Media Molecule Officially Joins The PlayStation Family

As the Senior Vice President for Worldwide Studios in Europe, I’m really pleased and excited to welcome Media Molecule to the PlayStation Family. We announced today that we have acquired Media Molecule, making them a wholly owned part of Sony Computer Entertainment.

Media Molecule Logo

The decision was an easy one after meeting five young, talented people with a massive ambition to redefine video games as we know them and create and grow a fantastically talented team at Media Molecule. This was followed by a fantastic exclusive relationship that culminated in the launch of one of the most innovative PlayStation games of recent years. Of course, LittleBigPlanet needs no introduction here, as it was thanks to you that it became a best selling PS3 title when it released in late 2008.

The acquisition will enhance the talent pool within SCE, protect past and current investment and ensure a solid base for future investment. Media Molecule have exciting projects in the pipeline and we’re looking forward to sharing these with you in the not too distant future.

The most important thing is that nothing will change from your perspective; Media Molecule will simply continue to make great games. Welcoming Media Molecule into the PlayStation family will allow us to better support their future titles and ambitions.

In case you’re still wondering why we would purchase a developer who has only one game under its belt, allow me to present to you their list of awards and accomplishments — just click “more” below. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s an enviable list.

I have no doubt that this will mark the beginning of an even more exciting relationship with Media Molecule for the future.

Tokyo Game Show October 2008

  • Future Award: Winner

Famitsu Magazine

  • Platinum


  • IGN Best Platform Game of E3 2008-Runner up
  • IGN Best PlayStation 3 Platform Game of E3 2008-Runner up
  • IGN Special Achievement for Technological Excellence of E3 2008-Runner up
  • IGN Best PlayStation 3 Artistic Design Game of E3 2008-Runner up
  • IGN Best PlayStation 3 Multiplayer Experience of E3 2008-Runner up
  • IGN PlayStation 3 Special Achievement for Technological Excellence of E3 2008
  • IGN PlayStation 3 Special Achievement for Innovation of E3 2008-Runner up
  • IGN PlayStation 3 Most Anticipated Game of 2008- Ranked #5 out of 10
  • Game Critics Best E3 2008 Console Game
  • Game Critics Best E3 2008 Social/Casual/Puzzle Game
  • GameTrailers Best of Show E3 2008-Runner up
  • Game Trailers Best Playstation 3 Game E3 2008-Runner Up
  • Game Trailers Best Innovative Game E3 2008
  • GameTrailers Best Online Game E3 2008-Runner Up
  • G4TV Best of E3 PlayStation 3-Runner Up
  • G4TV Best of E3 Online Multiplayer-Runner up
  • G4TV Best of E3 Best Original Game
  • G4TV Best of E3 Best Innovation-Runner Up
  • G4TV Best of E3 Game of Show
  • GameSpy Top Ten PS3 Games E3- #2 out of 10
  • GameSpy E3 Staff Picks
  • GameSpot Best Stage Demo E3 2008-Runner Up
  • GameSpot Best Platform Game E3 2008
  • GameSpot Best PS3 Game E3 2008
  • GameSpot E3 Best of Show 2008-Runner Up
  • PS3 Fanboy Best of PS3 Exclusive E3 2008
  • Ripten Best PlayStation 3 Game E3 2008
  • Ripten Best Game of E3-Tied with Fallout 3
  • 1UP Best PS3 Game E3 2008
  • 1UP Game of Show E3 2008
  • WhatIfGaming Best Platform Game E3 2008
  • WhatIfGaming Best Artistic Design E3 2008
  • WhatIfGaming Best Multiplayer Experience E3 2008
  • WhatIfGaming Most Gracious Technological Excellence E3 2008
  • WhatIfGaming Revolutionary Design E3 2008
  • WhatIfGaming Best Console Game E3 2008
  • WhatIfGaming Game of Show E3 2008
  • Kotaku Best Original Game E3 2008
  • Kotaku Best Social/Casual/Puzzle Game E3 2008
  • Game Pro Best of E3 Silver Winner
  • Cheat Code Central, Favorite Game of 2008
  • Cheat Code Central, Best Platformer of 2008
  • Cheat Code Central, Best PS3 Game of 2008
  • Cheat Code Central, Best New Character of 2008
  • Cheat Code Central, Most Creative of 2008
  • GameSpot, Best Implementation of User-Generated Content of 2008</li
  • GameSpot, Best Graphics, Nominee
  • GameSpot, Best UK Developed Game, Nominee
  • GameTrailers Best Action Adventure -Runner up
  • GameTrailers Game of The Year-Runner Up
  • GameTrailers Best PS3 Game-Runner Up
  • GameZone Overall Game of the Year – 2008
  • GameZone Best PlayStation 3 Game of the Year – 2008
  • GameZone Best Overall Platformer – 2008
  • IGN, Best Platform Game of 2008 (for PS3)
  • IGN, Best Artistic Design of 2008 (for PS3)
  • IGN, Best Local Mult-player Platform Game of 2008 (for (PS3)
  • IGN, Best New IP (for PS3)
  • IGN, Most Innovative Design (for PS3)
  • USA Weekend (online) – “The Best Video Games of 2008”
  • The Onion’s Best of 2008 List

Edge December 2008

  • Best Game: Winner
  • Best innovation: Winner
  • Best visual: Winner
  • Best developer: Winner
  • Best online experience: runner up

Pocket Lint Awards

  • Game of the Year 2008-12-17

Spike TV Video Game Awards December 2008

  • Studio of the Year: Media Molecule Winner
  • Game of the Year: Runner-up
  • Best Performance by a Human Male: Runner-up, Stephen Fry as LBP Narrator
  • Best Original Score: Runner Up
  • Best PS3 Game: Winner
  • Best Soundtrack: Runner Up
  • Best Graphics: Runner Up

  • Most Influential Developers of 2008 (with other Developers)


Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Awards

  • Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction
  • Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering
  • Outstanding Achievement in Character Performance
  • Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction
  • Outstanding Innovation in Gaming
  • Family Game of the Year
  • Console Game of the Year
  • Overall Game of the Year
  • Best Multiplayer Game in Troféu Gameworld (Brazilian)
  • Best international game at Deutscher Computerspielepreis. (German)
  • Platform Game Of The Year at Swedish Game Awards 2009 in Stockholm
  • Best Platform Game of the Year in the Norwegian Game Awards


  • BAFTA Video Games Awards – Artistic Achievement (Winner)


  • Golden Joystick Family Game of the Year (Winner)
  • Golden Joystick Family Game of the Year (Winner)


  • BAFTA Children’s Awards – Video Game (Winner)
7 Author replies

Fantastic news Sony! one of my fave developers and love LBP. This just means even more quality exclusive content for the PS3 and honestly what could be better than that?

Michael Denny 02 March, 2010 @ 19:21

Thanks for your comments. Exciting times ahead . . . .


Well done MM :D

Excellent news. Everyone know that PlayStation’s strength lies in the strong first party exclusives. Hopefully future Media Molecule games will benefit from this.

This purchase has my blessing.

Awesome news :D

Fantastic work Sony for supporting newcomers MM. now, Get Quantic Dreams into the family, they’re certainly keepers too :D

Carnivius_Prime 02 March, 2010 @ 17:00

Good good. Sony already has the best bunch of owned developer studios and MM’s a great addition.

almighty-slayer 02 March, 2010 @ 17:00

Top Stuff. Nice one lads, good to see the talented people at MM joining the Sony 1st party developers!

Michael Denny 02 March, 2010 @ 19:08

Its great to have such talented people on board, the future plans are very exciting . . . . thanks for your comment

Dave-The-Rave 02 March, 2010 @ 17:01

Brilliant new !! More inhouse devs.


Their first ever game was rated game of the year 2008!!
PS3 Exclusives all the way:
GOTY 2007: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
GOTY 2008: LittleBigPlanet
GOTY 2009: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
GOTY 2010: God of War 3/Heavy Rain/MAG/ModNation Racers/Gran Turismo 5 Prologue!!

Michael Denny 02 March, 2010 @ 19:06

Thanks for the endorsement. We are very excited by the possibilities we have to create more exclusive innovative content with MM, cheers


Brilliant news :D LittleBigPlanet is one of our top games on PS3

Excellent! Looking forward to more LBP DLC :)


Wicked news!


Congrats, MM!

DiscoMcDisco 02 March, 2010 @ 17:03

Ah brilliant News,.. The LBP fanbase will keep it alive moving forwards, and with people now comfortably buying into LBP packs i think the game has solidified it’s position for the duration of the PS3’s lifetime…

I’m excited to hear what’s coming next though, must have been a few things in the list that tipped Sony over the edge to buy them in.

Good luck to all for the future :D

Michael Denny 02 March, 2010 @ 19:09

Thanks for the support. The future plans are truly exciting . . . more on that at a later date . . . .

CloudStorm87 02 March, 2010 @ 17:03

This is fantastic news! IMO, Media Molecule is one of the best, most creative studios out there and this is a great move by Sony. I’m sure it will prove to be the start of great things to come! :D

Wow, contrats. :D

Great for Sony.

I just hope this wont end with key members of MM taking the money and walking away from the studio leaving it a shell of what it once was which is sadly often the case in this type of thing……. I miss (good)Rare :(

still… on the upside I cant wait to see what they come up with next. LBP was/is amazing


Well done to both Media Molecule and Sony. A great partnership, if ever there was one. I look forward to what you both will announce, later this year!


Awesome news, my shares just went up big time xD


Great, I just love LBP!

Awesome support and loving all the DLC awailable and coming! :P


Great news!

GutsBerserker 02 March, 2010 @ 17:09

One more talented team added to the already outstanding Playstation family. I hope they won’t be wasted on some simple Arc/Wand casual projects.

Welcome to the PlayStation Family! :)

FANTASTIC TO HEAR! I hope this will be a great relationship between SONY and MM! Let the guys keep innovate and sprue fantastic games! I LOVE LBP and I wish the best of luck to you guys/girls!

NOW, SONY! I WANT MORE HEAVY RAIN GAMES! I love it to death and My girlfriend is playing it right know and adore it!

That is also the case whit my co-worker that is a female and many costumers that is about 30-50 years old and have a PS3.

SONY and Quantic Dream, you have it a potential gold mine!

Michael Denny 02 March, 2010 @ 19:18

Thanks for your comments. It really is great to be able to work with such talented teams and bring new exclusive IPs to Playstation and broaden the appeal of gaming in the process.


Thats great news!! Im well happy!!


I Love LBP. This sounds like great news.


Congratulations to Sony and MM :D.

Good times!:)

Congrats Sony and Media Molecule


Congratulations MM and Sony! Good job investing in development that is thinking big and a bit outside the box.
Now all we need to hear is that Sony is also financing Quanitc Dream’s next project. :-)

somethingatt 02 March, 2010 @ 17:24

*mr burns*

Be sure to keep talking together though, don’t want to read about the heads of MM getting sacked for ‘insubordination’ anytime :)


SCE WWS = THE best group of developers in the world.

Haha Microsoft just got PWNED.

Jem Alexander 02 March, 2010 @ 17:28

Hey guys — just letting you know that Michael will be around in a couple of hours to respond to your comments. :)


CONGRATS WELCOME MM can’t wait for ur next big hit :D:D:D


Fantastic News and congratulations to Media Molecule who now have a very secure future as one of Sony’s internal development studios.

I can’t wait to see what comes out of MM in future especially since now they get to work even closer with Sony and other Sony first party devs.

Awesome! Congratulations Mm and Sony!

Mm studio has only five people?
Wow, those cats must be truly talented!

Michael Denny 02 March, 2010 @ 19:26

Just to clarify – when we first met the guys, they were just 5, now they are an awesome team of over 40 molecules . . .all are truly talented cats !

When will you make the Playstation Network officially available to Playstation 3 customers in Morocco ??


btw what can we excpect from you guys at E3 huh?huh? you can’t keep it a secret forever ;)

almighty-slayer 02 March, 2010 @ 17:42

So come on, spill, when’s LBP2 going to be here? :p

Amherst_Wind_4 02 March, 2010 @ 17:42

Now maybe we can expect to see more LBP posts on the EU blog?
The US blog gets a monthly (maybe weekly I’m not sure) update with dlc info, level picks, etc. Whereas its hardly ever mentioned on this blog…

Uhm… What’s with the double Joystick Family Game of the Year Award?

And for more serious business…

What will this mean for us, the consumers, in terms of gaming? More DLC? Faster published DLC? New games?(Not expecting you to open the lid on that one… :P) Or something completely else? Perhaps a serious effort towards keeping Pluto’s tag as a planet?

On the US blog, they met 4 young, talented people.
In the EU blog, they met 5 young, talented people.


Yesss!! AWESOME!!

Great news for Owners of Sony Gaming Systems! :D


Well done to both parties,I think there was a three game deal,but i’m guessing the next project has helped close the deal.
Really looking forward to seeing what MM come up with next.

Sweet, LBP is the only game I will keep until LBP2, all the other games get traded in at some point, Well done Sony and Media Molecule, Hope you keep pumping out the great entertaining games, I can not wait till to the next member of the LBP family.

Smart move, Sony =)

Michael Denny 02 March, 2010 @ 19:30

Thanks for your support. I think its a smart move for everyone . . . MM, Sony and playStation fans worldwide

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