Feel For Two

Hi Guys,

Just a quick update from Gavin Russell – your European Producer of the Feel for Two collection.


Feel For Two is concept built on the basis of cooperative play via the same PSP screen.

All 12 of the games have been created by our mad-capped group of games designers from our Tokyo Studio – all 12 titles offer a multiplayer experience.

As a minis game, you’ll get the additional benefit of being able to play these via PS3 Emulation :)

This Japan-centric group of titles includes:

  • Busy Sweets Factory
  • Busy-Sweets-factory-Mini_thumb

  • Charge! Tank Squad!
  • Tank-Squad-Minis_thumb

  • Finger Connection
  • Finger-Connection-Mini_thumb

  • Homerun Hitters
  • Home-Run-Hitters-Mini_thumb

  • Love Cupid
  • Love-Cupid-Mini_thumb

  • One Two Boat Racing
  • Boat-Racing-Mini_thumb

  • Pile Up! Bakery
  • Pile-Up-Bakery-Mini_thumb

  • Pinball Duel
  • Pinball-Duel-Mini_thumbnail

  • Ramen Heaven
  • Ramen-Heaven-Mini_thumb

  • Sheep Defence
  • Sheep-Defense-Mini_thumb

  • Sweet Reversi
  • Sweet-Reversi-Mini_thumb

  • Tonzurakko
  • TonZurakko_Minis_thumb

The Feel for Two collection will be available from Wednesday 26th May 2010 and all for the great value price of € 3.99/ £3.19

Here’s hoping you all enjoy a slice of Tokyo Madness.


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Uh, 3.99€ individually… youre right its utter tokyo madness. Wrap them all up and charge that for the bundle and suddenly it makes sense.

KC-alpha-14 24 May, 2010 @ 15:44

Alot of new minis there.. Good announcement and good to see people supporting minis. Thanks for heads up Gav.

imajinetion 24 May, 2010 @ 15:46

So let me get this straight, all these 12 minis will come this wednesday?

Ursinho, I think it’s 3.99 euro for all of them! Read: “and all for the great value price of € 3.99/ £3.19”


Pac Man CE ready yet? Or any 2D scrolling shooters? Or are we doomed to iPhone ports for the rest of time?


If your right then its not bad at all IMHO and i think u must be, cause googling i went about the only title which even remotely interests me, the “pinball duel”. I found this “bad, even for $1.99” review at IGN. $1.99, i mean SCEE wouldnt rob us with double price, right? so u must be right.

Ragnarok-NZ 24 May, 2010 @ 18:58

Finally, another PSN customer interested in Pac-man C.E.!
Now if we can get more people to comment on the blog about the game, hopefully Namco will take note and [finally] release the game!

Gavin Russell 25 May, 2010 @ 10:54

@ Ursinho

I can confirm that all 12 titles are being bundled for € 3.99/ £3.19. Utter Tokyo Madness??.. Maybe so… :)

The titles are sold differently in the US – this would explain the google references.
I would however, suggest that you give the full list of titles a go, as I believe that you may be pleasantly surprised by more than Pinball Duel…

@ imajinetion

Yes – all 12 available this Wednesday. We’re only sellling the titles as a bundle.


M3RL1NS_N3M3S1S 25 May, 2010 @ 13:12

Do these titles also offer a single player experience?

Gavin Russell 25 May, 2010 @ 13:59


The games are built with mulitplayer gameplay in mind.



Today is Wednesday, where are the games?

Cool I am geting this on my birthday May 30th

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