Coming to PSN This Week: ZEN Pinball: Excalibur

Hi all you ZEN Pinball fans!

ZEN Studios has locked down this Thursday, 15 April, 2010 as the official release date for Excalibur, the latest expansion table for ZEN Pinball! Fans can pick up the awesome new table on the PlayStation Store for £1.59 / 1.99 EUR. Check out the exclusive sneak peak of the new Excalibur table with the trailer below!

This trailer is only a taste of what the Excalibur table will deliver! Earn your seat as a respected knight of the Round Table of Camelot as you duel the other knights in effort to retain the “King Champion” title. Hit swinging targets, utilize Merlin’s tips and suggestions to start up the Magical Multiball, and participate in jousting tournaments to earn extra points! Check out the exciting new Excalibur table tomorrow, and for more information, you can always check out previous ZEN pinball posts on this blog or visit the official ZEN Pinball website at

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Carnivius_Prime 14 April, 2010 @ 16:03

yup I’ll take that.



Is there another load of trophies to go with this i expect also?

I got the last table which was quite good. Sadly i won’t be able to buy yhis one as my linux ps3 is no longer allowed on psn

@ randellaUK, the trophy list has already updated to include the trophies for this table, I spotted them after I installed the ‘Earth Defense’ table the other week.

I will definitely be buying this, when I spotted the new trophies I did a search and found a YouTube video of the 360 version of the table, it looks really good…

Awesome, that’s actually pretty fast after the last one. Hope there are still more tables to come.


Great! Another table!!! keep with the good job guys. I really appreciate it! ;)


That looks really cool getting that £1.59 bargin

Nice one, Zen!

I will be buying all the DLC as soon as I have completed the first 4 original tables :D .. Although seeing as its taken me a year so far to complete Tesla I’m not holding my breath :/ V12 Complete though woop.

sharpenedpixel 15 April, 2010 @ 11:16

Looks good, especially use of mini tables. It’s a shame that the main table art looks like it really sucks though, like the Street Fighter 2 one.

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