Presenting The First Killzone 3 Trailer

Hi all,

As you are probably aware of by now, Killzone 3 was announced last week. The sheer volume of positive feedback and enthusiasm we’ve received from you since then has been nothing short of overwhelming.

While it’s wonderful to get such feedback on your first showing, we’re hoping to top it in the upcoming weeks. To this end, I’m happy to announce that we’ve prepared not one, but two Killzone 3 trailers for your viewing pleasure.

First off we have a dark, stylish teaser trailer that highlights our new brutal melee combat system. It goes live now in conjunction with the new release of website. now has a Hub for all the hi-res, hi-def Killzone 3 content that you would ever want.

Secondly, the first official gameplay trailer is right around the corner. Pretty soon we will be showing you a first glimpse of the in-game action Killzone 3 has in store. So keep an eye out!

Don’t miss out on either of these trailers, and remember to stop by frequently for the latest Killzone 3 news!


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Sweet baby jesus!

Awesome! Thanks!

imajinetion 03 June, 2010 @ 17:03

I know going into details is probably under embargo, but will KZ3 have some presence on E3?


Hi all, I’m right here to answer questions. Let me know what you think of the Teaser. We are quite curious what you guys think of it!


Will KZ3 be at E3?


What’s up with the red cross beneath the ISA logo on his uniform? ;)

StrykerIsland 03 June, 2010 @ 17:06

Looks fantastic. Is this teaser real-time?

Awesome trailer, looking forward to seeing the first gameplay trailer too :D

Any chance that these trailers will be on the PlayStation Store next week?


I don’t know about the PSN Store, I’ll ask. But yeah, the first gameplay trailer will be revealed soon. Keep an eye out on the PS Blog and

ShowerMan23 03 June, 2010 @ 17:06

The trailer looks awesome I wish it was gameplay I wonder if we get to be helgast for a change


you expecting a Q4 2010 release or late next year?

also i can haz beta? xD


Thanks for the positive remarks! We are very happy to finally be able to talk about Killzone 3.

will you put more emphasize of the story. i want more infos about helghan and the whole universe.

keep up the good work!


Story is a big focus point for Killzone 3. we are concentrating more on the Helghan side of the conflict. We will be supplying you with more info on that in the upcoming months.

Ahussain_90 03 June, 2010 @ 17:09

Wow, I never bought K2 but this looks f**king amazing!! This trailer needs to go on PSN store. Make it so.

It is so EPIC that the caps were necessary.

I do have few questions:
Q1) Will the new Melee system be actually part of the multiplayer experience?

Q2) I am fully aware that it is too early to ask about an online Beta phase, but if it were to be launched, will it be running in 3D ?

Q3) Can i have a copy?



Love the Teaser, this Close Combat stuff will be available in the Game!? Like kicking in faces and ripping helmets off? WOOT.
Looking forward anyways…
Greetz Cougar


Yes, we do have a new Close Combat system in game. That’s why we were able to make this teaser with in-game animations :)

wardragon989 03 June, 2010 @ 17:10

Ah so that second one is that one shown at the SPIKE E3 event correct?

Anyway is what showing here symbolism or actual events that could happen?

1. Will the clan system be making a return (perhaps even with some tweaks?)
2. Will there be any reward, in terms of MP, for people that reached the 100000 points mark in KZ2?

A full reply would be nice, but if you can’t say anything please show that you’ve read this! :)


Sorry guys, we can’t start talking about Multiplayer yet. It will be awesome, but you’re going to have to wait a bit for the info on that. Soon, I promise.


One of the best teasers I have seen.

I take it Sev is using the mask to not suffer any untoward effects to his health because of the Helghan environment. Would make for some great stealth sections though.

You’ve mentioned in the media released thus far that the stories quality will improve. Will we get to see Helghan family life and the more compassionate side of the Helghast. They aren’t the Nazi’s that KZ2 made them out to be. They were a very oppressed people.

Thanks for answering in advance. Day one.

Ahussain_90 03 June, 2010 @ 17:13

Btw was that Sev? Man he looks like he’s through some rough times lol. I hope these are the ingame models for K3!!


Yep, that’s Sev. And yes he is having some hard times. What do you think being stranded on an alien planet with hostile environment does to a man?


I’ve got an idea that would be relatively easy to implement that could add a new dimension to Killzone. Its about getting more compassion into what is otherwise a brutal war.

Link below. (Might need to copy and paste the URL)


Could I ask about the tease regarding Sev putting on the Helghast helmet at the end, will there be some form of infiltration?


the new Close Combat system is also in the MP?

patatdrolleke83 03 June, 2010 @ 17:18

Can you please tell us about the KZ3 story? So Sev is going to be a Helghast?


We will play from the red-eye vision?
That is Shev of Killzone 2?

Thankyou and good luck ;)

Loving the style!

Can we get the GamePro magazine cover art as 1080p wallpaper please?


Theres only one facialexpression which can describe how I felt watching that trailer… and that expression is…


With a little bit of…



Lagspike_exe 03 June, 2010 @ 17:24

Hey, Aryeh, I have a question regarding the campaign… Will it have any form of co-op and is there any chance we might experience the Helghast side of the story? ;)



We will be seeing more of the Helghast side of the story. More details about the campaign will follow in the coming months.


I’ve played KZ2 for over 700+hours total and loved it.

I pray KZ3 has dedicated servers though, in my opinion all Sony first party online titles should use dedicated servers. Sony should be reaising the standard and setting an example in this regard. That’s what Sony does very well usually.

Looking forward to KZ3 more than any other game and hopefully it’ll have co-op, and as far as CG teaser trailers go, most are terrible, but this is just amazing. It’s art.


nothing about the date? D:

oh and since its gonna be in 3D i demand a Special edition with a 3D case like ratchet and clanks!


2011 yay :) We will forward your 3D Case request to the appropriate people…


Will we be getting in insight into what Hakha and Luger have been up since Killzone Liberation?

You’ve managed to kill off the best characters (Temp, Visari etc) and leave the worst (Rico)!

Awesome awesome teaser.

Is the 3D just going to be for the new 3DTVs that have come out?
Or will it also be supported on current HDTVs?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

PintSizedPurple 03 June, 2010 @ 17:25

Will the Downie cannon make a presence in Killzone 3?

Does this mean that you have to use Helghast Helmets to survive?


Hmm… does this footage suggest some sort of covert ops, disguised as the enemy type gameplay? After all, why make melee combat a focus when guns are so effective?


We want to embellish on different playing styles. Some people play tactical. Some people run and gun. An improvement of the Close Combat system works out well for everyone.


The Killzone 2 had some degree of structural destruction, will Killzone 3 expand that destruction?

Awesome teaser.

The obvious question that come to mind (which you may not want to answer) is:

The fact that he wears the helmet at the end. Is it for some spy (sabotage) missions, or just that he has to wear it to protect himself from prolonged exposure to the environment?


I’m glad to hear the story will be getting more of a focus this time. I remember that, before Killzone 2 released, I spent an afternoon reading through the backstory that was posted on and was absolutely engrossed in it. I was a bit disappointed to see that the game’s story really didn’t incorporate or make reference to any of that rich preamble. Nonetheless, I found the latter part of KZ2 to be similarly wonderful, so I’m looking forward to seeing how the next one continues it.

The trailer is a tantalising little nugget, alright! The final image of the ISA soldier, presumably Sev, putting on that Helghast mask makes me wonder exactly what direction the plot’s going to go – as if KZ2’s ending wasn’t ambiguous enough! :D


Killzone 3 starts immediately after Killzone 2’s ending. I can’t Spoil anything yet though. :)

will the gameplay trailer show some diferent enviroments or will it only show that snow level?

don’t get me wrong, i want to see that snow level on motion, but i would love to see some of the diferent enviroments already!!! :D


Hello Aryeh and Guerilla!

A quick tech question, if you may answer:

We hear often how the SCEWWS share tech from their various games, will KZ3 be implementing the God of War 3 Anti Aliasing technique (which Littlebigplanet 2 will also be using)?

Many thanks and I cannot wait for KZ3! :)


Hi phleg,
Good question. We share a lot of inspiration with the other studios. But we all have our own Tech.

I sense Sev is going undercover!

Really sleak looking trailer. How long did it take you guys from start to finish making it?

P.S. Rico needs to die. ;)


The red-eyes, we have vision from within as HelGast?

TheBruceLeeRoy 03 June, 2010 @ 17:31

Aryeh Loeb thanks for great information its pushing my excitement into overdrive.
Quick question:

Is the teaser trailer rendered using the in-game engine like the bullet time commercial for KZ2 was?


The Teaser uses our own animations and is rendered in CG

JTStarkiller 03 June, 2010 @ 17:32

Online co-op, please. That’s what I want most. And great trailer!


Looks almost like the SFIV trailers with the artstyle… Just me? Ok.


please, take that smoke in huge multiplayer!
and put vehicle, do not do that it looks like battlefield

addyjones1234 03 June, 2010 @ 17:33

Looking awesome guys!

Make sure you do a special/collectors edition please!


So not this year!

Awwww D:

thanks for passing that on aswell ;)


Will this new melee system be more than just the usual “button press => animation” when you’re close to an enemy? Is it more interactive maybe?


The Close Combat system will be context sensitive. That means that the Helghast will die in new and spectacular ways

Will Sev have this awesome new beard in-game!?

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