PlayStation Home: Toy Story 3 And More!

The inner child in me went “squee!” when I first saw the personal space based on Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story 3. So it’s with much joy that I can confirm the much-asked-for “Andy’s Room” personal space releases this week! Upon entering the space you’ll be transported to the world of Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and the other toys owned by Andy Davis. Packed with mini-games and fun interactive elements, Andy’s Room is a must-have addition to your personal space collection. To get the ultimate experience, pick up a costume of one of the much-loved characters from the movie.

toy story 3 toy story 3

toy story 3 toy story 3

The Midway carnival space has proved a massive hit since release, with huge numbers of carnival rewards being picked up every day. This week we release the Trigger Happy In-A-Box arcade cabinet, which you’ll be able to place in any of your personal spaces to bring the fun of the carnival home. If you’ve already bought the key to unlock access to this cabinet in Darla’s Den, you’ll get a discount.

Elsewhere in Home, we have a large variety of new content available from the stores. Those who have previously picked up the Neptune Suite personal space will be delighted with the range of furniture items launching this week. This week’s collection includes seating and tables, such as the “Spider Legs collection” and some framed art for your walls.

Last week we released the first batch of Monkey Island 2 content to the stores. There’s more this week, expanding the range of piratical content with some great new headwear. Watch out for the bundle pack coming soon, which will include all of the Monkey Island 2 content. Talking about hats reminds me of hair … Visit the Playground store this week to go mad with a variety of ‘80s hairstyles!

MonkeyIsland 2

Last weekend we saw a surge in the population of red scorpions in the Sodium space. We’ve been warned to expect a similar population explosion this weekend, so make sure you have your stomp boots to help cull the population! With so many red scorpions around, this is the perfect opportunity to unlock upgraded stomp boots.

As some may have already seen on the Message of the Day, we will be removing the ability to buy balls for the Supa-Fun Robo-Goalie Time!! mini-game during Thursday’s maintenance. Those who still have balls, or bought balls recently, will have until July 29th to use them, when we remove this game to make way for a new feature. This won’t be the end for the Robo-Goalie though, he’ll return later this year.

Finally, as mentioned last week, the Hustle Kings event will be removed during maintenance.

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Looking forward to Toy Story space. Other than that, meh :(

Mattiebo123 14 July, 2010 @ 17:04

I want video footage of you going “squee” :P

Is there any plans to expand the EU clothing stores soon? I have started to spend more and more time on the US Home these days because there are so many more items and clothing to choose from – everyone looks different, everyone has their own self-expression yet in the EU Home we are starved for creativity. Everyone looks the same because there are so few clothing items.

Will we ever get some of the great items the US store has?

you guys are actually charging people to get trigger happy cabinet after all the cash we have ploughed into midway space WOW talk about getting MILKED

Alex Weekes 15 July, 2010 @ 11:06

The discount for those who have already bought the key to access the version in the *free* Darla’s Den personal space are receiving a large discount.


Thanks Thy for news!!!

-Any news for the next irem content?
-the ghostbusters space content?
-and namco space?

Alex Weekes 15 July, 2010 @ 07:52

Next Irem – soon, but can’t give an exact date.

Ghostbusters – I have yet to hear back.

Namco – also yet to hear anything solid.

Spidie_Pig_Rules 14 July, 2010 @ 17:11

Awesome work :D any updates on the hovercrafts alex ?

Alex Weekes 15 July, 2010 @ 07:56

Nothing at the moment I’m afraid.

TheSabreman 14 July, 2010 @ 17:15

Hi Thy,

Is the Waterfall Terrace apt any nearer to release or is it a no go for EU ?

alex we do you still not put prices of content in the blog post ?


Toy story & TS clothing= Defienet buy, For me a TS update =)

Carla_Birch 14 July, 2010 @ 17:22

Has the bug been fixed in Andys room that stopped some being albe to play the jump on bed game?

Alex Weekes 15 July, 2010 @ 08:00

I haven’t heard for sure, however I do know the developer is working on a fix. Same as for The Midway, the bug is related to aspect ratios so setting your PS3 to 16:9 will resolve it until the full fix arrives.

no doubt toy story suits will be around 5 quid each

Alex Weekes 15 July, 2010 @ 08:02

Not even close. We don’t charge anything like that much for any costumes.


Thylaudax any news on more Irem content?
Thank you


Thy, when the Playstation Home TV returns?

Alex Weekes 15 July, 2010 @ 08:08

We have no plans to bring this back at the current time.


Any news on Hovercrafts Thylaudax?
Thanks again


When the Monkey Island 2 bundle arrives, will it take into account any individual purchased items? And by that I mean a discount.

Alex Weekes 15 July, 2010 @ 08:09

No, however the bundle will provide significant savings compared to buying each item individually.


When will the LocoRoco Playland be completed?


Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *At the Toy Story space* :D

Also… I would like to request some Scott Pilgrim vs. The World content… o_0

If denied I shall send the league of evil ex’s after you… One by one… or maybe a two… *Who knows?* :o

I barely ever think stuff in home is cool… but this is cool…

That looks cool :) + i can’t wait to see Toy Story 3! + get it on Blu-ray to :P


When are we going to get the picture frames? Or how about playing music stored on our HDDs in our personal apartments?

Carnivius_Prime 14 July, 2010 @ 19:36

Guybrush’s outfit looks very cool. I may have to get that. Not a fan of Toy Story (i like the movies but not that much, still the best stuff pixar’s ever done though) though it seems PS3 owners who are fans get some good stuff with this and having Zurg as an exclusive in the proper game.

that guybrush doll thing has got evil scary eyes, you should put an age rating on it. :o

are we ever going to get the Bioshock Subject Delta outfit as opposed to just the helmet?

Nice update, my son will love the toy story personal space.

#1 said it better, Other then the personal space this week everything else is “meh” come on SCEE you run out of steam already?

Atleast tell us something thats coming we have no clue about, so that way you can get us excited about home again. These little updates are doing my head in

Come on, whats coming? give us a megaton!

BlueFox_884556 15 July, 2010 @ 07:55

I like ToyStory


@ 10, & the response to 10,
I thought both those bugs were fixed?
I read it on the US forum.

found the link;

Alex Weekes 15 July, 2010 @ 10:57

Doh … that hadn’t filtered across the pond to me – missed our usual weekly phone call and wasn’t in the office yesterday. Thanks for posting for us!


Thanks for the reply, I’ll hold off purchasing any Monkey Island 2 items until the bundle arrives.

Hey moderators, Would there be any picture frames being release yet and would be Driver San Franciso stuff released when the game comes out?

Jumping on the bed is actually pretty hard, any tips?

KC-alpha-14 15 July, 2010 @ 16:00

Alex, can you do more deals with game companies so when we unlock trophies we get home goodies.. This would be rewarding us for Playing on the games that pay your wages is it not?

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