Heavy Rain – DLC Release Date and Patch

Hi everyone – following last month’s launch, it’s been fantastic to see Heavy Rain getting such a good reception – lots of positive feedback, and great sales too! Thanks to all of you out there who’ve supported this innovative game with your comments and enthusiasm.

Heavy Rain

Firstly, the development team has been working hard to quickly identify and resolve the problems that a small percentage of players have been reporting over the last few weeks. I’m pleased to confirm that a patch will be released today addressing a number of issues – thanks to everyone for their patience.

Those of you who got your hands on a copy of the Collector’s Edition have already had the chance to play Heavy Rain: Chronicle 1 – The Taxidermist. But those of you that didn’t will soon get your chance – this additional playable scene will be available to download through the PlayStation Store from Thursday, April 1st 2010, and it will be priced at €3.99 / £3.19.

Chronicle 1 – The Taxidermist provides additional backstory to Heavy Rain, and focuses on Madison Paige as she investigates a lead that turns unexpectedly perilous. The episode is an expansion and update of the original ‘Taxidermist’ demo that received such a positive response when shown at E3 and gamescom to unveil Heavy Rain back in 2008.

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Awesome,thanks for the heads up

Spammer4Life 19 March, 2010 @ 19:21

lol i was just about to get stoked because of the Norman Jayden picture. cant wait for the dlc with him

I’ll definitely be getting this.


No new trophies for this DLC?

I can’t buy this.
My game is from UK, the DLC available in my country will not work with the UK version.

Spammer4Life 19 March, 2010 @ 19:36

cant you make a UK account?

Nice! Looking forward to it! How many Chronicles are you guys planning for this year? Are you planning to release a new episode monthly or something like that?

Also, does the DLC include trophies?

PenguinPanic 19 March, 2010 @ 20:32

The Patch did nothing. If anything the game is worse off. i can’t even get the 1st cut scene in the final level to activate. you just end up wondering around like an idiot with the sound cutting out every other second .


Patch works excellent. No glitches. Perfect sound and graphics. It even fixes the ‘corrupted’ save. The one when You get the black screen on load.
Game finished after two weeks of break.

before you say, this was planned for sale before the games release i know it was
the special edition of this game isnt so special anymore, the 1 piece of bonus stuff was released yesturday, the ost
well thanks sony i guess ill just buy the regular edition now and get the dlc a couple weeks later, thats why i buy special editions to get stuff that other users wont get without purchasing the special edition

to those asking, I don’t think this is going to get trophies, it’s been available to people that bought the special edition for a while and didn’t come with trophies then so I can’t see them adding them now.

hopefully the next instalments of the dlc will have them though.

The DLC has no Trophies, but you get something like a checklist in wich you can see if you did everything. Plus you unluck extras like you do with the full game (concept art n stuff)


this new patch has broken my game, i am getting a very jumpy picture the characters are out of sink and it made my ps3 freeze, i had to reset my ps3. i had no trouble with update 1.01, now i cant play it…


cool stuff, when i re-purchase the game i’ll get in on that dlc.

See that EA/Bioware/sony!?!? reasonable prices for dlc, it can be done.

sephiroth180 19 March, 2010 @ 23:58

Spammer4Life: he can, but it’s against the terms

Don´t see any change with the new patch. Sound still drops out.

game was fine for me with last version (only one bug, where ethan came home and it kept raining on his shoulders lol, but that was actually funny), now the game froze for me for the first time, i even had to reset my ps3 :/

so after crashing my ps3 when it was loading the “welcome back norman”, now it did the same in “apartment” :/

funny thing: both these “loadings” had in common the “you have unlocked a new bonus” thing. The ones that didn’t have that loaded just fine! and more strangly, there were no new bonus/trophies to be seen after any of these chapters (i’m trying to planitum it).

Anyone getting this problems?
Oh, and my game is the UK version.


Yes i had a few problems with the game. I had 5 game freezes randomly and couldnt access the XMB or even exit the game itself so I reported this to QuanticDreams via Email and recently I try to load my saved game where it will load and then go as a black screen. This I reported to Sony Australia; hopefully this new patch fixes these. I had to start the game/movie all over again… was a bit peed off :(


while it was nice getting it with the special edition,I was gutted it was the same demo that was being shown at certain events since 08.
Is there any news on other DLC scenes,preferably longer ones,or multiple scene packs.
Also do you always need to reinstall the main game after playing DLC,i’ve only played it once,but was forced into installing the game again.


serious? this DLC was playable and already done in 2008, I saw it.
So how the “F” can you release it 2 years later and charge for it as DLC?


How many DLC packs have you got planned for Heavy Rain?

3.19 for a 10 minute dlc wont be buying this OVERPRICED AGAIN


Excellent, I’ve been waiting for the Taxidermist for ages. I’ll take time off FFXIII to play it.


And once again I ask: what happened to the “final reward” for Four Days? It’s been over a month without any news.

SalarymanDaishi 20 March, 2010 @ 18:01

I was lucky enough not to experience any issues with Heavy Rain apart from one total crash but it’s nice to hear a patch is out there. As for DLC, it sounds fun but here’s hoping you’ll eventually release all you’ve got on a single disc, Fallout 3 style. Won’t go for DLC but just the same, many thanks for a truly unique and memorable experience – Heavy Rain turned out to be even better than Fahrenheit back then, and that counts for a lot!


Hate DLC’s and hate this game for being a piece of bugged pile of rubbish. Won’t buy the game until at least it hits Platinum and all the contents and bugs resolving patches are included.


thanks for a patch. Finally I just finished this great game

ProphetOfRage 23 March, 2010 @ 00:52

I knew it would come to this when patches and DLC were first announced by developers for PS3.
Games are released littered with bugs and glitches because they are not properly quality tested and then just “fixed” with a patch when the developer can be bothered.
As for DLC, I also knew that developers would end up holding back content which is/was clearly ready at the time of release in order to sell it as DLC sometimes as early as a week or so after the game is released.
Open your eyes everyone and do not purchase any DLC for any games, this will discourage developers from attempting to fleece us.

The game is really awasome. I’m allready playing it and we can really fell the chareters fellings and fears and is the first game I play that I have the sense that what I do can make the diference. yesterday after a scene I got the felling that that choice could kill me.
It’s really awasome!!


In all of the dlc´s we learn something about the character
Madison…why she has trouble sleeping
Jayden…how he got the scar on his cheek and how he became addicted to tripto
Scott… I heard that we get to play as him being the origami killer
Ethan… Thers no news for DLC on him but i guess that it will have something to do with the 2 years between Jason dying and Shaun getting kidnapped


If they are really gonna release the dlc like that, I guess I am gonna wait until they release them all so hopefully I can get them all in a package. Gotta be a discount… :P

I got the Collectors edition, The DLC is quite exilerating. It’s quite erm jumpy.

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