrower and minigun.

Age of Zombies will be released on February 25th for €4.99/£3.99, and we’re looking forward to this tongue-in-cheek game designed to make you laugh while doing what everyone loves doing best – kill zombies! Through time!

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Looks great, will download for sure. Does it work with PS3?


Yes it will work on PS3.

Make sure you check out the trailer on the PSP YouTube Channel!


I never tried but yes, if you updated your PS3 firmware, you will notice a Mini folder in the Games section.


Looking forward to playing this. Looks like fun.

@Phil Larsen

is there any plans to bring Raskulls to PSN.

Great looking game and for 3.99? Bargin!

not a fan of the price but it does look great. I think I will just stick with Alien Zombie Death atm and pick this up later.


Loved Echoes and Blast-off is good as well, and I’d like to see Raskulls on PSN in some form as well as that really looks great!

But another top down shooter and a zombie game at that? The top down shooter bit might interest me, but the zombies thing has been done to death, and at the £3.99 price point? A different theme and I might of considered it, though I’d still like to see a lower price.

Hi Phil
The game looks great thanks and keep up the good work.

almighty-slayer 24 February, 2010 @ 18:47

Awesome looks great HalfBrick

Definite buy for me :)

Wow a lot of zombies for such a small PSP :D Like the game already ;)

Now this looks like a instant buy!
Amazing looking game, cant wait to get my hands on it… and play.. for.. braaaainnnnssss

Nice. I’m buying this, and it’ll be my first mini’s title for my PSP/PS3 :)

is this a game where you stay in one place (arena) and fight hordes of enimies?


Hey everyone, Phil here! Thanks for all your great comments, we’re pretty excited about the release and hope to see Barry Steakfries more in future. If you have any further questions let me know!


The game isn’t one arena, there’s five worlds with three levels each. Each level does have you fighting hordes of zombies in an area which takes up several screens in size (and other random enemies!), but you do progress through after beating each level. There are also boss fights at the end of every world.

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