ModNation Drifts On To Facebook

Hi all,
We are counting down the days to the launch of ModNation. So to celebrate the countdown we have set up a Fan page on Facebook.

It’s a chance for you to find all the latest videos, cool screen shots and find out the latest news from trackside.

We plan to be updating the page on a regular basis and even have some cool exclusive content coming over the next few weeks.

Below is a quick run down of what you will find on the page:

Check out the latest news on all things ModNation! Post a comment or even declare your love for this hot new game.

ModNation Racers Facebook - The Wall

Just a little general information about ModNation.


ModNation Racers Facebook - Photos

Say ‘oooohhh’ and ‘ahhhhh’ and maybe even drool over the latest pictures from ModNation.

Take a look at the Mod Galley for a few that where made earlier…. Once the game is launched will be turned over to you to start sharing your creations. Over the coming weeks we will be adding a Kart Gallery and a Track Gallery.

There are also ModNation Galleries for the PS3 and PSP version of the game. So keep your eyes peeled for hot new shoots from each game.

But that’s not all, The Modding Your World Gallery is a place to share the strange world of creative arts and Modding, stuff that happens in the real world, your world! Maybe it’s an outrageous modded car or maybe it’s a cool piece of street art. Start sharing what you see around.

Pictures are nice but videos are better, within this tab you will be able to watch the hottest moving pictures around. We will also have exclusive content that only fans of the page will be able to see.

ModNation Racers Facebook - Videos

Meet, chat and discuss anything and everything relating to ModNation. Maybe you wanna collaborate on a mod or design a racetrack together. The discussion boards are now open for you to chat.

We will look round the whole internet for exciting cool things we think you will like. From crazy modded cars in the real world to amazing exclusive content. Our ModSpotters are out there looking for cool creative content.

Once we start getting some we will post those reviews here.

So become a fan and tell your friends!

ModNation Racers (Official European Fan Page)

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0 Author replies

First! I’ll be sure to take a look

*paranoid rant about new posts pushing old posts down the page in order for Sony to kill us in our sleep and take away our biscuits*

I’m becoming fan, both the game and MNR facebook page :D


Please don’t remove Other OS from older models

Looks nice! Will it run on Linux?


YAY!! How about MySpace, Twitter and Bebo next? XD


These features will surely be nice for those people who can still go online. Thanks for giving support to a game, just a shame SCE have made me choose not to purchase it now.

Woah, movies with MNR? :D

So… can you upload them to your HDD? or…
I dont understand them totaly.


Joined it :)


I hope you have fixed the slow loading times in the game tho.


Question of the day:

Will ModNation Racers need Firmware >=3.21 ?

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