VidZone Launches ‘VidZone TV’

Less than a year since VidZone launched on June 11 2009, we are extremely excited to announce VidZone can offer our very own music TV Channels and many more new features and improvements.

VidZone TV

The timing could not be better as VidZone on PlayStation3 has just clocked over 3 MILLION USERS who have played over 350 million streams. Just to put it in perspective, this is over 2500 years of videos streamed!!

VidZone TV

What is ‘VIDZONE TV’?

Just so there is no confusion – the VidZone we all know and love will still be available and re-named ‘VidZone On Demand’. ‘VidZone TV’ is a new feature and a different way to enjoy VidZone.

We have dreamt of having over 100 music TV channels at your disposal for any mood or occasion at the touch of a button – this dream is now a reality. Via a small update to your existing application, VidZone TV gives you all the music you can wish for. Channels will fall under 5 categories – Artist, Genre, Year, Label and General (for everything else!)

We think you’ll enjoy VidZone TV just as much, or even more, than VidZone On-Demand because, just like regular linear TV, it means you can simply select pre-programmed music TV Channels and let the music roll. No need to search the VidZone catalogue and no need to create your own playlist. In other words, prepare the party or get lazy and let VidZone do the work! Some of our favourite channels include Pop Punk TV, 80s TV, Rock Legends TV, The VidZone Chart TV, All Time Classics TV, Celebrity Playlist: Dizzee Rascal TV, Dave Grohl & Friends TV, VidZone Interviews TV and Video Of The Day TV (where all the exclusives and premieres will feature). There really is a channel (or three!) for everyone. And more – VidZone TV has also launched Kids TV, Teen Pop TV, Karaoke Favourites TV and Music Divas TV!

VidZone TV VidZone TV


New main menu carousel – Sparkly brand new look carousel screen for selecting links to VidZone: TV, Featured, On Demand, Settings and upcoming other new upcoming features.

Search function is improved – It is now possible to perform ‘like’ searches – e.g. “Kill” for The Killers.

In-store game purchasing – Purchase selected PlayStation Store games / content advertised in VidZone without exiting the VidZone application.

Full screen experience enhanced – It’s now possible to see which video is coming up next. There is also a key for all functions and ticker bar available to provide valuable information to users about new/must see content.

Video of The Day TV – The music industry is helping us offer one ultimate video of the day, every day. It will play immediately after opening the application.

Clickable pre-rolls – Some pre-roll advertisement videos are now clickable and launch the Internet Browser.

Title changes – “Related Videos” has been renamed to “More by this Artist” “Home Page” renamed to “Featured”.

Email settings – It’s now possible to sign up or unsubscribe to emails in Settings > Help menu. If you want to receive updates or competitions from VidZone you need to be registered by email.

VidZone TV VidZone TV

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Diablo_Rosso 22 April, 2010 @ 16:10

Great update. Now please get some more Lostprophets and Pendulum. Also, Paramore would be a good addition too :D

Great update to the best PS3 addition to date. Keep it up.

Although, I must add that I was dismayed to find the Metallicas ‘One’ (full version) was pulled from the library. :( Please put it back!

Will there be a normal update today Ben?


Hi Sully1311,

There’s one tomorrow. We thought over 100 channels would keep you busy for a day!


almighty-slayer 22 April, 2010 @ 16:18

Fantastic work, VidZone team. Yet more reasons to love VidZone :) Thanks Ben! Say thanks to the team from me, lol

Is there a country music channel? i’m a sucker for it ever since GTA san andreas, don’t know why. Can’t see one on the list though.


Hi agm2502,

Glad to say we do have a Country music channel, sorry you can’t see it in the list. Why don’t you get on and check it out for yourself!


Ben, in Browse All on the Vidzone TV part, it says there are none


Fixed now!


Any news on adding Warner Bros. artists? I am a big fan of Muse and would love to see them on VidZone.

Carnivius_Prime 22 April, 2010 @ 16:24

I haven’t used this much lately to be honest. I find it a bit of a chore and there isn’t a lot of music I like. There’s some sure but I find it quite a hassle to search through it all and pick out what I do like amongst all the stuff I don’t. I found the interface somewhat clunky and unintuitive last time I used it. I like the program as a whole but I didn’t enjoy using it. Think I’ll load it up now though to see what’s changed since the last time.

is this europe-wide or do we have to wait again? cool update anyway

saw the AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ at the top now, so answered my own question :)


It sais Installation Failed… :(


@Demadred- Its Europe wide. Its only got those countries because they are english speaking


Hi Sully,

Actually it’s VidZone territory-wide including Australia and New Zealand. We didn’t leave them out!



Ow sorry I’m to fast now it works :D Great! Just 17mb :)


Sounds good, I have only one question. I’m sure I heard before that there was going to be an option to buy and download the music videos through the PlayStation Store wallet, instead of mobile downloads or whatever that is. But I haven’t seen it available, would it be possible at some point to just click on the video and then buy it to keep on my PSP at all times? Some portable Cure videos would make my life.

Has the screen size ratio problem been fixed?


Although I won’t use the VidZone TV part, congrats to yourselves for always making improvements to the service. I’d be lost without VidZone!!!

AdyColclough 22 April, 2010 @ 16:31

Very cool to see this in action. Being a leisurely game fan rather than hardcore gamer (more into my music to be honest), i welcome things like this and the forthcoming update for PlayTV with open arms, intriguing to see that else you’ve got up your sleeves.

VictorAnalogy 22 April, 2010 @ 16:32

Any chance of Rammstein making a reappearance one day?

just reminding, that Poland and many other european countries are waiting for VidZone


ATTN BEN: Just got a Spanish Telefonica advert!!


Infact, I’m getting all Spanish adverts

so does this mean u cant just make your own playlists anymore ,im confused


Hi Seany1,

No, not at all. The ‘old’ VidZone is now simply called ‘VidZone On Demand’. Where you can make as many of your own playlists as you like!
This is simply a new feature, think of it as hundred different TV channels that all pump out nothing but music videos/music related videos (if you go for something like interviews)

Hope that makes sense!



please release it for other countries

ahh i get it now all good . any chance you guys can maybe sell music mp3 albums through vidzone , not music videos but actual mp3 albums like itunes . possible or not


seany1: of course. Just go to On-Demand on the carousel menu


4:3 are now bigger. Love IT!!!

Haven’t had chance to try it out yet but when playing one of the TV channels if a song that you like comes on can you automatically add it to one of your playlists or do you have to remember the name and do it separately later?

you guys have certainly produced a very high quality service for us ps3 buyers and i thank you ben and the rest of the vidzone team , start selling music and stuff and you can be assured people will buy .

somethingatt 22 April, 2010 @ 16:46

One of the more successful apps of the PS3 and this update is awesome. Awesome stuff guys, keep it up.

CinderShadow 22 April, 2010 @ 16:48

Just wanted to say this new update is brilliant! :D Also, more Century Media artists, for the metal category, please!

almighty-slayer 22 April, 2010 @ 16:48

Hm, when i try to browse all channels i get that “There are no TV channels in this section”


When VidZone now loads up, the first video is always really really poor quality.


Hm, when i try to browse all channels i get that “There are no TV channels in this section”


when you try browse all music tv channels it comes up with 0 is that a bug

the sound off lots of tv channels is very weird doesnt sound crisp at all


Hi Seany,

Glad to hear it was just your TV!



Yes! can we have some Paramore on vidzone! :D


Still nothing in CZ :,-( …

Just WOW… i love you guys at VidZone :D
Thank you for this

sorted the music sound quality was my tv lmao . its ver fiddly to get used to fact you need to search for most all on demand songs now . not sure i like that the tv channels are getting in the way of all the good music now


Plus ticker just saying (placeholder) User Message, United Kingdom and English.

i do love this free service you guys provide though im just getting used to the changes but already growing on me . great work guys


Will check it out

p.s perez hilton hurts my eyes lol


I love it!

(Ben, get us some more Prodigy vids!)

I’m just getting ‘there are no TV channels in this section’ when I browse all. Is this just because it is busy or is there a problem?


Get The VidZone logo back aswell ben!

good to hear about new updates, but vidzone on demand is still not available everywhere and that makes me sad and angry….


Do not underestimate the power of the almost 40mln country called POLAND!

This update rocks!
Love Vidzone!

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