Xyanide: Resurrection

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This is a quick blog post to inform you that Xyanide: Resurrection has released this month and is available for only £ 9.99 / € 9,99 in the PlayStation Store. Xyanide: Resurrection is an old school arcade-style shooter in 3D. The game has originally appeared on PlayStation 2 and PC. It takes the best elements from classic top-down and sidescrolling shoot ‘em ups and mixes them into a 3D environment filled with fantastically designed enemies and bosses.

XRPSPscreen004 XRPSPscreen003

In the game you play the role of a government executioner that has been sent into space to hunt down the evil witch Aguira. She can create alternate worlds and realities to hide in, which can result in crazy environments defying the rules of gravity, space and time. As the executioner Drake you’ll have to follow her through all the futuristic and fantastic environments she’ll suck you into, it will take a fully upgraded fighter ship to defeat her. It’s possible to upgrade your fighter with new parts to enhance performance. On top of that the game supports a 2 player ad-hoc multiplayer mode on PSP where you can go head to head with another player to link up combo’s and battle each other for the high score.

XRPSPscreen002 XRPSPscreen001

Please keep watching our blog and Facebook page for the latest updates regarding the game. I’m releasing new concept art for the game there weekly. We’re giving away hundreds of vouchers for a free download of the full Xyanide: Resurrection game on PSN. So, watch our webpages for a chance to get a free copy and full info on everything we’re planning to do with the game!

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how many shooters are they on the PSN? super stardust HD, Blast Factor, Astro Tripper, Everyday Shooter, Gravity Crash, Nucleus and Novastrike, how many more do we need? we should get a mixture of genres like rpgs or action adventures or something else, why shooters all the time?

Is this a PSP game or PS3 PSN game?

there aren’t enough shooters on psn!

OmieeZF-LIVE 21 June, 2010 @ 16:27

Sorry for asking this here but

does this confirm we will have a track editor and weather in GT5.
please some community member respond to this


i loved super stardust hd is there any other single player shooters as good as super stardust on psn store.


its a psp game, NOT a game you can play on your ps3.


Ok. Some facts:

– This game was released on UMD three years ago.
– There’s been a demo available on PSN for over two years.

Some opinion:

– This game is not very good.
– This game is not worth £1.99, never mind £9.99
– Sony’s support for PSP Go is a complete and utter joke.

flamingcarrot 21 June, 2010 @ 22:10

@ daffycare – I personally think that Everyday Shooter is an excellent game. It is my favourite PSN shooter, next to SSHD, and is priced pretty reasonably. I think there may be a demo available for it now as well. Worth giving it a go.

So we are back to the awesome 9.99$ -> 9,99€ thing?

Gawd this annoys me!


@ 8 thanks mate i’ll give it a go cheers.


@ Razordude

Well said!
You are my hero for the day.

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