What Will You Be Playing This Easter?

Easter swiftly approaches. You’ve less than a week until you’re stuffing your face with chocolate and enjoying a four-day weekend. Which makes it the perfect time to relax and enjoy some video games. The last three months have seen a huge amount of games being released, so what will you be playing?

Those of you above the age of 18 will no doubt be getting your heads around Heavy Rain and God of War III — a combo of titles that should stimulate you intellectually, as well as … viscerally. If Kratos’ brutal style of revenge isn’t your thing, however, there’s always Final Fantasy XIII — which in itself could take you the entire long weekend. Especially if you go for the sidequests, too. It’s definitely a game well worthy of your time.

And, okay, if you actually want to keep things in the Easter spirit, there’s a batch of Easter downloads for EyePet as well with the Easter Styling Pack available to download from PlayStation Store to give your beloved pet a slightly more seasonal look.

So, let us know what you’ll be playing this long weekend. We’re nosy and want to know!

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Well atleast nothing on a linux!

JordanBlack68 29 March, 2010 @ 11:15

Destroyed my plans with linux


I just came home from London where I bought Just Cause 2 :)
And the day after that I got Yakuza 3 from my friends, so I’l be playing that to. And then I will make updates on my London level in LBP called “Leaving London” after getting new ideas over in London :)
So basicly Just Cause 2, Yakuza 3 and LittleBigPlanet :)

Final Fantasy XIII… Metal Gear Solid 4…

Bad Company 2, yo! :)

Just Cause 2 LE, FFXIII, Yakuza 3, BFBC2, WKC, Superstar v8 racing 2, Heavy Rain… DAM i got to many new games. Please don’t release any new one’s until i can complete these ;-)

Finishing off GoW II, then on to God of War III. And I still have Heavy Rain sitting around and then I want to platinum GoW I,II & III, Heavy Rain and Final Fantasy XIII….
I have a lot of games to play!

lmao jem good luck with this article , basically do 1 over on all linux users and expect them to be buying stuff for ps3 lol peed off a hella people here

i’ll be playing heavy rain and trying to find my last blast shard in infamous to get my plat trophy, but it is a real pain.

I’ll hopefully finish playing through Uncharted 2 on crushing mode, bagging the platinum trophy in the process, and then will (as always) be playing the multiplayer mode. Other than Uncharted 2, I don’t really know. A bit of Fat Princess maybe :)

Won’t be playing nothing.. sold my ps3 over the weekend cos i am moving house and it’s too much hassle to put in suitcase with other stuff. :( Thankfully GOW3, Heavy Rain etc.. is all complete.. psp it is… if only there were decent titles other then GOW on it.


hmm, just got Assassins Creed 2, so maybe that 8D. or Battlefield! or Bioshock 2! (still 8/). Killzone will obviously be in there somewhere too.

would love to finish Heavy Rain and GoWIII though, dang and White Knight. and Prison Break and, er, oh wait, maybe not that one hehe.

Easter is 3 months long… right? :(, ill be lucky to play one of those games xD


Yakuza 3. It’s all I can play these days. So much to do.


God of War III , Zen Pinball, Hustle Kings and Batman Arkham Asylum :D!

It depends on what I can play with FW 3.20 after FW 3.21 is released.
I assume it will be only older titles that are offline

well, i won’t be using linux – yet another sony own goal!


I’ll be playing heavenly sword again. Too bad linux will be fuxxored.

I’ll be playing BFBC2 and Just Cause 2 mostly… I might do some trophywh*ring in Heavy Rain and GOW3 as well, but bcbf2 is just too much fun right now. Oh, and I have FF13 still shrinkwrapped… I need more time!

I’ll be playing some MAG, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Just Cause 2 before i leave to The Gathering and play lots of PC games


When does the forced PSN subscription come into effect?


I’ll be playing the usual that being Far Cry 2 and Yakuza 3

I would play the God of War Trilogy, but sadly it isn’t out until the end of April :P

Joking aside though I might give Heavy Rain another bash and see how much I can change the plot now I know the ending, and get a few more trophies with any luck. I’ve got quite a few PSN Games I need to play too…

I will play on my PC where the games looks much better, the controls are suited for the games, etc:
– Battlefield Bad Company 2
– Dragon Age: Origins

I’m looking toward to setting up my OtherOS Linux install then hitting MAG up for some awesome online action……oh wait.

Cheers Sony.


I’m actually still playing (and loving) Grand Theft Auto IV. I think it’s the best PS3 game yet… I’ll be sneaking in a few games of Peggle here and there too.


Ehh quit whining annoying Linux users. I will be playing all the games mentioned.


I won’t be playing mame on my linux partition :(

@SuchGrief – weak


I will be playing Final Fantasy XIII, Bioshock 2 and ofcourse I cant do without LittleBigPlanet :)

Ill continue to play Final Fantasy 13 over easter, and when im finished with that ill be going straight to GOW3.


im aiming to get a DS and play on that, resisting the urge to trade in my ps3 to get it as that would be quite daft.

I dunno imay bust out valkyria chonicles again, wont be playining anything from the store cos PSN HAS NO GAMES lol.

Sometimes I feel like punching some of the commenters in the face.

How can you even say:

“I bought a 300-400 pound gaming machine not to play games on it but to install linux. Now it’s completely useless.”

Go cry to your mummy. That’s the stupidest complaint I’ve ever heard in my life. And “It depends on what I can play with FW 3.20 after FW 3.21 is released.”
You know what? If you love your Linux so much, go and buy a cheap PC for 40 pounds instead of a 250 pound Playstation.

You should seriously think about putting a minimal age restriction on the comments section because some kids will complain about every. single. thing. ever. regardless of its importance.


Going to attempt to finish all three GOW games over the long weekend. Might try and complete the hunts in FFXIII too, only have about 8 left.

Oh yeah, will be playing God of War II & III, will finally Platinum Borderlands and Heavy Rain and then there’s moreee… Might finally pick up Eye of Judgment for the PSP. There was to many games coming out when it was first released and I just couldn’t afford it.

I’ll be playing Uncharted 2 online.


god of war III

I guess no game released after April 1 and apparently no games over PSN either.

Quick, spam the blog to bury the FW Downgrade.

In answer to your question, nothing that requires being signed into the PSN, any network feature or any content that requires the latest FW.

Thanks for the Royal Shaft Sony. Thumbs Up!

If I manage to get some time, Yakuza 3. If I get some more time, Heavy Rain and FFXIII.



lol a complaint about complaining

also most kids i know dont bother with linux, i dont even bother with it so i get the feeling that when you go to “punch commentors in the face” they wont be the children you were hoping to fight.

keyboard warriors Hoooooooooo! lol


Nothing :(
Just work, work and work!

I would have been playing Gran Turismo 5, if only they didn’t change the release date so offten.:(


Well I would have been playing GTA: Episodes From Liberty City, but ‘a certain company’ decided to delay it.

I’ll be playing the GoW trilogy concurrently…. and wondering what the next kick in the liathroidi will be….

Well it won’t be Other OS! :)

Seriously though. I’m getting back in to Warhawk now there are more players online again following the price cut and tournament announcement. What will you be playing, Jem?

For me it will be a mix of playing Uncharted 2 online and Final Fantasy XIII. I ought to drop playing Uncharted 2 online as I have a growing back catalogue but it’s very addictive!


Dragon Age. And lots of GOW. due to fuming over LINUX. NOT GOOD ENOUGH SONY. The modders didn’t even get anything out of geohot. go after them with litigation, and close whatever they managed to do, don’t punish us.


I wish I could have gotten Just Cause 2 but I still have God of War III to blast though, then I’ll finish FEAR 2 which I’ve gotten back into after months and finally I think I’ll play through Grand Theft Auto IV again to get trophies. Not a bad week but Just Cause 2 looks amazing, wish I could have gotten it but I have too much to play already :)

@Archonix – does your mum know you’re posting here? Run along little man.

I’ll be taking on the role of a wildlife photographer in AFRIKA :)

@krioto – no, but I’ll phone her to let her know. I don’t think she cares though. Might not even know what a Playstation is.

And my whole point is: yes, most kids didn’t even install linux on their PS3 and will still moan about the feature being removed, even though it’s because of a safety concern and not because they just felt like it. Nobody wants the PS3 to end up like the PSP, with little to no developer support and high piracy rate. Piracy killed the PSP and we don’t want that to happen to the PS3 and I don’t blame Sony for that.

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