Digital Comics Store Update (26th May 2010)

Happy Wednesday everybody! This week we have two free comics, one new publisher, two lots of audio commentary and one God with a big hammer.

Digital Comics Store Update (25th May 2010)

Liquid Comics are the latest publisher to release their comics on the Digital Comics store. Originally known as Virgin Comics, and founded by Sir Richard Branson, they focus on collaborating with creative talent from around the world. Filmmakers, writers and musicians including John Woo, Guy Ritchie, Shehar Kapur & Garth Ennis have all worked with them.

If you’d like a taster then you can download Snakewoman #0 and Ramayan 3392 AD: Origins for FREE.

Or why not buy Zombie Broadway #1 written by Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics fame) which tells the story of a zombie outbreak in New York that can only be quelled by the song and dance of the Broadway stage. I kid you not.

There are two comics from IDW this week, the brilliant Zombies vs Robots: Aventure #3 (my favourite series at the moment) and the awesome Eternal Decent #2. Both are worth buying and both come with audio commentary.

Finally from Marvel, we have the first 6 issues of Thor (2007)

Here’s the full list:

2000AD Prog #16812000AD18+
Ani-Max #1Liquid Comics9+
Atomic Robo Vol.3: Shadow From Beyond Time #3Red 5 Comics9+
Beyond #1Liquid Comics17+
Criminal (2006) #7: Lawless #2Icon18+
Devi #1Liquid Comics12+
Eat The Dead #1Liquid Comics17+
Eternal Descent #2IDW15+
Incognito (2008) #6Icon18+
Mickey Mouse and the Sword of Ice #1Disney3+
Mickey Mouse and the Sword of Ice #2Disney3+
Mickey Mouse and the Sword of Ice #3Disney3+
Ramayan 3392 AD #1Liquid Comics12+
Ramayan 3392 AD: Origins (FREE)Liquid Comics12+
Snakewoman #0 (FREE)Liquid Comics17+
Snakewoman #1Liquid Comics17+
The Lexian Chronicles #5Markosia12+
The Sadhu #1Liquid Comics17+
Thor (2007) #1-#6Marvel12+
Virulents #1Liquid Comics17+
Walk-In #1Liquid Comics17+
Zombie Broadway #1Liquid Comics17+
Zombies vs Robots: Aventure #3IDW17+

New Zealand will also get Toy Story 3 this week.

As always, check out to see the prices in your currency, view the whole catalogue, take part in the forum and read up on other Digital Comics news.

12 Author replies
Shadowdragoon 26 May, 2010 @ 13:04

This time I am realy curious, Last week you replied that some of the stuff I mentioned was on the horizon. What ones of Norway/Rest of Europe, Crossregion gifting and PS3 reader is it? (hope this also counts as asking for these features) ;)

And, as it is based on the Movie store, will they keep English versions of comics and localised seperated?
Do we also get the same 4 free codes that the English stores got? and the same 17 free Comics? ;)

And, today, I really have had to check more, as I fear(ed) that youd update on a different time to try to prevent me to get a early post. ;)


Hello again! The earlier post didn’t catch you out! So many questions, I’ll answer the ones I can.
When we finally open some more stores across Europe we are planning on having an English language section alongside local & translated comics. This way you have a choice. In fact, you may have more comics than us! We’ll also do our best to ensure that these stores have a selection of free comics to enjoy.

mitch_uk_psn 26 May, 2010 @ 13:08

The Liquid Comics selection looks intriguing.

Is Cages issue 4 due anytime soon?

Pauline Martyn 26 May, 2010 @ 13:49

It’s pretty good! The art is beautiful and they are a bit different – check them out. Two of them are free too, so no excuse. :-)

i want this feature in germany :(


So do we


Will there be any Manga coming to the comics store?


Yes. There’s Vampire Hunter D on the store already. But there’ll be more at some point.


thor? im in! yaaay. any chance of some punisher or max punisher? hack/slash would be ace aswell

Pauline Martyn 26 May, 2010 @ 13:53

Thor’s pretty cool. :-)
No Max Punisher or hack/Slash in the pipeline yet I’m afraid – but as you know new stuff comes in all the time so who knows…

Hey Pete; Thanks for a really good answer on the last post. It cleared some stuff up atleast! I hope i didn’t come of as too cross with you guys, but this stuff is always frustrationg =)

The thing with the local SCE office is a good idea; do you have any contact info for the local Norway office? Im not sure if we even have one :)

Do you control the twitter account as well? If so, we have had this conversation before ;)


no worries :-) It is frustrating at times. I do control the twitter account too – I remember you now! Is there no contact info at ?

ooh freebies :)
i may be wrong here but i’m sure i saw some of those liquid comics titles released under the virgin comics label.
any update on the possibility of some sort of preview of the books?
lastly, do you know when the next sonic and transformers ongoing issues will be released?

Pauline Martyn 26 May, 2010 @ 13:51

That’s right – they used to be Virgin.
We’re working on the preview function, we also think it would be very useful… Stay tuned!
No Sonic planned yet (I hope I contradict myself on this soon!), but we’ll be adding a few Transformers comics soon.

Shadowdragoon 26 May, 2010 @ 13:54

Was meaning more like it being [Game] [Comic(English)] [Comic(%Localcountry%)] choose option. LIke the British store have [Game] [Comic] option now? [] to show it as button in the store. or will it all be under [Comics]?


It’s all theoretical at the moment as we have no commitment from the relevant teams that it is possible. However I’d imagine it would be a top level category within the comics section of the store. It would not be on the same level as Game / Video / Comic. I really hope this happens!

Darkscorpius 26 May, 2010 @ 14:05

Sweet, free stuff is always good, as is the addition of a new publisher. I’ll be checking those out and I’m glad Eternal Descent #2 is finally out, been waiting forever for that one.

Shadowdragoon 26 May, 2010 @ 14:11

Nice. Really looking forward to it. My bank-account not so much. ;)


Thor? Brill! I new to the whole Marvel thing but really enjoyed Civil War and then started reading Captain America.
What series would you suggest to someone who really enjoyed Kick-Ass as a standalone story?
Finally any chance DC is coming on board? (Someone had to ask!)


That’s a tough one, Kick-Ass is rather unique! If it’s the self contained story part you like you could try the Old Man Logan story arc in Wolverine. It starts here: Wolverine (2003) #66 : Old Man Logan #1. Or maybe try the 5 part Marvel Zombies mini series? If it’s the violence try the other comics by Icon (who published Kick-Ass). Or even some Zombies vs Robots. Hope that helps!?!

AaronSOLDIER 26 May, 2010 @ 16:00

More Manga! More Manga! More Manga!!!

PS3 Reader please………..Yawn……


What’s most goriest comic you have on store, Peter?


Kick-Ass, by a long way.

When is Dragon Age #2 coming? Also the next Locke & Key? & while i’m at it, put me down for a PS3 reader please :D


We have caught up with the print run for both those comics, so we have to wait along with every one else. I’m dying to see how Crown of Shadows concludes!

@Pete, Ritual is pretty gory too, I’d argue moreso since the killings are very gruesome

Also, since you can’t tell us when Crown of Shadows 6 releases, can you tell us when we’ll know the ‘surprise’ ;)


Hey Zoibie. Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about Ritual. You are right, it is gruesome!
As for the surprise, I hope we haven’t built it up too much! I’m not sure of the details yet, but when I know I’ll certainly mention it here and on Twitter.

Ravenblade86 26 May, 2010 @ 19:29

@14 EpicMcDude, Slaine is also pretty gory, and it has mind blowing art!

@15 Slarth, I was asking IDW on twitter when we would see the next issue of Dragon Age and I think they said it wouldn’t be out until July.

Great to see some Thor on the store, thats the Marvel character I’ve been bugging you about since launch Pete lol. Shall be picking that up along with Atomic Robo, 2000AD Prog, The Lexian Chronicles and Eternal Descent. Looking forward to reading issue 2 of Eternal Descent, the first issue was very good and the audio commentary really was on another level.

Shall have to check out what Liquid are offering, can’t say that I’ve ever read anything from them.

By the way, any sort of update on what’s going on with the iVerse content? Namely Neozoic from Red5 and anything at all from Image?

Shadowdragoon 26 May, 2010 @ 19:57

Pete, I am not sure where on the the contact info would be, but under om oss (about us) there is only the following info: Registrert adresse

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited
10 Great Marlborough Street
United Kingdom
Company no. 327779
UK VAT no. GB 760 9739 93

Don’t seem like a wery Norwegian adress does it? ;)

What happened to the Sonic comics??? Don’t leave me hanging on issue 3!!!

da-wolfdude 30 May, 2010 @ 15:01

Man I am so addicted to my psp.. So when/if (realy hope it’s a mater of when) the reader launches for scandinavia/sweden I’ll empty my out my money in like 10 sec =P

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