PlayStation Home: Hustle Kings Ball Dodge Challenge!

This week Hustle Kings rolls into PlayStation Home and the PlayStation Events Space with the brand new Hustle Kings Ball Dodge Challenge. This is dodge ball as it’s never been seen before!

Those brave enough to take part will find themselves transported onto a giant pool table, where they’ll have ten seconds to find a safe spot to stand before the shot is taken. Don’t just run around the table or hug the rail, though, as to win you’ll need to pocket plenty of points; the big scores will be chalked up by those closest to the travelling balls. Survive ten shots and you’ll win a stylish Hustle Kings Cape for your avatar. Rule the cloth by topping the leader board and you will claim the ultimate prize: a bejewelled Hustle Kings Crown topped with an iconic black 8 ball.

Home Hustle Kings

Home Hustle Kings Home Hustle Kings

Home Hustle Kings

Tread carefully in Home this week – we’re anticipating an invasion of Aliens and Predators! This week sees the release of a set of awesome Aliens vs Predator costumes that are not to be missed! Whether your preference is the menacing Alien, terrifying Predator, or the underdog Marine, Threads has your needs covered. These Limited Edition costumes will only be available until the 31st of March, so don’t hesitate to get yours!

Home Aliens Vs Predator

For those of you who enjoy dressing as your favourite game characters, this week’s update includes three new costumes that are definitely worth taking a look at. We’ve got costumes from UNCHARTED: Nathan Drake, Sully, Chloe Frazier, Elena Fisher, and Tetram will all be available tomorrow. If Killzone is more your thing, check out the Radec costume. We’re not done yet: there is also a range of camouflage kits for SOCOM: Fire Team Bravo! All available from Threads!


Home Radec

Our White Knight Chronicles competition that started last week continues, in The Gallery area of the PlayStation Events Space. We do want to remind everyone that the rules stipulate that four avatars must be present in each virtual photo. Any submissions with fewer than four will not be considered, so make sure to gather your friends and send us your fiercest guild photos!

Finally, if you haven’t yet taken part in the Heavy Rain Evidence Analysis event, you’ve still got plenty of time. The event space and game are still open, and we’ve put together a brief trailer to help newcomers along the way:

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That Alien costume is getting picked up ASAP! Awesome!

“And discover the hidden promotional code!”

What? The code you just gave away in that video?? Just tried it and it seems to work… although wont let me download.


Looking forward for the hustle king event, sounds fun

Also alot of pictures arnt working


Web guys are fixing the images as we speak…

DANTHEMAN121 03 March, 2010 @ 16:35

Epic update those AvP outfits are a must have can’t wait


I think we shold all get a HOME T-Shirt saying

“I survived the ApocalyPS3 and all I got was this T-shirt”

or a broken clock for our apartment. :D

Also when are we getting Villain’s Lair personal space? How can an evil genius like me take over the world without a lair?

Free geisha costumes plz, kthxbai.


really awesome update, loving the AvP costumes :D

i’ll see you all on the… pool table…


DANTHEMAN121 03 March, 2010 @ 16:42

anyone remember playing Dodge Ball at school

good times lol


Flickr fail :(


Any plans on a Final Fantasy 13 space for next week?

Carnivius_Prime 03 March, 2010 @ 16:51

Hustle kings thing sounds fun and I’ll likely get the Uncharted stuff cos I ain’t ashamed to admit I’ve become a total Uncharted fanboy. Can’t help it. I freakin’ love those games.

loonytoon1982 03 March, 2010 @ 16:52

Looking good for tomorrow. Any idea on the pricing yet Alex?


i’ve got 2 questions for you alex :)

Do you know the pricing or style of the AvP costumes? (by style i mean are they all in one piece and come under ‘costumes’ or are they separate items in a bundle like the AC costumes)

Do you know of any new LBP content on the horizon?


Alien costume is a single piece, priced at €2.99. Predator and Marine are both body suits (€1.99) + head gear (€0.99 / £0.79).

Radec is individual pieces.


hooray for pictures

I bet it’s male av only. lol


Negative marks for me, as I should point out the SOCOM outfits are male only. We’ve got another SOCOM drop coming that includes female, however.


Hey Weekesy :D

You’ve really outdone yourself this week… Will be buy the AvP stuff for sure…

You have earned yourself some pie … :)

Hey Thylaudax

awsome update this week :)

are the costumes for female too (Kz2 and AvP)?


Male and female for both AvP and Radec :)

awesome outfits, would love to get new killzone cotume, but i will wait & see i my other killzone gear is fixed ( over 3 months & counting for it to be fixed for the 2nd time )fingers crossed you mite make a few extra more quid from me, lol maybe, possibally ;)


Helghast costume fix will hopefully arrive next week. I should know definitively on Monday.


Guessed Hustle Kings :D An awesome PSN game arrives in home!


Got to have hat Alien outfit! Nice one, Mr Dax! :D

sam_reynolds01 03 March, 2010 @ 17:14

Great update thy, will your avatar on the forum change again this week for a new hint to future home events?


Possibly, if there’s anything suitable ;).


@Alex Weekes

can you kindly confirm if Final Fantasy XIII Playstation Home Space and Costumes is COMING TO EU.

still no word abt waterfall appartment alex or the siren space


We don’t have a confirmed date for Siren yet, so there’s nothing to update beyond what I have previously communicated.

I don’t have any updates on the waterfall apartment either. As soon as I do, however, a post will be made on the forums.

i dont understand how older overdue spaces are not getting released bt the new 1s can be localised in weeks . why is that can u explain


Please tell me that the Hustle Kings leaderboard is not going to be like the inFamous All Time Leaderboard where there’s only about a 0.5% chance of getting on it!


The crown is awarded to the winner of each match. Play lots of matches, learn the best positions to stand, and you’ll be in with a pretty good chance.

ok thanks Alex :) mite get it nxt week then

id like to be able to reinstall home but still seems like no point as its still way behind what u.s and japan offer . sorry bt it very true

who am i kidding its awesome lookin mite not be able to hold back that long lol :)

DANTHEMAN121 03 March, 2010 @ 17:26

this is an EPIC update if you don’t use Home your missing out

missing out on qhat exactly lol . we can all do everything home offers through xmb or games can we not


3 questions Alex mate,

1. Why are the AVP costumes timed?
2. Any plans for XMB integration?
3. Any news reguards Namco Bandi?


1. Can’t comment on specifics, however it’s worth always keeping in mind that a very large amount of the content we release is for IP’s owned by third parties. The IP owner is ultimately in charge of how their IP is used.

2. This is something that would be handled by a different team and isn’t something I can give you an answer on.

3. Nothing new at the moment, no.

xKillerMonkeyx 03 March, 2010 @ 17:37

wow this is awesome and i so want the predator costume :-) and hustle kings looks fun. Wow the dilemma is what shall i wear this weekend lol


Thanks for the replies Alex

hi alex nice update can`t wait for the avp and the killzone costumes is ther any word on the new home beta codes and how u get them.

Do u know of if any mag costumes comeing our way :)

‘Hustle Kings’ the game is EXCELLENT ;P

PaperCarrier 03 March, 2010 @ 19:41

It’s unfair that I’ve been constantly suggesting Hustle Kings
Home content to the NA Home team and devs in North America and it
was all delivered here in the UK where it’s totally out of my reach.


and still no picture frames. i was on home earlier and i found myself getting bored of thing very quickly that im starting to debate wether i should put some more money into it. i would perhaps throw more money at it if i thought that the Home team for europe listerned and implemented changes suggested by the comunity. however it does seem that it quite often falls on deaf ears.
please can we have the home of GDC 2007


Hey, cool update! Loving the look of the Hustle Kings themed Event Space.

Anyway was just wondering, will the Red Bull Air Space ever be fixed for those of us who still get the ‘Game Occupied’/’Game Unavailable’ bug? Its really annoying not being able to play it since the bug has been brought up several times on the forum with no response.



PaperCarrier 03 March, 2010 @ 23:10

Something I find unfair is that I’ve been constantly suggesting for Hustle Kings content to devs and the home team on the North American Boards just over a month ago however, they have developed content but delivered it only to the UK Home good for you people but that’s out of my reach. I thought that was a bit unfair.

GuttermouthSIN 03 March, 2010 @ 23:56

Speaking of Heavy Rain, I still haven’t recieved an email from finishing the Four Days challenge.

When do these roll out?
Im in Australia so its the 4th today.


Check EU PS Blog for what “little” Home update were all getting, then head over to US PS Blog to see what “massive” update they get.

If we get a Tshirt (YAY), They get a bunch of kool costumes.
If we get a kool costume, they get 3 personal spaces.
If we get a Personal space (1), they get 3 Public spaces.
If we get a Public space (1), they core clients or something as equally as kool.

I look at it like this, wher the crack heads that spend all our change on dope, to fund the US with such luxury like sushi and trips around the world.


If we feel to complain with the way this annoying tradition of home updates continues, two things will either happan:

You’ll either get band from commenting on the blog for a set time or the die-hard “Homies” we rain death upon you with such blind-dedication like:


Have just looked at the US blog update for Home this week (more Star Wars and Lucus Art content, 1 public space and 2 personal spaces), and as is becoming the norm, the EU pales in comparison. :(


Home takes way too long to load! I cant be bothered with it anymore. They should fix this before adding more new spaces etc…


Load times are something we know many are having problems with. I just wanted to make sure you’re aware that content updates and core client updates are handled by different teams. Development of new content for Home has no impact on core client development.

Any eta when the lucasarts store opens in europe?


We won’t be getting a dedicated Lucasarts store for SCEE in the short term, however we will be making the items available via existing stores (Threads etc) very soon. Keep an eye on the blog in teh coming weeks!

Alex Weekes: “Load times are something we know many are having problems with. I just wanted to make sure you’re aware that content updates and core client updates are handled by different teams. Development of new content for Home has no impact on core client development.”

Oh. So thats ok then, phew! Now we know that, waiting almost 10mins to enter home is alot less painful wait now right?


What a joke Home is.

Big-Boss-MSF 05 March, 2010 @ 17:32

Alex Weekes i have a unrelated question for you: why couldn’t i buy the limited edition ezio outfit? I heard some ppl got it but a lot didn’t including me. I know i didn’t miss the closing date because i saw it on god forbid, xbox. I really wanted that costume and was/am willing to pay so what went wrong? will it be back up again for the ppl that didn’t get it?


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