PlayStation Home: White Knight Chronicles Photo Challenge!

This week in PlayStation Home we bring you an exclusive White Knight Chronicles event, as well as Lumines clothing and the third episode of Home TV!

You’ll need to get together with three friends to form a fearsome guild for your chance to win an exclusive White Knight Chronicles figurine for the Photo Challenge, while in Home TV we find out more than we wanted to know about the host, Perry Flynn, and Llamas.

PlayStation Home White Knight Chronicles (1)

White Knight Chronicles arrives this week, and to celebrate we’ve redecorated The Gallery area of the PlayStation Events Space. Well worth a visit just to see the huge backdrops that dominate the space … or for your chance to win big! Your challenge is to get together with three of your friends, pose against each of the resplendent backdrops and use the special camera to immortalise your fearsome guild in our virtual photo competition.

PlayStation Home White Knight Chronicles (2)

Once you have captured your fiercest poses, grab the images off your PS3 and email your photos to to enter. The sender of the five greatest photos will receive a special, limited edition real-life White Knight statuette – so make sure you dress to impress! The space will be available in Home for four weeks, so there’s plenty of time to get that perfect shot.

PlayStation Home White Knight Chronicles (4)

Threads updates this week with Lumines clothing. There’s a range of coloured t-shirts and hats available, so if you enjoy Lumines head over to Threads to take a look.

Home TV returns this week, with episode 3 airing in the Theatre. This week our host, Perry Flynn, reveals the winner of the Best Dressed Apartment competition. They’ve got the lowdown on an upcoming competition with a piratical theme, reports on recent community activity, and the usual mix of jokes that are so bad they’re good. For a sneak peak at what’s coming, check out the promo trailer:

Don’t forget that your event can be featured on Home TV! Simply email us at with all the details. Remember, the earlier you get your email to us the better!

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More t-shirts and a competition I can’t enter as the camera doesn’t work on my widescreen sdtv (as it saves it in a box format not widescreen).

Disappointing update this week.

Londons-Fiinest 24 February, 2010 @ 15:54

Not heard about hometv.
May check that out

Cant wait for tomorrow :D

Oh well, can’t be great every week can it…

@Alex Weekes

can you kindly confirm if Final Fantasy XIII Playstation Home Space and Costumes is COMING TO EU & USA.


You’ll need to ask the SCEA staff for the USA.

For EU we’re not yet ready to confirm any FF XIII content for Home.

@ 5 it can if you live in u.s or japan just not europe especially with the lazyness of this team .

Hello Alex I have a few questions for you,
Whens Siren coming?
Whens Loot coming?
Whats happening to the Home Stuff Store?
Whens the Namco Essentials coming?
Any news on a new Home Square?

Sorry to ask so many by the way


I can’t confirm any dates for any of the above.

Re: Loot specifically, I can update that we are working towards releasing the Ghostbusters space in the future.

add to that are we getting the waterfall appartment and didnt you say more staff was hired on here in a reply weeks back and we would get more content on a weekly basis . yet after weeks this is 1 of the worst updates ever which in all fairness wouldnt be bad if we were up to par with other regions but we are nowere even close so this is why its a disgrace .

What’s the point in this when you get a Statue for having a Save file from White Knight Chronicles?


It’s a physical statue for your physical home :)


getting White Knight Chronicles can’t wait

this event sounds kl looking forward to it


A phsyical statue, is that it? My god that just fails

Even if I were to win(which I know I won’t), there is absolutly no place to put it, plus ITS UGLY!

I wouldn’t be caught dead with that

I know I like collecting exclusive and unique items, but that just takes the mick


The space itself is still well worth at least one visit, just to have a look around.

do you guys at scee home team not read the feedback as it seems to fall on deaf ears time after time , ENOUGH TSHIRTS ALREADY MAKE OTHER STUFF

Thanks for the answer Alex but I remember you saying Siren were July? Not to sure though

Correction February* not July lol


I’ve not put a date on Siren, only confirmed it’s on the way.

Please tell me Alex that you get at least something for visiting the space please

Ive given up on home and just take what im given, lets face it they’ve had more than enough time to bring it up to the standards of other teritories and for whatever reason its not happening and if you ask you’ll get told “eventually” so to relive stress on everyone i just leave it be.

I think i’ll be far too busy playing white knight and trying to get hold of heavy rain to care about whats going on in home anyway. It looked and sounded like a good idea in the beginning but ive not seen too many good uses of home so far, the heavy rain promotion was cool mind, and the uncharted 2 space was interesting.

its gotta make you laugh though that home is a community feature yet everything is a secret when its comes to whats due lmao

i put that down to people holding em down to dates. If they say when its planned to be out and somthing happens and the date slips they get all sorts of abuse and confusion. Besides its not really worth getting upset over as its just a free and very limited bit of bling that lacks a bunch of the features that were planned.

rather see the resources put into the store really.


That’s part of it. We constantly have changes to the schedule for a variety of reasons. We work with a lot of third parties, who themselves are often working with others.

sharpenedpixel 24 February, 2010 @ 17:11

I don’t have 3 friends that go on Home. Why do we need 4 people to enter a competition?

Home Tv and new T-Shi–


I think some of you guys need to grow up a bit, every week its when’s this coming out when’s that coming out. Its like a kid in a car , are we there yet, are we there yet, its not going to speed things up so why persist. And comparing EU home to US home is crazy considering there two different continents. Feels good to get that off my chest.

No hidden suprizes tomorrow? :O

So theres now a closed beta for home, what maddness is that?!


“its gotta make you laugh though that home is a community feature yet everything is a secret when its comes to whats due lmao” – seany1

So True!!!!

Home: two steps forward, one step back. Always.

kap m8 i got banned for giving bad feedback lol

Can I just say that 5 statues is a bit weird…
There are 4 of us in each group… so only the sender of the photo gets the statue?
That seems a bit harsh on the other 3 members :(
Surely it would’ve been nicer and made more sense to give away 4

statues, 1 to each member of the winning group

WKC is great, just started playing it after finishing Heavy Rain for the first time…

Yawn EU ):

A question!
In the loco roco space (in playstation home), I purchased the midnight carnival trial. Why the heck do I have to cancel the download? Why cant the download go straight to pending mode or in the background? You would either need to wait in Home for the download to complete or physically need to exit the download and home and go and redownload via the Playstation Store via the XMB. Ewwww.

Hello, good morning guys. Not a good update in my opinion, and I still think there’s too many t-shirts and the ratio t-shirt > trousers + shoes is awful :\

Alex, can you please tell me if that thing we talk about last week (MotD) will be ‘fixed’ in today’s update?

Thanks for your time.

Are these videos made by 12 year olds? It has CHEAP written all over it. Step it up Sony, Home is needing a big lift to make it more interesting and visually appealing. The movement and speed of your avatar is so slow, stiff and boring too.

ive cut my losses with home and deleted it with no intention to reinstall until things get better .

I wanna get this game but with Heavy Rain out I can’t afford. Way to go SONY bringing out so many 1st party titles all at once.


The events space is still Heavy Rain. I thought it was going to be WKC this week?


They’re both running in separate areas. Heavy Rain is in a previously unused section of the events space, while WKC is in another area.

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