PlayStation Home: ModNation Racers ModSpot Challenge, Iron Man 2 Mini-Game, Bioshock Costumes and More!

Eagerly awaiting the release of ModNation Racers? I know I am! This week we’re launching the perfect distraction to help pass the time while you wait: the ModNation Racers ModSpot Challenge, launching this week in the PlayStation Events Space. Fancy yourself as an elite Modspotter? Race against the clock to track down select mods in this stunning ModNation space within the time limit to win a PS Home Mod for your own personal space! There’s also a very special, limited edition, Animated ModNation Racetrack Hat available from the Pit Stop Shop. Take your imagination for a spin, as mini racers speed around (and through?) your head! This hat is only available during the event so make sure you’re quick off the starting blocks… ;)

PlayStation Home - ModNation Racers

PlayStation Home - ModNation Racers PlayStation Home - ModNation Racers

PlayStation Home - ModNation Racers

Make your way to the Audi Space this week, where you will have the chance to throw on the Iron Man suit and pilot your way through a tricky skyscraper obstacle course, picking up arc reactors and dodging the mines to power your way onto the leaderboard. The Top 10 scorers (when the game closes at the end of June 2010) will be rewarded with an Iron Man suit to keep. Do you have the raw talent – or sheer dedication – to prove that you have what it takes to wear the Iron Man suit?

PlayStation Home - Iron Man

After a new costume or two? Ever wanted to be a Big Daddy or Big Sister? Well now you can, with the arrival of the simply amazing Bioshock 2 costumes for PlayStation Home. Two variants of Big Daddy join the rather impressive Big Sister costume.

PlayStation Home Bouncer

House yourself in style with the new Assassin’s Creed 2 personal space, available from Estates this week. Set in Venice, this space offers plenty of dark alcoves for you to lurk in wearing your Ezio or Altair costume. Also available is a range of furniture, including two gold framed paintings – one of Ezio and one of Altair – along with a table, sofa, chair and ornamental globe.

For those looking for a dose of the unusual, LocoRoco has just the ticket this week! Ten new items arrive in the LocoRoco stores. There’s a range of hats, a special hoody with a LocoRoco passenger in the hood, and the visually remarkable Baby Hohoh and Hairstyle Set. We think a screenshot says a lot more than words can:

PlayStation Home - Loco Roco

Another update for Sodium this week, with new bartender outfits available. Functionally the same as the previous bartender outfits, these new outfits offer a stylish new look in black and grey.

Need a new t-shirt? The V Store updates its range this week with ten new shirts, including new shirts from the Worn Free range.

Finally … fancy winning a new Bravia TV? To enter, check out the Bravia posters in Home and answer the simple question you’ll find. You could win a new 40” Bravia from the stylish NX800 range, with built in wireless for access to online content. You can also pick up a free replica Bravia for your personal space from Furniture!

Note: If you have not yet purchased your Alien vs Predator costumes and furniture, tonight is your last chance to do so! This content will be removed from the stores during Thursday maintenance this week.

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thanks for the update alex

any news for the irem spaces?

AaronSOLDIER 28 April, 2010 @ 18:05

You guys should get FALLOUT 3 Power Armour and Vault 101 jumpsuits on there!


Wow, that’s a lot of stuff :D Awesome update, looking forward to it :)


Is there a picture of the big sister costume?


There’s a pic of the helmet from the costume on the SCEA blog from last week, but not one of the full costume. Trust me though: it looks amazing!


So many costumes yet no way to have your Home guy as a PSN avatar.


Is it me or does the sound in the home tv trailer sound a bit odd

Another note, Im in the trailer :)

Any news on the World Cup Space?


There’s still over a month before the Football World Cup starts. :)


Good to see more Loco Roco stuff :-)

Any news on Dead Space costume for the EU ?


Not at the moment, I’m afraid.

you mean i can finally throw a tv down the stairs in home?
you have no idea how long i’ve been waiting to do that :)


No new Home Square for anothet two weeks :(


you mean i can finally throw a tv down the stairs in home?
you have no idea how long i’ve been waiting to do that

DANTHEMAN121 28 April, 2010 @ 18:13

EPIC update nice one

can’t wait for this to hit Home 2moz


And here we go!
I’m not yet recovered from the last one and now this?

Sounds great, keep us happy Alex!

perspexorange 28 April, 2010 @ 18:17

Outstanding update. The last month or two have been quality. Keep it up, guys! Many thanks.


No, thanks to everyone here who helps make Home into something more than just the little bits and pieces we release when we can.


Thylaudax, any news on the Irem spaces?


We’re working on them, and we’ll release as soon as we have them ready.




Nice update well done SCEE

Yeah nice update!
Thy will the rest of vickie items return tomorrow (speakers,hats)? Does V-shirt get t-shirts for female too?
Well done SCEE


So let me think we get a free tv to chuck down the stairs.

as that is the only thing you can do with it, the same as motorstorm tv useless junk.

what the point of haveing a tv that cant do jack all, we know SCEE haveing scary thoughts about video/music/picture “REDTAPE”

or is SCEE got some balls & we know from E3/gamecom we will use the tv without chucking em down the stairs.

alex any word from the other team that we get music in home even if it`s our ears. :)



Look at those ickle Mod’s – they’re so cool! :D

Awesome update! can’t wait for this – (looks like i’ll be adding more money yet again XD)
Love the events and costumes, might even grab the assassins creed stuff – on that topic – will we get master assassin outfit soon?

Also, are either of the big daddy costumes the Us preorder one?


The Bioshock 2 costumes are not the US preorder ones.

Sir_Gunnalot 28 April, 2010 @ 19:33

Awesome update. Now I just need a working PS3 on which to acquire this update…

Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ


inFAMOUS_Luke 28 April, 2010 @ 19:57

Bioshock 2 for me thanks! Great update, thought we’d get some sort of MR update! What I’m wondering is: Will we get the limited edition hat for free? Or will you cheat us Alex? :P


The ModNation Racers hat you’ll need to pay for. The Mod, however, you just need to be good at picking a Mod out of a crowd!


Thy, please tell me that the Modnation Racer and Iron Man mini games won’t suffer from Game is Occupied will they?

#26: they all do anyway, it’s the amount of people going at the same time, and the game is only prepared for a small number than that.

Not saying those games where never ready for big numbers though, they are, but the amount of people that logs in into Home increases every day, even myself that only used Home a couple of times per month, I find myself going there at least two times per week, or more when new stuff arrives.

I had to wait nearly a week until I found the Audi game free of people.
And I’m still waiting to play the siren game…it’s ALWAYS “occupied”.

The Iron Man it’s going to be a nightmare considering this…

Best of luck with that though mate.


That is one good update!


Seeing the stripy red and white hat reminded me of the New Home Square… hehe 13th May! Here’s hoping it is!


@24: It says that on almost all of the blog-posts… I think most of SCEE’s regions are included.

I’m not on Home much tbh but picturing that hat in motion made me smile :)


It’s very cool…

@30 Norway is for sure not included.

DutchGameGod21 28 April, 2010 @ 23:08

alex nice update man thanks sony but
i have some quistions
1. when will the helgest costume bug fixed
2. and next week will the home update also turn to wednesday because the store will be update a day early or will home be update on the same day?


1. Hopefully very soon. I know it’s dragged on a lot longer than it should, but the painful process my colleague behind me has gone through this time means that if anything similar happens in future we’ll be able to fix it much quicker.

2. Home updates will continue to occur on Thursday.

1 there getting fix i think thy said mybe next week :)

2 no that for the psn store not playstation home still get up dated on a thursday ok i hope that help u out :)

nice update thy keep it up (loving the new home square) :0

More smut to buy… could of done with actual Home refining features such as…. oh come on do i really have to spell it out scee?

More then a year on and the bowling alley has the same old arcades with the same old look.

When does the Stan (Monkey Island) costume arrive?


Very soon!


sandystrachan 29 April, 2010 @ 16:22

Are we ever getting a MAG space maybe PMC specific , or even a MAG event ?
Those shirts were FREE in US but we in EU had to pay for them why ?

motorway1264 02 May, 2010 @ 22:51

Can anyone name the music that plays at the entrance of the event space? I want to know the name of the song and the artist.

imax12345678 03 May, 2010 @ 23:32

what is the audi space

Ronney-Ronaldo 24 May, 2010 @ 21:01

you cool

Ronney-Ronaldo 24 May, 2010 @ 21:05

i can feel the colour raning

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