Lock And Load: Announcing The New SOCOM

Hi All,

Just wanted to share some really exciting news with you about Zipper Interactive who recently released the brilliant MAG. The guys have busy working away on the re-envisioning of a certain military franchise that they are hugely passionate about… I’m pleased to announce that an all new SOCOM is gunning its way exclusively to PS3!

So what can you expect from this thrilling new title from Zipper Interactive? While retaining the pillars of previous SOCOM games (team work, authenticity and innovative online play) this is an all new SOCOM experience created from the ground up for the PlayStation 3. You’ve never played a SOCOM game like this.


Here’s the story:

In South East Asia, a revolutionary army has seized control of a country bordering one of the world’s most vital waterways; threatening to disrupt he global economy.

Your mission is to step into the well-worn boots of the Ops Com, a NATO Operations Commander of an elite, five-man squad. You must venture deep into inhospitable jungles, city streets and crumbling urban ruins to engage an army of rebel fighters and discover their plans. Although you’re vastly outnumbered, you’re armed with the latest weaponry and your men are second to none – but do you possess the stealth, speed and tactical thinking to lead them to victory? Time is not on your side: you have just six days to complete your mission. To emerge victorious, you must lead from the front, maintain control of the situation and fight with sheer intensity.


In addition to the gripping new single-player story mode, you’ll find all of the different ways to play that you’d expect from a SOCOM title. Online, you’ll be able to do battle with other teams in matches for up to 32 players – and you can choose to play in the guise of more world-famous Special Forces units than ever before. And – as it’s SOCOM – the realism of the experience will be second to none. As always, teamwork will carry the day.


Even at this early stage the game is looking great and with a little bit of gentle persuasion the guys have kindly shared a few screenshots from the game – make sure you tune in again tomorrow as we will be unveiling, for the very first time, the EXCLUSIVE TEASER TRAILER!

Let me know what you think and of course watch this space for further intelligence!


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Sweet,looks good

majesticbeastt 04 March, 2010 @ 20:04

omg sony i love you:D


At least it’s Zipper and not Slant6.

Ahmedz_LOLZaMan 04 March, 2010 @ 20:06


Is this the “surprise sequel” that’s going to be announced on GameTrailers?


Hi stu577, trailer now available on the blog.



godofwar_fan 04 March, 2010 @ 20:10

Sorry for being harsh,i just find games made by Zipper Interactive really bland and boring.It would be nice of them to take help from naughty dog or Guerilla Games to improve on visuals and game design.

Looking good, but would really like to see it in motion or even some gameplay. I think I will remain reluctant until then

no killzone 3 :(

Oh no!!! I was just dying to hear that this sequel is gonna be Heavenly Sword 2 :( Bring Nariko back!!!

I can’t wait

godofwar_fan 04 March, 2010 @ 20:12

I am very much disappointed,its 1.30AM here in my stupid country and i was staying all night awake to hear about killzone 3’s announcement:-(

Cmon GG

Nice one :)

Zipper FTW!




Good to hear

Ravenblade86 04 March, 2010 @ 20:12

Slant6 have done a good job to improve Confrontation since launch, though it should of shipped in better shape but its very good to hear that Socom 4 is coming from Zipper and it includes single player :)

Rather surprised to hear about this so soon after MAG though, would of figured that MAG had taken up most of Zipper’s resources considering the scale of the project.

I’ll tell you what i think. Great news, more to do with SOCOM is going back to Zipper. And the fact that SONY has realised this franchise still has life in it. Good to see the SP back aswell. Something that was seriously missing in Confrontation.

This is SONY surprise to be announced on GT TV tonight? I’m disappointed. I thought it was Heavenly Sword 2 :(


It’s from Zipper, surly it will be AMAZING. Thanks Sony, thanks Zipper <3

Looking very rich graphically. Very nice. Now to read the IGN preview:


Thanks for ruining the secret GTTV was trying to hold. Good to see some people excited though.

Nice SONY ! <3


still hoping that the announcement on game trailers next thursday is jak and daxter 4 but this looks interesting do you guys have a release date yet will it be out the end of this year or begining of next?

512 players this time? :)

JK. Good news. Love MAG! Probably will love this too.


Oh great, another military first person shooter. Haven’t seen those in 5 minutes.


Was this the gt tv secret game? If so I am very disappointed :(

I want warhawk 2, killzone 3, or uncharted 3 not this….

Ninja Theroy have said they wont be doing another first party game or indeed Heavenly Sword 2 considering they have a game out on the horizon. That game looks good too, nice to see Serkis in the team again.

Sounds great, I just hope that it’s better than Confrontation; and that zipper don’t take much from Slant Six with that.

Conforntation was buggy, had awful controls and looked dreadful. And the over the shoulder cam just doesn’t suit socom imo.

Take it back to its roots in Socom 1, night time rain forests and the like, such a good game.


electroshockwave 04 March, 2010 @ 20:19

Will there be co-op in the campaign? That’s what really interests me about a SOCOM game for PS3 as I never took my PS2 online.


Cool :) I’ve never gotten into Socom before and the previous one being online-only wasn’t the best way to get into things. This is certainly on my radar now! Cool surprise, I don’t think anyone was expecting this!!


Socom is a third person game.

This sounds good, if it’s in early stages then it won’t be out till next year, glad there is a single player mode as well as online play and glad zipper are doing socom again, i never played a socom game before but this new one sounds good



Grrr,,, Zipper stop trying to multitask.. Focus on MAG first.. Not happy about this announcement.

Sound great, but I’m confused about the singleplayer part. It would be awesome if there was five player co-op for this game. A game like this would work just great in that way.

Besides, it would be a whole lot better than with crooked AI (or lack of AI in the first place) which most games still suffer from. But hey, that’s just me.

Images are looking good though. :)


Both Socom C, and MAG first screens WERE CGI!

PS3 can reach CGI graphics easily! DO IT!

Another FPS, i’m sick of it


Cool for SOCOM fans I suppose. But I think you’ve made plenty of shooters for PS3 now, could maybe try doing some more RPGs and adventure games? :D


Not what I expected…..


This is sounding quite good! I’ve never played socom before so this might be my 1st try! Looking forward to seeing more of the game!

Another FPS…..Stop making them. We’re all sick of them..

Make it look like Killzone 2 ;P


This is lame sony -_-

ok it’s a TPS, but always the same thing with war etc. I’m so disapointed

And will this pass through the fire of the US Playstation forum without being utterly ruined? Doubtful.

Seriously, why is Sony releasing all these shooters that are supposed to be deep and squad-based – and then dropping the entire thing after launch. They’ve done this twice now already.

Too much waffling about, Sony.

CinderShadow 04 March, 2010 @ 20:38

I’m not bowled over by this news. It is odd to see this announced so soon after MAG has been released. There are so many more games I’d have preferred to have seen announced, than this. I also wonder where the audience is for it, which almost inevitably brings MAG up once, again.
There needs to be a community supporting any online game, but there are already three alternative shooters that have attracted support.

Maybe this one’s just not on my radar, and all about are these dedicated pockets of staunch supporters, who’ll jump at the mention of the original developer, and the Socom name being united once again? For these players, I will hope it turns out well.


@ Chas19 It’s Not a FPS…

wow ANOTHER fps really sony , mag is just out and less than 2 months later another fps gets announced what a sever disapointment , use cash to make ne rpgs or something else fps are gettn milked waaaaay too much now its pathetic

MOONDOG-R-I-P 04 March, 2010 @ 20:39

screenshots look great
please let the single player have co-op it will be epic
and glad to hear zipper are the devs this time around thats not to say /6 did a bad job but socom confrontation didnt seem to have the full socom feel if you know what i mean…


@ seany1 SOCOM isn’t a FPS…

Socom if i remember was never a fps, but a third person tatical shooter game or am i wrong

Cool, make sure you add the ability for groups/clans of players to teamkill and vote to kick the dead players and ruin the entire game for random players.

I hope no one stupid enough to buy this after lousy post release support of confrontation and likely looking the same for MAG.

yes DNAtlantic it’s not a fps, it’s third person but it’s always the same thing, we are tired of those games

i just hope sony arent going down the 360 road with making shooter after shooter otherwise thats it for gaming and me , dont get me wrong i knw sum love shooters bt its been 4 years now of at least 10 to 15 shooter games a year its time to get bk to old school game that invole story and action

dante mag is a fps tactical game so whats difference between mag and this really when u think abt it , a camera view lool


Hopefully a 4+ player co-op mode. I`d love to see something like the old Conflict:Desert Storm games but with online play

wait it says its out 2013 in another post off n4g ,

Another rubbish game by Zipper…great !

Yawn, boring…………next?
Where’s my Dream Zone remake, god damn it?!

i hope for the people who want this actually get more than 4 hours out the 15 missions its got lol . has 5 player coop

This sounds very promising!

great job zipper weth MAG , now SOCOM OMG you make my day

almighty-slayer 04 March, 2010 @ 21:10

Was kinda hoping for a good game rather than a rubbish one.

But y’know, either way.

What is everyone going on about!? This is the best news for PS3 yet (for me anyway as a SOCOM veteran) I’ve owned every SOCOM since SOCOM 1….. Slant Six ruined the franchise with confrontation. I can’t wait for this now!

Oh and IT’S NOT A FPS IT’S A 3PS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KillZone 3? screw that! it’s all about SOCOM.




I’ve only ever played a demo on psp of socom, looks good hopefully a good starting point.


Oh, okay then. TPS.

Still, doesn’t seem appeal me at all.

I would have FAR preferred SOCOM 4 to MAG or SOCOM Confrontation, hopefully ZIPPER will stop listening to the over-vocal MP crowd and start supporting campaign based gaming again.

Good for those who like Socom. :)

aww thats great news. Socom was amazing on ps2. I can’t wait for a fully fledged Socom made by its original developers!


GOOD they realised slant six ruined socom.
Cant wait for it :D

Please release a demo for it. I haven’t played any SOCOM before, so I want to see if Im any good at it


great and wow there is a lot of noobs online today and it wont be a fps you stupid noobs


i dont beleive people are saying its crap already umm its been announced in the last 2 hours youve seen 4 screenshots and you think its crap…. even with zippers old reputation for making the best online shooter on ps2 some people need to get there priorities straight and asking for uncharted 3 is just pure stupidity of courese it will be made but whining that it hasnt been anounced is idiotic

Tony_Nibbles 04 March, 2010 @ 21:59

Zipper making SOCOM 4? That is really awesome news.

I’d be more than happy with a SOCOM 1 HD re-release. That would be *ace*.
So long as SOCOM 4 doesn’t have tanks and vehicles – and sticks to what the original game (and perhaps the sequel) did best – i’m there :)

Well, at least it’s Zipper doing this. But Sony no more FPS from any other of your first party developers.



GrimNebulinX 04 March, 2010 @ 22:06

I think this whole genre is pretty well done to death on PS3 now.
Something a bit different would have been nice.

CinderShadow 04 March, 2010 @ 22:18

It’s a little late for this region to update, but Zipper posted about the game to the US blog. They assured that MAG definitely has a long, assured future, alongside Socom – there are dedicated teams and plans ahead. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2010/03/socom-4-its-official/comment-page-2/#comment-348397

Take a look there, for a relevent boosted headstart, over the Pond. :)
All the assets are in-game, they’ve said.

lets just hope they keep their word and dont leave over 700k mag owners without regular updates

Will everyone and their wives stop making so many FPS!!

Another one comes out quicker than a EA FIFA game!

@ 80 lol agreed m8 but its the gaming world as we know it now people sit playing the same type of game over and over thinking they are badazzz lol just join the army i say if u like it that much lol


Complete anticlimax. Reminds me though, I still have to trade in SOCOM: Confrontation.

WOW….a nother SHOOTER game! WOW!! Give us something “new”! Getting sick of all this shooter games, they start all to look the same on consolles…

Indigo_Dingo 04 March, 2010 @ 23:08

Seems a bit weak if you ask me. No-one can really deny that the market is in no shortage of military shooters, and there’d be very little to differentiate SOCOM. Jak 4 or Sly 4 would stand out a lot better.


wow,really. this whole genre is played out

After reading here, and on other sites the avrage feedback is that we have ENOUGH military shooters now. About time people get creative and start making games, not clones that we have seen 1000032 times before.

Socom 4 may become a nice game, bit is it a game we would miss if it never was announced today? Nope….

Rude_Sparthan 05 March, 2010 @ 00:10

..SOME REAL ZIPPER STUFF!!! well done guys thank you…..!! ;)


Zipper making a new SOCOM!!! My heart skipped a beat. So happy to see a full on SOCOM game coming to PS3. I hope it has some sort of 4 player co-op online mode too :D

In Zipper we trust.


If this has co-op for story mode then im buying, otherwise its just candy in the shop window

thank god it’s from zipper this time!


Finally! Zipper is back! Please, never let Slant 6 touch any more of your games. They really ruined Confrontation. That game could have been much better. The players and supporters of Socom deserve alot more than what we delt with on Confrontation. Sorry to knock Socom but I expected more from that game. Hopefully you don’t let us down on this.(I know you won’t) Too bad Playstation Network has so many downfalls, if not this game would be one of the best ever made. Too much lag on the PSN. Other than that, thank you for giving us awesome entertainment and good luck on this new release!

B-stallion88 05 March, 2010 @ 04:28

WOOOORRDD,Free us from our misery of confrontation..

so is socom now going to be an annual release with rotating developers?
like a certain other series.
oh goody.
are we back in the bad old days of last gen when the only original idea was to make an fps that WASN’T set in WWII, and dna, this is an fps done with a first person viewpoint, the gameplay will be virtually the same.
still, people keep buying them so you can’t fault developers making them.
i hear some of the developement staff of GOW3 actually wanted to turn it into an fps.


So hold on a minute… A surprise sequel was going to be announced and people expected it to be KZ3, UC3 or some other this-will-definitely-come-sooner-or-later sequel? How stupid can you be? Not to mention you’re disappointed by that it wasn’t one of them. How much of a surprise would it have been if you were expecting it? *astounded by the sheer stupidity of it all*

I hope this will be a great title, never got the chance to check it out on the PS2. Good luck Zipper ;D .

man, I was sure this was no Resistance, Killzone, Uncharted or inFamous. And that was OK for me. But Socom? Come On! We just got MAG and we have so many other Tactical Military Shooters! This could have been a better one, sony.

We heard about a Surprise Sequel! I was hoping for MediEvil, Primal oder damn, maybe the greatest of all – Legend of Dragoon! But this… this is just so.. lame.

Please Sony – give us a real Surprise!


To all those ppl saying here we go, another fps. First of all, it isn’t. 2nd of all, aren’t you paying attention at all to all the other great games we’ve been getting, and will get directly from sony? I mean come ON ungrateful much. We’ve gone from uncharted 2, to Heavy Rain in just a real short space of time with TONNES more to come. To those saying sonys just going to go down the path of the 360, u have absolutely no clue what ur talking about.

GutsBerserker 05 March, 2010 @ 08:53

SOCOM 4 it is then. Well at least it was a surprise to me, I’d never have thought about this game.
As others stated already here, it’s not like we’ve haven’t got enough shooters already out there, not even counting the inevitable KZ3, Resistance 3 and stuff like Medal of Honor and CoD.

I’m still hoping we’ll see a new COLONY WARS on PS3 one day, that would not only be a huge surprise, but a truly pleasant and more than welcome one! Unlike the shooter genre, space opera is absolutely non existent on next gen consoles.

apart from a third person viewpoint socom is just another fps, and you cant deny the market is kind of saturated with those right now, after how much money mw2 made everybody and their dog are bringing out an fps, this’ll be zipper’s second in a year.
i wasn’t expecting infamous, uncharted or killzone, i was expecting something that would be a genuine surprise, yet another fps is not a surprise, maybe a title we haven’t seen for a few years that was enjoyed on previous consoles but is due for a current gen sequel.
i guess if the game was just announced without the pre-announcement announcement to hype it people might not be so dissapointed.
i guess gametrailers is to blame, not zipper.
i was interested in god of war, but scee’s total mishandling of the series recently has soured me on it.
looking forward to heavy rain but there are a couple of rpgs i really want too, and i’m a slave to a great rpg :)


Love the irony of Seany1 complaining about FPS’s and having a Raven (from MAG) emblem as his avatar.

Personally, I loved the original SOCOM and very much look forward to this. The screenshots look very impressive.

mag was out in january , bfbc out today , new cod out november ,new moh is out this year too not to mention theres millions that just do not stop playing mw2 for any other shooter , im sure more army shooting gaes will be out before years end aswell so in my view yes do something original on a more often basis . heavy and uc2 are amazing yes as was infamous but 3 original games dont make up the fact about 65 percent to 70 percent of games these days are most shooters. just my view but judging by comments im reading on here and u.s blog and all different sites loads are getting sick of this churning out shooters too .

at lordcartman lol so wat yes i bought an avatar that looks nice for 20p when did i ever say theres way to may shooter avatars errr dont think i did m8


Lame, call this a big surprise announcement?

Another shooter? Another SOCOM? Fail!


Looking forward to it. It is funny reading comments on here. How is Socom a FPS? Never has and never will. I am really looking forward to this.

finally socom is back !!!!!!!

I’m a new fan of Zipper since MAG is really awesome, I’m looking forward to see what’s that game which brought them all the fame!

Local co-op and it’s day 0,99 for me!


so let me get this right this only on PS3 no other console?

cant watch video doesn’t work on my PS3 browser Help!!!

oh please not another war game, you guys run out of ideas?

Xx-LiL-CoodA-xX 09 March, 2010 @ 02:11

yo this game is going to be mad sweet imma socom fan… i really cant wait to see how good this game would be… im hoping for co-op and some socom 3 maps and some socom ca maps … like fault , citerdel,ect threshole and other map i just cant wait… pce ppl

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