Design A Planet For The Upcoming Gravity Crash Portable And Win A PSPgo!

To celebrate the upcoming PSP release of Gravity Crash, the intense and engaging inertia based inter-galactic action shooter on PS3, and to showcase the incredible imaginations within the Gravity Crash community, we’re launching a Creator Competition and giving YOU the chance to win some truly out-of-this-world prizes.

Your mission: Unleash your imagination on Gravity Crash through your PS3! Using the games inclusive Editor, create a mesmerizing and enjoyable level for would be space-cadets to explore, enjoy and conquer!

Your bounty: If your stellar design is one of 5 community creations hand-picked by the developers, it will be featured in Gravity Crash Portable! And, because we think that it’s important that you’re able to admire (and show off) the fruits of your creative imagination, you will receive a PSPgo and a copy of the game, too.

Gravity Crash

How to enter:

Create a level using the Level Editor in Gravity Crash and publish it to the community in the game (from your PSN connected PS3).

When you’ve published your level, submit the details in a message on the forum (in the competition entry thread on the forum), making sure to include the following information in your message:

– Your PSN Online ID (ID must match the account used to publish the level and the account used to enter the level)

– Name of your level

The closing date for all entries is 23:59 BST on 15/04/2010.

Competition info:

All entered creations will be judged after the closing date for their creative flair, level of functionality and innovativeness. The 5 winners will be selected by the developers, Just Add Water. Winners will be contacted by email and an announcement will be made on the Blog once the winners have been contacted.

An add-on pack for Gravity Crash Portable will be released featuring the 5 winning levels.

Make sure to read the full terms and conditions of the competition prior to entry and may the best levels win!

2 Author replies

OOOOOOHHHHH, may have to have a bash at this over the weekend. I adore the PS3 game, even bought the soundtrack so naturally excited about the PSP version :)

xKillerMonkeyx 01 April, 2010 @ 19:09

On the spanish one i can see the competition but where exacty is the editor? Wouldnt mind getting my creative juices flowing for a bash at this :-)

Stewart Gilray 01 April, 2010 @ 19:42

The editor is built into the full game, which is available on the PlayStation Store. ;-)


Ohh. I’m defiantly entering this. I’ve been creating a level for hours and hours. I just hope it’s good enough.

xKillerMonkeyx 01 April, 2010 @ 20:02

woo a level editor, am going to buy this then :-)

I’ll never be able to design anything that good, but can I still have the PSPgo? :D

Hmmm, you know I’d really like to make a level for this contest. Only problem is I could never finish it since the editor bug is still here.

Stewart Gilray 01 April, 2010 @ 23:36

There are little tips we can give you about by-passing it.

1. Ensure that your level is not 100% enclosed, and that there are gaps to the edges of your map.

2. Don’t try and create really really detailed landscapes, IE don’t use lots of little edges.

3. Don’t try grabbing and setting down large areas of landscape.

Or you could maybe try and release a bugfix.


The editor burn my eyes after an hour of creating. It’s awesome.

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