3D Dot Game Heroes – Design Characters! Win Swords!

Hello, it’s Rob Burman here, you may remember me from such blog posts as announcing 3D Dot Game Heroes and showing off a new 3D Dot Game Heroes video. Well, now I’m here to reveal an exciting competition we’re working on with the PlayStation Blog Europe that could see you, yes YOU, winning a super duper limited edition prize and a copy of 3D Dot Game Heroes – which is coming exclusively to PlayStation 3 on May 14th.

3D Dot Game Heroes

But what’s the competition, I hear you cry… well, one of the very cool features of 3DDGH is the character creator, which lets you make your own hero pixel by pixel. If you want to be a monkey in a bowler hat, no problem! A robotic pink pirate? Go ahead. Seriously, as long as you’ve got a little bit of imagination, you can go wild with the character editor. You can even share them with friends by popping them on a USB stick.

To celebrate this awesome tool, we’ve created a simplified online version of the character creator – http://designer.3ddotgameheroes.eu/ – to give you a taste of what to expect from the more in-depth finished product and now we want you to make some fantastic heroes and enter them into a competition. The winner will receive a copy of 3D Dot Game Heroes and a very limited edition foam sword, just like the one used in the game. In fact, there are only 20 of these in the world… even I’m not allowed to keep one :-(. The sword looks a bit like this but does not include me looking like an idiot.

3D Dot Game Heroes

To be in with a chance of winning, just make your own hero in the online character editor, save it as a jpeg and then email it to ukoffice@southpeakgames.com. The closing date for entries is May 11th and we’ll announce the winners on the PlayStation Blog on May 13th. Also, remember to join the 3D Dot Game Heroes Facebook group to keep up to date with what’s happening.

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Cool, I shall try and do some epic :D

Lets hope I don’t fail,:(
Can’t wait for the game btw :D
Will there maybe be a sequal?

Hahaha amazing editor.
5 minutes of work and tadaaa – i42.tinypic.com/2af0vts.jpg :D
Cannot wait for the game!

Next will be original worm from original first Amiga Worms :D I guess I remember the original pixels align :D

nobodygaming 27 April, 2010 @ 12:41

Lol I made Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica, but I made it backwards so the save feature only gave me her back. Thank the gods of kobol for Print Screen :D

PlusPlusMinus 27 April, 2010 @ 12:44

Took a shot at it as well, it’s pretty fun to do… but was looking forward to this game already.

And oldschool flat Worm it is – i39.tinypic.com/155pf6v.png :D
A hell lot of fun! :D
I’ve just remembered like I was painting images pixel by pixel in Deluxe Paint on my Amiga 1200. Beautiful days…
Thank You for this game!


£22.95 @ Zavvi a bargain for this game !


crap!! now i have to start windows :(

cool editor tho, i won’t win but imma make a character ofcourse, looking forward to the game! big up!


Awesome stuff. I have two questions though, and I’m reeeeally hoping you could answer them.:)

Firstly, Atlus announced they’ll have additional loading screen art and an HDD install option. Will you guys include the same in your localisation?

Second, will you be releasing the DLC that came out in Japan shortly after its initial release? If not the JP DLC, will you be supporting DLC in any way?

I’d really appreciate answers! :D They would help me decide whether to buy the PAL version or import the NTSC one.


The American version and European versions will be identical – so you’ll get all the awesome loading screens, DLC and HDD install! What a bargain ;-)

Thanks Rob, this takes me back to when i used to build my own 8/16 bit sprites! :)

@ik00R: The editor works fine in PS3 browser but you’ll need a flashdrive to download the zip file it provides for you at the end, but yes you’ll need a pc to open and view that file.


A load off my shoulders, a thousand thanks for replying! :D I’ll be sure to pick up this pack of nostalgic awesomeness on day 1, then! ;)

Will it include all the languages (spa,deu,ita,…) or just english?


It’s English-only. However it’s extremely easy to pick-up and play. I even managed to get to the third dungeon in the Japanese version and had a blast… so the language barrier shouldn’t be a problem. Promise!

you really need to see the original old spice ad to get the real joke in this ad.

this editor reminds me of when i used to copy the sprites from spectrum magazines onto squared paper.

Darn… I was so excited, I didn’t read the post properly and started making a weapon
Want to include the best designed weapons too? (for fun, not the prize) :P


just finished my entry :D do we need to include any contact details in the email? or is it just the images?


I’ll reply to the winning email to let them know they’ve won and then get the contact details.


Which countries is this available for?
Do the characters have to be original designs?

Can we upload our animated gifs to an image host, and paste the links to those too?
I only ask because all of the pictures of my person are from behind :|

Release that video on the PS Store. :D So awsome!

I really hope some 3D Game dot heroes Avatars hit the Playstation store! i’d get those instantly. Please do this!

how about a 3d dot heroes t-shirt like the one you are wearing?

Can we still win the competition if we make a well known character?


Ha ha – no T-shirts, I’m afraid. And you can make whatever you want for the competition. As long as it’s a good design, it could win!


I was going to ask the same as 17 tomsau because I did the same lol


Count me in, I loved the concept about the customizable hero in this game, and the more I hear about, the more I like the whole product.

the only trouble with competitions like this, is that they require talent :(

Vic_Viper_1985 28 April, 2010 @ 10:27

Ha ha – that’s great. It’s a lot better than the real thing actually.


Seeing as other people are posting links .. here’s mine :)



A couple of questions about the competition, Mr. Burman:

1. What countries are eligible?

2. The images we get from the character creator are in .png format (the animated .gif is… well, .gif). Is it a MUST to attach .jpeg images, or can we use the .pngs & .gifs?

3. Must the hero be completely original? Can we recreate a character from a game or movie?

Thank you in advance for you time :)


1. All the territories of the EU PlayStation blog are eligible.

2. As long as I can view the character, it doesn’t matter how you attach it.

3. Go wild. It’s whoever makes the best character.


I desperately need a copy of the game, and a foam sword Rob, hint hint, wink wink, where’s the love? :D


Ha ha – game’s not a problem. For the foam sword, you’ll have to create an amazing character :)

kool-chris93 28 April, 2010 @ 14:21

AHAHA I LOVE the trailer :D

CaptainCortez 28 April, 2010 @ 15:56

Well, here’s mine, and I’m quite proud of it. Hollow head to see inside the mouth and everything. :D

I am the God of War. Thous shall not defy me!


HeartlessSystem 28 April, 2010 @ 16:38

Loving this!
Gordan freeman’s dead hard though

I can’t send in more than one Character, can I?
It is hard to choose one.


Multiple entries are fine.


Just sent my two entries in fingers crossed

Hey Rob, can you please confirm if you got mine ok. It’s an at-at walker and I’m not sure if the image attached properly to the email.

Here’s the pic


Yep, I got them.


I know I’m much too late with this, but:
How many copys of the game will be raffled??
( Is raffled the correct word? )
Only one, right?
So where are the other limited edition foam swords???

HeartlessSystem 11 May, 2010 @ 15:41

oh man…
i thought there were 20 winners…..
I am screwed now. :(

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