PlayStation Home: Sodium Update, FF XIII Clothing, Monkey Island and More!

Monkey Island has to be the gem of this week’s update: In additional to the incredible Ghost Pirate Ship personal space, there’s a huge range of furniture as well as costumes for Guybrush Threepwood and LeChuck. For the biggest fans of Monkey Island, check out the Ghost Pirate Ship bundle, that includes an array of selected furniture items. Make sure to watch this space for more content from LucasArts coming soon!

PlayStation Home

This week sees the Sodium space receive significant updates. Many of the updates are aimed at making it easier for everyone to move about the space, including: moving the spawn point; moving VICKIE; adding a teleporter to a new Tank Trainer space; and the addition of a new interactive “You Are Here” map. Other updates include a Golden VICKIE and new items to purchase from VICKIE.

The long-awaited Final Fantasy XIII costumes arrive tomorrow! Featuring costumes for Snow, Lightning, Vanille and Sazh, these costumes are sure to stand out in a crowd. You’ll also find four new furniture items, including two Lightning figures and a Flying Ship model.

The Diesel store takes delivery of a new range this week. Consisting of a dozen items, including female attire, there’s a good chance you’ll find something that appeals to your eye!

Xi Alumni Hub Temporary Removal and Update

The Xi Alumni Hub will be removed from PlayStation Home temporarily, starting from this week. Due to recent changes introduced with the 1.35 client update, these spaces need to be rebuilt to ensure they continue to function as designed.

nDreams will be taking this opportunity to provide access to some content from Xi that hasn’t been seen since Xi ended, along with some items from Xi that will be available to own.

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Carnivius_Prime 21 April, 2010 @ 17:17

I like Sodium. And I like Monkey Island.


Nice update

Will be nice to have a look at some past content from XI

TheDarkChaplain 21 April, 2010 @ 17:19

you missed an I in the Title & Tweet, it’s “XIII” for 13, not XII like 12!


Looks like that’s been fixed, thanks for pointing it out!


The title is wrong – says FF XII instead of XIII.

Looks interesting.

Sir_Gunnalot 21 April, 2010 @ 17:19

Nice. Does this mean we might see a shop in the Xi space, or will it just be limited to the mall area? Or are these just new prizes or something?

DANTHEMAN121 21 April, 2010 @ 17:19

Xi Items kl please have stapler to own lol

Great update again


frickenchicken 21 April, 2010 @ 17:22

Finally, FFXIII costumes! I’ve been waiting especially for the Lightning one, thanks a lot. :)

Also I’d like to point out a mistake in the title: FFXIII clothing, not FFXII. Unless there’s something we don’t know about. :)

i was hoping for fang’s outfit, still at least we’ve got vanille and lightning’s.

Any news on the Namco spaces?

Are we getting a community lounge? Essential for our community events

Any news on the Lockwood animated clothing and furniture range? Thanks


As soon as I have news to share on Namco, I’ll share it.

Re: the Lockwood item range, I believe we do have plans to release at least some of this in the future. We’ve already released a small number, and we know there’s a demand there for these items.


I had the same thought about Stapler. We better get him. xD


Sodium is AMAZING! =P
PlayStation Home is constantly improving, this is all impressing me, Im sooo gonna buy LOADS more content for PS Home, Sony did a great job! XD
TY m8yz

Awesome! Especially the costume stuff. I look forward to tomorrow.

Hello Alex,

Not mainly related to the matter at hand, but i simply wished to know if the 50 furniture item limit in personal spaces will eventually be augmented? The reason i ask the above is because i presently cannot place any additional earned rewards (i decorate my studio only with rewards i have earned).

Yours truly,



The furniture limit is a technical (memory allocation) limit, and currently assumes that each item you place uses the maximum allocation allowed to furniture items. If we let you place more than 50, then problems can begin to occur (which has been seen recently in some spaces that had the limit incorrectly set and allowed more than 50 items to be placed).

The core team who work on the client are investigating a variety of possible improvements to the system, as they’re always looking at ways of improving your experience within Home.


Nice update, im sure the FF13 outfits will go down good. Plus Diesel was long over due a update.

more stuff to buy , sighhhh


Also is the Ghost ship item pack the one that comes with clothes and items? Or we getting both packs?


I believe we’ll have both packs in the near future, however it’s only the smaller of the two this week.

thy will we ever get listen@home and redeem stations


Is a new home square really in the works or a silly rumour like always? Europe does need a new & bigger home square! I doubt I’d get a reply / answer to this. :(

Looks like a alright update unlike the ones we’ve been getting lately.

not sure i trust the space with furniture as ghostbusters space was also posted that it had furniture but it doesnt

Wooo more Sodium content! Nice


@18 there is a new home square coming, there is a few threads in the home forum you might wish to check out as the hold part images of the new one :) plus you can join us all in breaking the game thy is playing with us all.

what age do u need to be to use home is it 16 .

It’s 16 or over in europe


@21 I don’t use the forum ;)Also i been told some screens are fake. That’s why I’m asking here.


I can assure you that anything I post on the forums is not fake :)

ahh thanks dante . just making sure so if i come across cheeky underage users again i can report them . thanks

loonytoon1982 21 April, 2010 @ 17:57

Best be getting back to Salt Shooter again… hopefully there’s some new stuff to redeem credit wise, at least that’s what I’m understanding it as anyway.

Home needs a new Xi like game

steven_dutch 21 April, 2010 @ 18:29

Awesome. Monkey Island rocks.
One of the best games I’ve ever played.
Hope to see the game soon on the Store.
In the meantime I’ll pick up the Home space and Items :)


We’ve got plenty more coming from LucasArts as well.


Is the Ghost Pirate Ship £3.99? Or cheaper?


I’m not moaning or anything but there are FAR to many Personal space’s, seriously there’s one each week and £3.99 a week is cheeky! The Motorstorm one had the best value- £2.39 in my opnion! The furniture isn’t free either what’s going on? Anyway I’d give this update a 3/5 nothing catches my eye this week


I don’t like personal spaces. Prefer public spaces.

But oh well.

I love Monkey Island, but no one I know goes into Home much to see my avatar.

Why not let us use use a photo of our Home Avatar on our PSN ID card?


I’ve seen this suggestion previously and I have passed it along for consideration.

@32 thats a feature we want so doubtful it happens

Kingofkings11 21 April, 2010 @ 19:49

Liking tomorrow’s update ALOT. I will be going crazy with all the Monkey Island stuff and will be looking into the Xi items as well sounds intriguing :)


Please note that the Xi space is only being removed tomorrow. It won’t return until the re-build is complete, and we currently do not have an ETA for this.


I’ll respond to all your questions here tomorrow morning.thanks for your patience!

Alas, there was no sense for me in keeping Home installed on my OtherOs PS3 so i’ve retrieved the 12Gb of HDD space.
Before everything went pear-shaped i had a chance to load up Home and try out the object/furniture placement – and i was pleased to find that it was indeed improved so well done on that.

Home has plenty to offer, especially now and it’s been good to see things come on so well since it first went Open Beta, although i miss that wonderful week of public voice chat everywhere. That had such great potential but sadly was ruined by some RAs.
Keep up the good work, i’ll download it again when i can.


What is the price for ff13 costumes?


Alex I apologise for the questions but this one I’ve been meaning to ask for a while;

Are all core spaces getting updated or just the Home Square?


I can neither confirm nor deny… ;) (you’ll need to wait for the official announcement)


@32 THANK YOU I have been asking for this feature ever since Home launched. Can’t belive we don’t have it yet.


Will any of the many bugs be fixed with the Sodium One area? As they’re making me miserable.


Erm… “In additional to the incredible Ghost Pirate Ship personal space” you mean “In addition to the…” :-p


Thought I’d drop by to let you know that the Bioshock content will arrive for SCEE very soon.

AaronSOLDIER 22 April, 2010 @ 13:58

Any chance of some FALLOUT 3 power armour or a Vault 101 jumpsuit?

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