Technical Difficulties With Flower Soundtrack

I am really sorry to inform you the European version of Flower’s soundtrack has encountered last minute technical issues while in QA so we have had to unfortunately postpone the European launch date.

Please bear with us in the meantime whilst the necessary fixes are being made, and we will make sure to keep you all updated through the PlayStation Blog. A big apology to all Flower fans for any inconvenience this may have caused and a thank you in advance for your understanding and constant support !


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No problem.

Thanks for letting us know. :)


Thank you for keeping us informed.

no problem guys, ur still on 200 points on my board. Sony is still on -20 for taking away 1 of my computers. Heard that Geohot is getting quite close at a custom firmware release. shouldnt have updated. GEE wat a surprise sony, making a open platform, not open attracts greater efforts to OPEN it.

i demand compensation!

like a flower dynamic theme without the very annoying custom sounds

so how long is it gonna take you people to fix the so called “problems” with MP3 files

Cristina Giuliano 09 April, 2010 @ 09:20

We should be able to release it within the next two weeks – just the time to go fix the bug, go through QA and be built up on the Store.


Err, I mean that’s ok. I understand… *twitches*

It’s a soundtrack, how many technical difficulties can crop up!
Similar thing happened with Heavy Rain’s OST.

You guys need a better way of delivering game music, a ‘game’ which installs music to the music folder is such a complicated way of doing something simple, it’s asking for tech difficulties.

That said, I still appreciate the effort, thank you!

Cristina Giuliano 09 April, 2010 @ 09:23

Quite often, technical difficulties (in Europe) are related to localisation, and that’s unfortunately the case with this soundtrack too.
Thanks for your understanding ! :o)

Thanks for the heads up, but this is a little disappointing. Are we talking days or weeks here, though?

Cristina Giuliano 09 April, 2010 @ 09:24

I am afraid it’s gona be a couple of weeks ….

How are the european MP3s different to the american ones?

Also can I transfer the tracks to my ipod somehow?


Do you guys just let your interns sort out the soundtracks? First Heavy Rain, now this? A very odd choice of muck-up for a company that started in music players.

I have a great idea: Why not release every OST a week earlier, so when the screw up happens, you’d be able to release them by the original release date!

No… don’t thank me yet ;)

AmethystSword 08 April, 2010 @ 18:32

This actually works out well for me since I can not connect my PS3 to my Network this week *insert technical rubbish here*.

Thanks though for the heads up and can’t wait to get my hands on the Soundtrack when it is released :3

You guys aren’t very good with soundtracks are you?

almighty-slayer 08 April, 2010 @ 18:42

I’ll buy it from the US store



I dont understand how a soundtrack can have technical difficulties.. but whatever ill get it from the US store

it only does technical difficulties

That’s ok guys, i’m looking forward to it.

I’m guessing the problem is within the European PSN itself.
Storage problems then?

I won’t demand an explanation anyway, because I understand.
You could easily tells us why, but I’m not so sure if the SONY bosses would like that lol.

Either way, you are all still doing a great job for releasing this soundtrack.
I won’t be able to buy it at the moment, but I will when I have the chance.
Not because I like the soundtrack, but because you guys deserve a tip. ;)

A bunch of MP3 files have technical difficulties? Madness.


haha, what is it with all the soundtracks. Heavy Rain Soundtrack… now this. :L


Hey as long as it’s still on the way that’s cool, I’ll get this and the heavy rain one.


Aw, that’s a shame :(

I was really looking forward to getting the OST.

Ok, no problem.

But if you fix the problem soon, you don’t have to wait to the next thursday to upload it. You can put the soundtrack in the Store as soon as you fix it ;)

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you get everything sorted out!

I think Sony suffer from the curse of the soundtrack – from LBP’s delay due to the soundtrack, the Heavy Rain SE DLC delay because of the soundtrack, and now the Flower soundtrack! Did you guys intend to offer the GOW Trilogy Soundtrack as a free download from your website or was that another soundtrack goof too?!


While I have the utmost respect for TGC, I wonder if Sony are really taking their PSN store seriously.

Sony are always whining about the need to make PSN a premium service, but at the same time they totally fail to take advantage of all the existing commercial opportunities (like the numerous game soundtracks that are curiously available on iTunes but not on PSN, go figure).

You’ve been on a sloppy slope lately, guys. Removing existing features and messing up simple MP3 archives is not very professional and won’t making you win many new friends.


thanks for letting us know..


@apnomis: you can download the gow 1,2 and 3 soundtrack from the gow site :) total of 71 songs and free :)

That is so funny. Just pure madness.


US Got it?

what sort of QA do you have to do on a soundtrack anyway?
did it get rejected because of a bum note or something?
why was it ok for the us but not europe?
did the purely instrumental music need localising?
you delay something simple like this, for what i bet will be weeks, and then you put stuff on the store that doesn’t work at all, or is from the wrong region so wont work on this region’s version of the game.
scee’s QA department seems to be a bit slapdash i really must say.

For the peeps who think these are just MP3 files.

The soundtrack comes as a program file that installs the sound files in your music folder.
Because its a program it has to go through Q&A
It is being released across Europe, that means it has to work in multiple languages, a glitch with one language will delay the rest.


It’s not the delays that annoy me; it’s the fact that you guys promise to deliver content such as this on a certain day and it really winds people up when you don’t stick to those promised times.

If there is a slight chance there will be any problems, don’t confirm that it’ll be released in time!!!

#30 – I’d say you’re correct. It’s the ‘installer’ that has the issue, not the soundtrack itself. But I have to say there’s no real good reason to do it this way – it could just as easily have been sold as a collection of MP3 files, which means these problems would have been avoided. I don’t think anyone downloading the soundtrack from PSN would have a problem with the concept of MP3 files so I think the installer is a pretty unnecessary complication.

Thanks for the update.
For everyone waiting for the soundtrack, just play the game and enjoy the music with the great gameplay.


Thanks for letting us know guys :)


Better later then never. i’m looking forward to the flower OST.


i neva knew there were ever errors in flower? i managed to finish the game no problemo and obtain evry trophy for it?

…a “last minute bug”. That sets the release back “a couple of weeks”?

Let me guess – the same kind of “technical problem” that caused Silent Hill to be pulled from the EU store..?

What about doing your homework the next time, instead of spending time on making up an excuse. Might actually make money that way, instead of making your customers angry. Sounds far-fetched, I know – but can’t you please consider it, O’ masters of delays and wrong decisions?

Pixelgladiator 09 April, 2010 @ 15:31

@Mike Kebby: In the FirstPlay news you wrote that from may on, the store update will be on wednesday. Do you mean the whole store update or only the FirstPlay episodes?

It’s a soundtrack. Where the files corrupted or what? :S

Only at SCEE.

tomitheoverlord 22 April, 2010 @ 19:40

it’s been 2 weeks since te original launch date. I’m sorry but this is disapointing especially as I’m going away for the weekend, I was really hoping to get this onto my iPod before then

PlaydMikestar 25 April, 2010 @ 22:00

Ou est le soundtrack? Oh I’m not french just thought it might put more emphasis into the query of where the Flower soundtrack is. Any updates Mr. Playstation blog?

Any news on the soundtrack’s release? What sort of technical issues could delay the release this long, its been several weeks. Really getting sick of SCEE’s sup-par performance in comparison to its American and Japancese counterparts. Can’t blame third parties here, its all Sony.

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