UK Video Store Update

Hello everyone!

New this week from the Video Store:

Video Download Service

To Buy

  • Dead Man Running
  • Spring Breakdown
  • Clive Barker’s Dread
  • The Forbidden Kingdom
  • Red Eye

To Rent

  • 2012
  • Spring Breakdown
  • Dead Man Running
  • Clive Barker’s Dread
  • The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus

Our April Foolishness Sale is still on so please check it out if you haven’t done so yet! For as little as £5.99 you can own the comedy classics such as Superbad, Jackass: The Movie, Team America World Police, Shaun of the Dead and enjoy them forever! Don’t forget to check it out.

Video Download Service

Sorry guys, I am not here to comment this week but hope you all enjoy the video store.

Cheers and speak soon


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Now that you’ve taken away effectively 1 computer of mine, the least u can Fre-akin do is get a move on with getting this to Australia


Does it run on linux ???

Funny you keep ignoring the linux comments and pretending nothing happend. :p.


Am I the only chap who rated this thread a 5*?
Probably you Linux People are well sad, I feel sorry for what Sony did to you X(
For the people who have Linux, are your PS3s broken or are they just wiped out (all the memory) and switched 2 da XMB?

Probably. £5.99 sale price for films you can buy new on DVD for £3.00, and without running the risk of Sony deciding that they want to remove your ability to play them in a future firmware release? I’d pay *more* for the hard copy, not less.



I rated indeed a 1 star and keep doing till sony gives a sign of life. Never used linux on my console and never was planning to do but in my oppinion it’s unacceptable to take away a not that small feature and pretending nothing happend.

I mean 4000+ post on the US and 1000+ posts on the EU blogs and really no respond. I’m still waiting for an application, minigame or anything in place. And I think sony is planning to do such an offer. Till then…

Still nothing about when the service will launch in Sweden, this is a kick in the groin.

is 2012 available to rent in hd and is it 5.1, thanks

@6: As long as it’s so much more expensive than competing video stores and tainted by Sony’s recent firmware moves, it’s hard to see why you’d want it in Sweden.

2 words
EU WHEN ??????
15 june is around the corner
and in line with all the promisses of the Last E3.
we already should have had it.

but then again 3-3-2010 the bos of sony linux department stated
the other os was not going to be removed in future updates.
and on the 1-4-2010 it was proven otherwise

where is phil harrison,at lease he stated the EU was the most important region in the world (and bigger than UK,Germany & france)

Dragon_Heart 07 April, 2010 @ 12:06

Hi, it’s my first time posting, I read that your not here for comment but you say that 2012 is availble to “rent” yet it’s not availible on the store to rent, only to buy. Is this a mis-type or am I missing something… Like Linux :-)

Legion_Dragon 07 April, 2010 @ 12:09

Same as #10

@9: He also stated that Other OS support was one of the most powerful features of the PS3. I don’t think he’s very popular within Sony at the moment. :P


When POLAND??????????????

When Ireland???


@15 ,
holland needs Playtv 2 but the SCEBLX department decided in contrairity to the rest of the EU,
that they didn’t feel that there was any need for it in the Benelux..
F the xxxxxxx U to this region HQ

This is so FAIL…I cant understand why Xbox360 can have a video delivery service in Sweden but not SONY…THAT HAVE A MOVIE & TELEVISION STUDIO… this is just INSANE!



She’s talking through her arse as usual, i cant find it for rent on the uk store either.


Just one easy question:

Q: When will the Video-Store be made available in other EU countries?


Hi When will 2012 be available to rent as I can only see it as available to buy ?


When POLAND?????



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