Digital Comics Store Update (4th March 2010)

Suddenly… there were over 1000 comics. Yes that’s right there are now over 1000 comics available via the PlayStation Network Digital Comics store! I was going to say gotta catch ‘em all, but I understand someone else got there first.

On to this week’s highlights:

Marvel introduces us to the first ever appearance of Iron Man in Tales of Suspense (1963). Plus they have more Wolverine and X-Men.

Digital Comics

IDW releases the second Army of Two comic and we see the first of a new series “Weekly World News”. Written by Chris Ryall with art by Alan Robinson, Weekly World News is a 4 part mini series inspired by the famous American tabloid. It also comes with some great audio commentary, read an interview with Chris here.

Digital Comics Digital Comics

Star Trek fans are in for a treat with the beautiful Star Trek: Nero which is set in the 25 years between the movie’s opening sequence and the rise of James T. Kirk.

Digital Comics

Locke & Key continues to be the first comic I download and read each week, I highly recommend it. Also, I hear it on good authority that the next series will come with audio commentary which I’m really looking forward to.

Finally some good news for Red 5 fans, we have received another shipment of comics so look out for them soon on the store.

Here’s the list:

  • Army Of Two #2 – IDW 17+
  • Donald Duck and the Unexpected Guest – Disney 3+
  • Donald Duck in “Gone With The Wind” #2 – Disney 3+
  • Dreamland Chronicles #1 – IDW 3+
  • Locke & Key: Head Games #4 – IDW 15+
  • 2000AD Prog #1669 – IDW 17+
  • Scrooge McDuck and the Haunted Cellphone – Disney 3+
  • Star Trek: Nero – IDW 12+
  • Tales of Suspense (1963) #39-#53 – Marvel 3+
  • Transformers #2 – IDW 9+
  • Transformers: All Hail Megatron #14 – IDW 12+
  • Transformers: Lost In Space #1 (UK & Ireland only) – Titan 3+
  • Transformers: Tales of the Fallen #1 – IDW 9+
  • Ultraheroes #2: Brain and Muscle – Disney 3+
  • Weekly World News #1 (includes audio commentary) – IDW 17+
  • Wolverine (2003) #50-#55 – Marvel 15+
  • X-Men (2004) #199-204 – Marvel 9+
  • X-Mickey 8: The Glove – Disney 3+

To see the prices in your currency please visit

See you next week..

6 Author replies

Congrats on 1000 comics Pete, great news!!


:-) Cheers Mike! And thanks to the rest of the team and the publishers for all their hard work. *Does a Paltrow*

Nice for reaching over 1000 :D

Also, when’s cancertown #3 out? And will there ever be any comics like the beano? They are very fun to read :D


Thanks. It looks like Cancertown #3 should be out on 25th March. Don’t know about the Beano – I wonder who owns the rights…

Any news on DC comics yet?


No news on DC. We’d obviously love for them to come on board!

Oi Kebby. Is one thread not enough for you ;)

Tomorrow the world bwah hah hah hah hah :D


Any chance of getting some Japanese manga onboard? Love to read some Death Note and Bleach. :D

When is the rest on invincible iron man coming on???


Marvel have said that they will be submitting more Invincible Iron Man, maybe a while yet though.


Guess how many comics there are on my store? Zero. 0. Noll.

Great service…

And still zero readable on the ps3.

Ravenblade86 04 March, 2010 @ 17:15

The store launched with 500 comics was it? So its doubled in size in three months? That’s very impressive :) Congratulations to all the team and thanks to all the publishers involved.

Seems strange not seeing Wormwood on the list this week, but I’ll be picking up Weekly World News so I will still be downloading something starting with a W from IDW!

And of course I’ll be grabbing Locke & Key and my 2000AD Prog, though I still have those to read from last week as my free time seems to have vanished some what this week :(

If only the PSP gaming content could be updated so well.

Shadowdragoon 04 March, 2010 @ 17:50

Just wondering if there is any news on the possibility to give gifts thru PSN? or getting the comics to Norway yet?

you wont be happy till you’ve bankrupted me will you?
great line up this week, as always.
also, i want to reiterate how much the community wants a ps3 reader and some dc titles, give you something to show the guys in charge that both are wanted by the community :)
hopefully you can get some dc by the time the mmo comes out, and with jimlee being promoted at dc and also involved in the dc mmo, maybe they’ll be more receptive to this service, a girl can hope eh :)


fingers crossed!

Sonic the Hedgehog from Archie Comics please!


you may be in luck ;-)


Any news on if/when the service will be available in Greece?

alyndri. there are ten years of sonic comics, over 125 issues of the main series alone.
it could get expensive if they start releasing those :)

Great, Locke and Key with commentary, when does the head games mini-series end?

No Wormwood this week?

Shadowdragoon 04 March, 2010 @ 20:49

Oh, please focus more on ways to get other than the few countries that currently have the comics access, or at least a back-door way like a way of gifting purchases from one account to another.

Ok, i want comics on the french PSN, and i want it in english !

We want this service too! Any idea when it will become available in Belgium/Netherlands??

Don’t bother with the translations, we can read and comprehend English just fine, thanks! (although it would be a nice bonus)

aaaaah. when do finally get the Comics in the Netherlands? I’m getting bored of the free comics i downloaded with my USA psn account.. I’m sure nobody cares about the language. We can all read English.

Shadowdragoon 06 March, 2010 @ 00:03

Ohh, thanks for reminding me about the us one. just checked, and they had a free one that the UK one didnt. grabbed it to. to have until rest of EU finaly gets it.


Pete thanks for the reply wasn’t trying to be negative but want to finish the five nightmares ;-)

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