VIDZONE UPDATE: Is That a TV in Your Pocket or…

…are you just pleased to see me? I’ll explain in a minute. Before that I want to say that we have a great update for you this week… I think better than usual… if that was possible. We have Chipmunk, Perez Hilton, Craig David, Akala and you guessed it… lots more!

Right…Sony Ericsson’s Pocket TV (told you I would get round to it) has given us some brilliant interviews showing guests in a new light and putting their sense of humour to the test. The first week of its 2nd series doesn’t disappoint, with N-Dubz on the Pocket TV lie detector, Gabriella Cilmi chilling with presenter Matt Edmondson (spot the terrible pun!) and this week’s UK number 1, Scouting For Girls. There will be new exclusive interviews every week so stayed tuned!

VidZone- PocketTV

Now… To the rest of this week’s beautiful update.


Artists of the Week

Chipmunk (UK, Ireland)

Sensational young rapper Chipmunk has been storming his way through the charts to superstardom recently. This feature includes the latest 3 episodes of ChipTV filmed at his main headline tour, supporting none other than JLS along with behind the scenes footage of his latest single as well as featuring brand new single ‘Until You Were Gone’.

VidZone - Chipmunk

Train (All Others)

San Franciscan rock band Train have been doing exceptionally well with their new single ‘Hey, Soul Sister’ all around Europe and the world and are number 1 in various places recently and so we couldn’t really ignore them… So artist of the week they are.

VidZone - Train

Craig David Interview

Craig David is back… hold on…Can I get a rewind… I said… Craig David is back with new material and to celebrate we have an exclusive interview and acoustic sessions with the man himself. Not really sure I have to say anything else so I apart from… Watch, listen and enjoy!

VidZone - Craig David

Ones To Watch

Lealea Jones

Writing and performing with and in front of some of the biggest names in the world since a young age Lealea has even been approached to pen a song for Rhianna… definitely one to check out. Featuring brand new single ‘Cake’

VidZone - LeaLea Jones

Camélia Jordana (France, Netherlands, Belgium)

Last year’s runner up in France’s answer to X Factor “Nouvelle Star”(if you don’t live in France you probably don’t know that… or maybe even if you do) We have her new single ‘Non, Non, Non’ and a selection of studio teaser sessions.

VidZone - Camella Jordana

Hot New Videos

VidZone - Hot New Videos

As always…they are hot, they are new and they are videos… I fail to think of any other way making it any clearer than that… :) Including Usher – OMG, MGMT – Flash Delirium and Sia – You’ve Changed

AKALA Celebrity Playlist

This playlist has been handpicked straight from the large bushes of videos that we have in the VidZone garden by Akala himself, including Leftfield – Afrika Shox, James Brown – It’s a Man’s World and Michael Jackson – They Don’t Really Care About Us.

Perez Hilton – Top Fashion Videos

Our good friend Perez has also been in the VidZone garden and has planted a special bush that grew and flowered with all his favourite fashion based music videos which we have picked and turned into a special feature. Including George Michael – Too Funky, Primal Scream – Some Velvet Morning and Destinys Child – Girl

VidZone - Perez Hilton

Next Week

Artist of the Week


When you have the new Usher video for all territories… you don’t need any other artist for artist of the week. Luckily… that is exactly what we have, Watch “OMG” and all his other videos here.

Bullet For My Valentine Exclusive Interview

I hate it when my titles explain exactly what is involved in the particular feature I am writing about. It means I have to fill this space with something else… like I am doing now… damn… even that isn’t enough filler… Watch an exclusive interview with Bullet For My Valentine here!

Video Games Music

Some video games have good music from good artists… so we thought it would be a good idea to feature some of the best music that has been featured in these games… makes sense right? Featuring music from John Legend – “Green Light” from GTA EFLC and RATM – “Guerrilla Radio” from Madden NFL 10


We also have a few playlists coming up over the next few weeks including Bollywood Hits and Latest Additions and many more yet to be confirmed.
As always if you want to contact us in any way you can do it in the following ways:






Right… I’m off on holiday for the next two weeks so someone else will be writing the blog next time… Good luck to them… I hope that you enjoy it slightly less than you enjoy mine :) . Until next time, BYE!!


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PhoenixEffect 15 April, 2010 @ 16:09

I will check out Camélia Jordana! Thanks for the vidzone update!

Mine still freezes on load up? Any ideas?


Hey funkpower

Can you detail your problem to please. Someone will be able to give you soem things to try and fix it for you

Hope that helps

same problem here, i can’t use vidzone anymore.



Can you do the same please. Email and we can suggest a few ways to fix them.

Hope that helps


PhoenixEffect 15 April, 2010 @ 16:44

I can’t try I’m not at home… Restart PS3 perhaps? Otherwise, just wait?


Chipmunk? Train? I find these names funny for some reason, I guess it’s just me.

And Craig David has really changed, hasn’t he? I almost thought it was another Craig David.

I spot Gabriella Cilmi’s name! *boots up Vidzone for my Cilmi fix*

almighty-slayer 15 April, 2010 @ 17:51

Fantastic update as usual, good sir. Keep it up :)

Artist of the week: Usher…

seriously, you don’t have too… :/

I have a big problem. when i have downloded a game (ps3) i can´t install it. why?


please release it for mor countries

another good update, MGMT, flash delirium check that vid out, eel coming out of his throat, what the heck. the song has a very arcade fire feel about it. No adverts today wow, very impressed.

When will CZECH REPUBLIC?????????!

Loved Vidzone until you started splattering that Perez hilton everywhere

God you lot now how to ruin a good thing!! Shame on you!!

Oo N-Dubz Dappy faces the lie detector. Did anyone ask him if he was genuinely sorry about that death threat he texted the Radio 1 listener? Just curious.

In the same vein of curiosity who the heck is Perez Hilton and why should I care?

Uhuh… And i’m asking for ONE more time, when will you support more Countries? I think that someone said until the Summer you will support more Countries. So, here it is, 1st) You are gonna Support it in the Next 2-3 Months or, you meant the Summer in 2010. Well… –


Its been a while since I added any new songs to my playlists. Guess all these new entries just arent my scene :(

When will CZECH REPUBLIC??????????

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