MAG Free DLC: Fast Attack Pack On April 29!

Mark April 29 on your calendars now, because it’s the day you’re going to see our next 100% Free MAG DLC add-on! Known as the “Fast Attack” Gear Pack, our latest downloadable extra will likely cause marksmen to swoon.

Why? Two big reasons. First, we’re adding three brand new Special Edition Sniper Rifles (Raven’s HM 90 SE, SVER’s SASR M, and Valor’s MK 14 Mod 1 EBR) that include a number of performance adjustments and visual variations to our already-popular long-range weapons. Second, you can expect to get your hands on a collection of new armor types! All three factions can now choose to equip Improved Light Armor in their loadouts for the bargain price of just 400 in-game credits.

Raven "Fast Attack" Gear Pack

Oh, and did we mention that the “Fast Attack” Gear Pack is free? Yes, we did, but we’re saying it again anyway. Look for it to appear in the PlayStation Store the afternoon of April 29, alongside all other scheduled PSN updates.

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mk 14 mod, awesome

traded mag weeks ago the lack of maps is a disgrace

somethingatt 22 April, 2010 @ 17:53

Shame not a lot of people are playing this game, big big shame.
Hardcore FPS is dead it seems.

Most of the times there is hardly enough players to get one match of Domination going.
Sabotage is somewhat popular though at least but not my favourite type of mode but what you gonna do…

I know I’ll be supporting this game forever, it’s so good.

Great! I wish more devs supported their games like you do!

Oh my God, Zipper… Even more free DLC!

If it keeps going on like this I think I’ll never be able to put down MAG and play something else. Thumbs up to you, Zipper!

hollandnigel 22 April, 2010 @ 18:20

This is an awesome game!!! Looking forward to the DLC!

There are always a lot of people on when I play

somethingatt 22 April, 2010 @ 19:35

@6 – hollandnigel:
“There are always a lot of people on when I play”

Not doubting you or anything but just so I can try to log in around those times, when do you usually play man?

synthesis811 22 April, 2010 @ 19:48

When can we expect to see the Pre-Order Bonus armour being released for everyone in the EU, like the US has already?


More content for MAG!

twistedintoform 22 April, 2010 @ 23:59

great, so the already overpowered snipers get even more fancy weaponry.. what about the other classes?. most of the guns in this game are absolutely awful to shoot with, but more than anything it’s in desperate need of new maps, not to mention some rebalancing on the existing sver maps. new game modes wouldn’t hurt either. i stopped playing this weeks ago (in large part due to BFBC2).. i’d planned on trying to get to level 60 but levelling up is such a chore i’ve been waiting for another double xp weekend (i’m currently lvl 46 i think).


“MizzSmartyPants wrote:

Ok, so I believe this dlc will be just like the previous dlc. However, the changes I referred to that will fix the dlc problems are planned to be rolled out with the next patch (1.06.) The goal is to fix up the previous dlc as well as to make any future dlc work for everyone. When you get your hands on 1.06 (not sure when that will be) you can let us know if we achieved that goal.



I see one bad thing about this DLC, it may lead to more snipers in a squad for a while which I believe will make attacking harder. I always say that if you want to capture something you need people there.

While I really apriciate this additional free content, MAG does not really need new cosmetic changes as fancy outfit or new model on sniper rifle, which in the end will be the same as already included models.

What you need for people to keep playing is new content that actually affects the game experience. That means new maps or modes. You have 9 maps, where you can play only for one side = 4,5 effectively. It’s been several months now and still no new map or mode, Zipper said that MAG is an easily expandable platform. So where are the maps and modes? People won’t play the same 4,5 maps for months. I myself while huge MAG fan have already quit playing it, after veting with SVER, there was nothing more to do.


aww snipers :( but still, thanks for an amazing game and these free dlc’s once in a while, it really keeps me playing.. next up, slightly better assault rifle’s? *crosses fingers* :p and what would be GREAT too, some more weight for your character…since i already use the improved armor which weighs more, i constantly find myself short on weight, having to skip weapons like a secondary weapon for less important having 300 or 400 extra weight on my character would already make me happy :p might be considerable? :p THX in any case guys, almost down to 200 hours of playing time :p love the game

PermanentlyAngry 23 April, 2010 @ 19:59

Snipers over powered? Sorry just not true. If you want over powered try LMG’s. There’s a reason most people play with LMG’s. As others have said though why I’m pleased we’re getting some free stuff, what the game really needs is new modes and maps. Or even a new faction. I’ve vetted through all 3 PMC’s and am going back through SVER but honestly I’m bored of it already and to the guy who said there is hardly ever enough people to play domination you’re spot on, it takes ages to get a game of domination now, its a joke. People are leaving because its boring playing the same maps over and over and over and over… you get the point.

Super MAG! :)

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