Hustle Kings Winners

Hello everybody !

Well done to all participants to the Hustle Kings Nine Ball Clearance Competition !
We are very pleased to see that so many people joined and took the challenge.
Thank you for uploading your great 9-ball match shots on You-Tube, it’s now time to finally announce the winners …..

Roll of drums ….

Congratulations to “”Pudds”” who got the highest scores ( 27400 points!!! ) with a really impressive performance !
As promised, we are going to reward him with a fantastic 46″” Full HD Bravia TV !

Sony Bravia

Check out the winner’s perfomance video – very professional touch ! ;-)

And here the 4 runners-up who will soon receive a PSN wallet top up for the equivalent of € 50

2 position : Andy_616 with 26700 points

3 position: Busysignal_1 with 25800 points

4 position:
Naeeni with 25200 points

5 position: chinese_dude with 24500 points

WELL DONE everybody! Remember to keep your eyes on PlayStation Blog for more news on Hustle Kings !
Keep on playing with us! :-)

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Well done to the winner. Best Pool game ever(i think) & Nice TV to! :)

is that the EX603 or 703? and if im completly wrong what model is it thanks

The EX703 :) thankyou hustle kings,can’t wait to get the new tv.
Snooker is gonna look fantastic on it and hopefully the world cup will ;)

chinese_dude 24 May, 2010 @ 19:22

Thanks voofoo. Hustle Kings is a great game and i really enjoy playing it and taking part in the competition.
The £50 will come in handy, first purchase is going to be the snooker add on dlc.
Well done all who took part. Enjoy your new hdtv Pudds, it really does make a difference in hd.

Well played mate.

RustyBullit 02 June, 2010 @ 09:12

well done guys unfortunately i missed this competition, im wondering if theres going to be anything like this for the people who play with no lines? After all ive been playing no lined games from day 1, if i knew there was gonna be this kind of competition i would of got some (long line) practice in, again well done people!!

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