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We have been running several different ads for the Heavy Rain TV campaign in the UK and just in case you have missed any of them, here they are:

Pre-launch we ran ‘Top & Tail’ ads to show the different choices you can make within the game and the consequences that this can have in the ‘Hassans Shop’ scene. 3 different endings were made and played out on TV:

Our 60″ ad first aired during last weeks Inter Milan and Chelsea Champions League game and ran throughout the launch weekend:

A shorter 30″ version of this ad will be running until the 14th of March:

You should also check out the interactive Heavy Rain game trailers on the Heavy Rain YouTube channel to experience the game, make decisions for yourself and watch how the plot unfolds…

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rumblejoselito 03 March, 2010 @ 13:05

Great game! I will get mine sooN!

Both 60″ and 30″-versions are very, very good!

I have played the game and it is, though flawed, absolutely brilliant and breathtakingly beautiful. As is the music.

From what time tomorrow will I be able to redeem my code for Heavy Rain?

Brilliant game! Well done Sony and QuanticDream! Playing through at the moment and loving it!


Great adverts for a truly great game.

Just a shame there’s been so many problems with game freezes / missing DLC / Leap Year PS3 problems / etc.

By the way, what happened to the 4 Days Challenge mystery ‘reward’ we were supposed to be receiving last week???

Will there be a blog post tomorrow letting those of us who picked up the special edition know we can redeem our code to get all the extras that come with the SE including the soundtrack which was delayed?

evilKnoxvill3 03 March, 2010 @ 13:17

How about starring at a black screen for 5 minutes as a commercial?

Because this is what I believe a significant number of customers are currently doing … Well, before it crashed for me I really, really enjoyed the game. Brilliant, indeed.


Great adverts for a truly great game.

Great game, I like the adverts.

just finished 1st playthrough today and must say the game is OUTSTANDING , this is a buy for every ps3 owner as dare i say its better than 90 percent of serial killer films out there , great job guy i really hope you get the sales you want and deserve for heavy rain as its a masterpiece . btw i had no glitches , bugs , freezes at all through the whole game and im on the 250gb slim bt dnt know iif thats why . thanks david cage and the quantic dream team


@ 10 (seany1)

After the numerous bashings that you give when it comes to the PSN store update, it makes a change to actually see you praising something PS3 related for once ;)

I agree with you though, it is a great game (got Thursday, finished Friday)and had no bugs/freezes as some people have reported.

Whether i’ll Plat it though is another question. :)


I played HR when I was drunk last night, bad idea. Gonna have to restart the game tonight :(
Nice ads though, could have been my GOTY if Kratos wasn’t round the corner.

waiting to be able to download my special edition goodies – tomorrow, hopefully!


I like the adverts.

However, I’ve suffered from the game freezing (3 scenes in) and characters falling into furniture (2 scenes in) and my console crashing (4 scenes in). Ive got a one year old phat PS3 80gb. It’s massively dented my enthusiam for the game which I, like every other user, has been looking forward to.

Add to that the cockup with the delayed soundtrack, means someone should get their bum kicked at Sony.

I wont be buying another QuanticDream title and intend to discourage others from doing so. They simply dont test their products prior to launch.

Bring on God of War 3!

@ 11 as ive said m8 the game is brilliant and i always give credit were its due . the store got bad feedbk every time i felt it was deserved and ive also posted last 3 weeks abt store updates being good i hold nothing bk m8 its best way to be.


The two “Start” ads are really good – this is the first time I truly like our Euro “the game is just the start” campaign.

heavy rain avatars to buy would be brilliant too . oragami figures next to psn names would look neat , actually more dynamic themes or anything heavy rain related would be a buy for me so if you can guys please lol .


heavy rain very good game and very realistic,could any one tell me why mine keeps crashing ?is anyone elses?as im thinking of taking it bk theres no scratces on disc either


Absolutely brilliant game. I’ve not yet encountered a single freeze or glitch with the game. Finished it over the weekend, now I’m playing back through again to see how I can vary the story and make different decisions this time through.

Despite it’s flaws this is one of my favourite games of this generation. Truly outstanding.


I played Heavy Rain over the weekend and thought it was a fantastic game, despite a few very minor technical glitches (screen tearing, for example). Thanks for a great experience!

Any news on the Four Days “reward”? I thought we were supposed to receive an email about that sometime last week…

looking forward to getting this at some point but I’m torn between this or the value pack for Beatles rock band as I can get it for £50. To tell you the truth though, I’m more excited about red dead in April, already pre ordered for only £35 from amazon!


My copy off Heavy Rain keeps freezing at least fix that before advertising a broken game.


Heavy Rain is absolutely the best game I have ever played!!! We need some ads like this in the United States!!

@kaukomieli Screen tearing only happens on non-1080p resolutions, as far as I know. Mine had no problems.
@FunFontaine: I’m not sure why you’d want to discourage people from buying a Quantic Dream title, even with the reasons you listed. Seems like a disservice to the players in question.

I personally had one scene in the prologue that froze for a few seconds and lost sound during one spoken line. A later replay had the game freeze for good on a different chapter, but that was easy to fix. Also lost sound for two whole scenes, so I just quit the session and started the game again to fix it. None of these problems bothered me and I went on to do multiple playthroughs and got the Platinum trophy while at it. Still easily one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Great game…YOU have to buy,it’s a masterpiece!You will be stunned in front of television and no way to stop playing…Great emotional experience as quite all ps3 exclusive.

My game wont load… why is there no patches to fix this?
Great ads, but please, i really wanna finish this game :(

What happened to the ‘English’ trailer you put up last week, the voice over seems to have changed to a dodgy American voice. ?? ;)

LOL its just been on ITV1 with the camp American voice over, nasty. The English voice over was much better!

I might need counseling after that scene with madison! :O


@zadorvp I’m not sure I follow you. Like most of the current gen games, HR is a 720p title, so I don’t understand your reference to 1080p. Are you saying that upscaling from 720 to 1080 (eg, by your television) would eliminate screen tear?

In any case, the tearing, though noticeable, is quite a minor thing, as I said. Quantic Dream should be very proud. HR is thoroughly enjoyable as well as being a significant contribution to broadening the perception of what a video game can be (should aspire to?).


guys none of these videos work on the PS3 internet browser when will u bring out the new flash update??? but like everything else really cool

@kaukomieli: I’m not actually sure anymore after doing some Google searches. The screen tearing seems to happen to some people (even with upscaling), but not all. I was in the group that had no tearing on any playthroughs.

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