3D Gaming Arrives On PlayStation 3

Tomorrow, there will be a special PlayStation Store update, which will usher in a new era of videogames where you can truly feel part of the action. By downloading the 3D Collection you can play WipEout HD, SuperStardust HD, PAIN and a MotorStorm Pacific Rift demo in amazing stereoscopic 3D.


You can download all four for the bargain price of €29.99 or pick them up for free when you buy a Sony Bravia 3D TV package. Of course, if you already own WipEout HD, SuperStardust HD or PAIN, there will be a free software update, so that you can play them in 3D

Here are a few words from Simon Benson, Senior Development Manager at Evolution Studios, on how stereoscopic 3D works and what it brings to videogames:

PlayStation 3 now supports Stereoscopic 3D, allowing games with 3D features to output two High Definition images at 60Hz when you connect your PS3 to a 3D TV.

As human beings, we see a slightly different view of the world from each of our eyes, and our brains analyse the differences to work out important cues – this is referred to as stereoscopic 3D. As humans, we evolved this ability due to naturally being predators, allowing us to hunt prey far more effectively, judging more accurately how far away things are and how fast they are moving.

We have taken this idea, so that you can now experience these same advantages in any PlayStation 3 game that supports Stereoscopic 3D features.

As you can see, stereoscopic 3D is not just a novelty; it is something that really makes a difference, particularly to games, and can even give you a competitive edge. Imaging playing a racing game such as MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and being able to judge when to break to avoid collisions, just like you can in a real car.

Many sports games are also perfect for Stereoscopic 3D. After all, how many sports can you play in the real world without 3D vision? Try closing one eye and hitting a ball… good luck! In a nutshell, stereoscopic 3D lets you look at games in the same way as you do the real world, taking them one step closer to reality.

Stereoscopic 3D is also the perfect partner to our new PlayStation Move motion controller. Imagine being able to interact with a game using a 3D controller whilst also viewing it in Stereoscopic 3D, effectively reaching into the screen. This is possibly the biggest gaming revolution in many years.

Stay tuned for more news and features on 3D gaming very soon.

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As i predicted the downtime was for 3d that most people cant afford or dont care about as its a gimmick . You guys must know not even 50 percent of people have even bought a hdtv yet and they are dirt cheap at like £200 and stuff so why you think people will pay 2 grand for a thing like 3d thats been about since 80s is beyond me . sorry but best of luck with not losing money on this especially with state the world is in with cuts .

Yer not interested one bit, mainly because I can’t afford it but also I suffer from severe migraines and viewing things in 3d really doesn’t help. Still for those who want it and can afford it, it will probably be good. Just not for me :(


An update was realised in april for 3D games so this downtime may not be for 3D.

JordanBlack68 09 June, 2010 @ 20:41

I don’t think the downtime is related, the PS3 is already 3D enabled

i hope it isnt anything to do with 3d but it seems like it tbh , could be to make sure everything works smoothly etc patch testing and stuff.


Here hoping the downtime is for a FW update, guess we will have to wait till tuesday.

Ive also heard rumours of downloadable Ps3 games too


people… sony just had a 3D presentation…
So this has nothing or only a slight bit to do with the downtime…


We know :)


Its ok, we knew already that the downtime wasnt for 3D

Anyway back on topic, I wish I could afford a 3D TV, but also from watching the gadget show, it will be a couple of years before I go 3D

just seen there was a guy on n4g comments who has made correct predictions before saying we will see what downtime is for tomorrow its defo something good . probs bs but he was right about other stuff so i dunno

xchris2008x 09 June, 2010 @ 21:02

This 3D crap is useless to most people.

iv just bought a HD tv about a year ago and im not going to throw hundreds more £’s on a 3D tv

its all over forums about 3d launch and saying games will be on store tomorrow in 3d , i just cant see this as a coincidence that psn is down and all this happens tomorrow for 3d . Yes i know 3d was patched in last fw but maybe store is getting a 3d games section in store and that is it


“After all, how many sports can you play in the real world without 3D vision? Try closing one eye and hitting a ball… good luck! In a nutshell, stereoscopic 3D lets you look at games in the same way as you do the real world, taking them one step closer to reality.”

I’m partially sighted and dont have any problems playing “real world sports games” but I will have problems playing 3D TV 3D games :-)


Yes 3D might be useless “now”
But this is just the start,
Of what will be the FUTURE of gaming.

All things start somewhere, take HDTV.
When It first started people said it was a “Gimmick” as well.
and not needed, now look at It!

3D will be the same, embrace It.

almighty-slayer 09 June, 2010 @ 22:01


No wait, i didn’t mean thanks…I meant no thanks. Sorry.


I tried Wipeout 3D HD at the last Tokyo Game Show, and i’m sorry but, 3D is not for me…

technofranki 09 June, 2010 @ 22:34

Will there be a 2D-switch on the 3D games?

Would be nice to have cheap anaglyph 3d option just to try out 3D games.

Definitely want to try it out, but that’s it really, I want to try it.
I don’t want to invest a fortune in early technology. Kudos to Sony for embracing 3D as I’m sure it’ll be all the rage, but it won’t hit homes till at least next summer I reckon. I know the “unpopular” argument was used for HDTVs at first, and they soon caught on, but HDTV got better quick, and as already mentioned there’s still a sizeable Standard Definition demographic.

danielmccue 09 June, 2010 @ 22:54

i want to jump in on the future of gaming :3D but at the current prices i cant buy one i have about £6 to my name right now :P

TheBussinessMan 09 June, 2010 @ 22:56

This looks really interesting, and I really would like to give it a go. But I don’t have a 3-D TV.
Has anyone else seen these PS4 vids?
I’m hopin it’s not a console, just a new direction, maybe with the 3-D and PS Move.
I can’t imagine a new console revealed yet, it would be contradict the PS3’s 10-year cycle plan.


Sorry Sony.
The masses truly don’t care {yet}. Your year end financials will be in the red and you’ll wonder why.

Much like Home, this is an idea badly executed.


Wow, don’t even have a 3D tv or even an HDTV. Too pricey.

Diablo_Rosso 09 June, 2010 @ 23:31

I think it’s too early for 3D.

Patches are live now. Downloaded v.5.00 for SSHD and 2.20 for WipEout HD.

Also, some of you…
Chicken, meet egg. There won’t be a 3DTV adoption without content (actually this is not entirely true as normal TV’s will become 3D capable even if that wasn’t part of your purchase decision). And there won’t be 3D content without 3DTV’s.

I will greatly enjoy jumping into 3D console gaming this month and 3D movies later on. Years before some of the skeptics here (also worth mentioning that I’ve been enjoying Nvidia 3D vision since last summer). Early adoption ftw.

That is great new. But I don´t have a 3D tv and I sure am not going to buy one for a long time because I already have got 2 large tv´s in my home.

RevolutionBlues 10 June, 2010 @ 00:24

Awesome. For the 27 people who have a 3D TV.

Jesus H Fricking Christ Sony, I can’t buy a 3D Bravia yet even if I wanted too. Left hand and right hand aren’t even attached to the same body…..

Carnivius_Prime 10 June, 2010 @ 00:26

Pass. If it’s anything like the 3D used in recent movies it doesn’t work with my eyes anyways it seems and just gives me one heck of a headache.

Sony should rename the PS3 to PS3D or Playstation 3D.

It fits and would probably sell more PS3(D) machines in this 3D times :)

The pople saying “no thanks” to 3D-tv is probably the same people that said “not thanks” to flatscreen hd-tv’s back in the days.

Remember people crying they dont need HD and they dont want to use money on it. Today most I know have 2 flatscreens….and they cant live without one.

Tested a Samsung 3D tv today actualy and the experience was WAY better then on the cinema. If the 3D makes my brain dive even deeper into the game…then im going 3D in a near future!

Thanks Sony for updating the PS3(D) :)

Respect for leading the way in S3D software on consoles which are more likely to be hooked up to a capable display.

Once S3D’s available in smaller HDTV’s I’ll make the jump. Eventually it’ll be a standard feature in all new TV’s.

This 3D fever… It’s not a matter of not being able to afford the “uber” TV you require to play these games… I just don’t see any advantage on 3D gaming… at all… it’s just a show… for the first 10 minutes, then either it hurts your eyes or just doesn’t add anything to the experience and we end up putting it aside…

Oh yeah, and cheers to Housemarque for upgrading Super Stardust HD even for those without a S3D TV. Version 5.00’s available now.

720p output has been upgraded with 4xMSAA.
1080p output has been upgraded from 1280×1080 to a full 1920×1080 pixels.
Split-screen has been upgraded from 30 to 60fps like the rest of the game.

I may be imagining it but some of the rock chip particles look more chunky. Some other tweaks may have been made.

3D, from the source material (movie/game), to the display/projector, to the glasses is not made equal. Unless you’ve experienced S3D with a well-reviewed TV, shutter glasses and movie/game, it’s silly to write-off the experience based on a weaker combination of the necessary components.

i was one of those people who resisted hdtv for a long time. nearly everyone i knew was buying plasmas and loved them. i doubt i’ll hold off quite as long for 3d. i will grab a 3d led as soon as the price drops a little. we all know it will pretty soon. i remember when plasma’s first came out, they were ~AU$10,000 for a decent unit. i paid $4500 for my first 50″ when it was on sale at over $1500 off. i am certainly looking forward to 3d especially Killzone 3!! that will be insane. i WILL have a 3d set by then ;)
thank you sony for being on top of your game and first console to implement 3d.


I still don’t have a HDTV but in about 2012 i will look into getting a sony bravia 3DTV because i can’t live with having killzone 3 in 2D!


I honest to god hope there is stuff in store for us who really don’t care for 3d. I bought my first HDTV only 4 months ago. So that’s a mitigating factor, add the fact that I just plain have no interest in wearing glasses.

3d has been around since the 50s, why should I care now? Hell I’d rather linux rereleased. that would be just awesome, keep ur 3d. give me other os.


Why are there so many people “angry” about this 3D stuff?

Sony are PIONEERS in this field, you should be happy/proud/whatever!

If nobody would take steps like this we would still have black ‘n white televisions…

And the prices arent that high. At the beginning of the HDTV age, supported tv’s were a LOT higher priced then the non-HDTVs.
Now with 3D, those tv’s prices come VERY close to the normal HDTV ones.


3D TV is amazing , expensive atm yes but it is truly amazing, We have both the samsung and panasonic 3dtvs in our shop and are selling 2/3 3d’s a week, which aint bad going considering the cost and shows that people are intersted in having something different. I would recomend anyone to go into there local electrical retailer and have a demo, I guarentee you wont come back on here and say you don’t care about 3d !


looks interesting and ill be suitably impressed when its mass market, every game uses it and its affordable.

i dont see anyone can justify nearly £3500 for a television that plays less than a handful of games, and no films in 3d.


That icon is a bit hideous and it will also fail TRC for the store as its not alpha’d on the corners

Apart from that bring on cheaper tv’s and 3d gaming

So this is Sonys vision for the future, this is why Gran Turismo 5 is being held back?
You pay anything up to 2 grand for a HD 3D LED TV get ONE pair of glasses so only ONE person in the family of 5 can watch your HD 3D LED TV,
Do we need 3d for the PS3?
Certainly not. Wasting time and money is not my idea of fun. I cant afford a Sony Bravia TV thats why I have a HD TV that cost me £499 36 months ago. I certainly dont have the moeny now 36 months later during this centuries biggest recession to purchase a HD 3D LED TV!! Let alone 3d programmed games. I fear Sony are going in the wrong direction for this.

elliotclem1 10 June, 2010 @ 10:03

Can we still purchase the 3d games bundle even if we don’t have 3d TV’s, surely you can still play the games in HD 2d? Is this correct?
Very attractive price tag, Wipeut and Motorstorm 2 alone total up to me about £29 so we’re basically getting Pain and superstar dust for free XD

elliotclem1 10 June, 2010 @ 10:06

Ow my bad just read Motorstorm 2 is just a single level demo lmao so I won’t be purchasing sorry :) So your getting people to pay for a demo? Since when has sony done this, hope this isn’t what’s going to start happening in the future.

swcoruscant 10 June, 2010 @ 10:11

I couldn’t care less about 3D really, not because it’s expensive but just because I don’t think it makes much difference – if anything, it’s an annoyance.


I’ll be a 3D Bravia owner within 1-2months yay ;-)

Just to rub it in i’ll probably buy the most expensive one ;-)

3D Yes please me do want now!

3D is great ! but who is going to buy it ? Today who have the money ?

FunFontaine 10 June, 2010 @ 10:59

I understand everyones frustration at the price of 3D technology.

However, this is cutting edge technology for the home and I’m grateful Sony are ahead of the game. I agree, I cannot afford to purchase a 3D TV yet, but I’ve seen the technology and I would love to play a full game in 3D. Sony has enabled me to do that when I can afford it. Im grateful to them for that.

Well done and thank you Sony!

I have one question:
I already own superstardust and wipeout, so i got the free 3D update (and all looks gorgeous), and i thought to buy separately PAIN…there’s no way to obtain the motorstorm demo, without being forced to buy (again) the whole package for 30 euros?

Pure_Mind_Games 10 June, 2010 @ 14:52

I was in curry’s last week and they had a 3DTV out, and it was great I was like “can’t to play WipEout HD in 3D”, I just wish my bedroom was big enough for a 40″ TV, saving the money isn’t a problem I just can’t sit far enough back from the TV in my bedroom.

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