God Of War III – DEMO Now Downloadable From PlayStation Store!

Hi all

In case you don’t already know, the God of War III demo is now downloadable from PlayStation Store. Make sure you go and get hold of it immediately, you won’t be disappointed :D

And for those of you who haven’t yet seen it, here’s the latest trailer where you’ll be able to see Kratos inflicting total chaos and destruction.

That’s all for now, I’ll be back soon for some more news. Enjoy the demo.


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Is this the E3 demo build?

Yeah, it’s the E3 build. And NO, it’s not live..


You call that the “latest trailer”? That’s about an year old!

This lead me to believe it’s actually on the store right this second which it isn’t!!! me wants this now now now!! lmao

No, it isn’t yet out on the PlayStation Store so get those bits arranged so I can get my fix! *tries to Ctrl+F5 on his PS3* XD I’ve been waiting to get my paws on that demo. =P

Is this the E3 demo build?



You lie!

Helvedeshunden 25 February, 2010 @ 15:08

I got the demo earlier. The gameplay feels really old after playing Bayonetta. The genre really needs to move forward and add some challenges besides dodging things flying in your face.


E3 build? if so i already have it :P

It’s up now YAY

It’s live. You have to download it via the menus(All Games A-Z > PS3 content > G-I or PS3 games > action adventure )

I’ve had the E3 build since september, something like that. But i guess, and as it seems, we won’t be getting a new demo for the game. But that’s okay. The full game is just around the bend ;)

Sensational Demo.

In the region of 2.7gb download size.

downloading now, thank you Sony :-)

MaikelSteneker 25 February, 2010 @ 15:34

I just went to check if the DarkSides demo was already available when I saw this. Great news of course, I’m downloading them both now :)

Exact same size as the E3 demo => E3 build.


Cool ;) But why no New demo for? (E3 2009 was a LONG time ago) ;D


Old trailer replaced with new one I see. Good ;)


ok know i see it wasn’t listed in the store update

because i got it’s own blog entry :D


There will be portuguese in all euroepan versions?
And which languages are in the american version?

almighty-slayer 25 February, 2010 @ 16:04

Played it months and months ago but still…Love that trailer.


Why Sony why? Why E3 demo build??? Is it a good way to promote the game, putting an 8 months old demo on PSN? I was expecting a demo with the latest build… a bit disappointed. NVM, the game is only 3 weeks away.

Remember that this demo (which I got in late September) is almost a year old. And while it’s still more impressive than, say, Dante’s Inferno, it’s reportedly far from being representative of the final product — according to a recent Santa Monica report, the level where the demo takes place has been completely remade since June 2009.

Considering the Demo is not the final build I cannot wait to play this game. I have played the Demo a repeate number of times and its popularity seems to be spreading too… has anyone seen this youtube video of a hot chick playing the demo? It’s pretty sexy… I can’t wait for March!!!


Carnivius_Prime 25 February, 2010 @ 16:49

Excellent. about time. Having this, Uncharted DLC and Darksiders demo all on same day makes this the best PS store update ever for me :)

Hi, does anybody know why this demo is in black & white in my tv? if the download was made through the american store i would understand but it wasn’t so .. what’s the problem exactly?

even if it’s the nearly year old demo build it’ll be the first time i’ve had a chance to actually play it.

played the demo its superb….try it !!!

GoW Demo = 2671MB
but there is no reason to ignore the DarkSiders Demo.

it worth it

Demo is awesome but does anyone know if you will be able to preorder the God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition again as it is no longer listed on the GAME website. Thach?? Thanks

Its great that other can now sample this awesome game it rocks.

Hi i was just wondering if the uk will be getting a
god of war bundle (i.e ps3 + god of war)
As my PS3 has just died and i was think about buying a new now.


Checked Australia Playstation Store but couldn’t find God of War III demo anywhere…

I went to PS3 Games->Action/Adventure
I went to All Games A-Z > PS3 content
I even searched for “god” with the search function

but no entry of demo… Any idea? or is Australian got shafted again?

Yeah, I can’t find it on the Australian PSN store either. I’m really disappointed, first I imported GoW Collection hoping to get a download code only to find one wasn’t contained within (mostly my own fault since I opted for the asian version not realising the offer didn’t extend to it :P ) and now it looks like the demo is finally publicly available aaaaaaand for some reason Australia’s been left out of the fun.

Please tell me its on its way guys, I’ve been looking forward to the demo (and by extension the game, of course) for a long time – although I guess that hardly makes me unique. :P

Hi, I am getting error 80010038.. What´s the problem??????

no gow3 demo on au store why?

Where is it on the Australian PSN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben_Eaglesfield 26 February, 2010 @ 01:12

B-Dynasty, are you running an HDTV, or an SDTV(normal)
I had to hook it upto my brothers HD for colour!

SDTV .. so i probably have the same problem, i though an HD would just give us better resolution but i never thought it would be the difference between playing in black & white or in colour, i have an HD in the living room but i still don’t have the appropriate cable.

More money to spend then lol, thank you for the reply.


omg im totally excited to try this out cant wait till i download it

B-dinasty, I played the demo (the beta actually, but it should be the same) with ans SD tv and sure I’ve got colours. Can’t say i was impressed with the graphics having a 4:3 tv, tho. Anyway, you can buy an HDMI cable in amazon.com for 1-2 sterling + postal fee.

Maybe my television is too old? That’s the only reason i can think of.

you guy’s are god of game development, i just can not wait to play this game!
thank you for all your hard work
thank you Sony!

VERY IMPORTANT – PLease Can you confirm that the Australian edition is not censored or cut in any way. Thanks.

es el mejor juego que a existido
aunque Dantes Inferno ya le copio pero bueno
q importa
para mi es mejor God of War todas las versiones
ok bye espero sea tan genial como yo creo aunque ya jugue el demo


i have the Ultimate Trilogy Pre-Ordered Since 2nd Febuary….and i can wait to have the game in my hands, and padora’s box in my living room just to show off for the guests xD


can i download the demo onto a pc & then tranfer it to my console? if this is possible someone please post a link.


So sick of hearing about this terrible franchise. I cant wait until this crap is over with. There are so many better IP’s out there.

Downloaded this the other day and I can say it’s an amazing demo, Can’t wate for the game. Im not a massive G.O.W nut like most of you but this is the start of somming new for me. Download the demo guy’s if you aint already and enjoy ;)

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