New Kane & Lynch 2 Demo Coming To PlayStation Plus Subscribers On Monday

Update: To make sure all you Plus members can get hold of the early Kane and Lynch demo ASAP, we have now also added this to the Plus section of the Store for you to download.  If you don’t have it already then get on the Store and check this out now.

Greetings – just a quick note to give all of you some good news.

If any of you PlayStation Plus subscribers haven’t turned on your Automatic Downloads yet there’s never been a better time. From the Monday, 19th July the brand new, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days demo will be made available as a PlayStation Plus Push Demo. So not only will you get the chance to be among the first gamers to try out this new slice of Kane and Lynch mayhem, but you don’t even have to lift a finger to do it. What an age we live in…

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

And if you’re not yet a Plus subscriber, don’t despair. The demo will be made available to all our PlayStation Network users in next week’s Store publish on Wednesday, 21st July.

That’s all for now – enjoy!

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almighty-slayer 16 July, 2010 @ 18:04

Thank you Rossy! We love you :-)

Cool stuff. :)


wow 2 days early. was definately worth the £40 yearly subscription. lol

Bassie_1985 16 July, 2010 @ 18:09

kayne & lynch mmm rings a bell:-) long time ago, isn’t?:-D

@3/Dante_Zero: Exactly what I was thinking!

Still, it’s nice to see the ‘early demo’ thing coming into play – would be nicer if it was a week earlier as opposed to two days but still, early access, woo!

Ross McGrath 16 July, 2010 @ 18:14

Merely the first of many. :)

Great! Thanks much. :)

So what time will i need to turn my auto download feature on from



Hi is this for the german ps+ user, too?

Ross McGrath 16 July, 2010 @ 18:26

Hi Braccalone – I’m sure you’re aware of the legal issues surrounding free PEGI 18 content on the German store. We’re looking into exactly this issue and we’ll let you know the outcome asap.

@3: Take a chill pill. PlayStation Plus haven’t even been out for one month yet.


are you playstation + boys old enough for this game HAHA

Bassie_1985 16 July, 2010 @ 18:23


it is out for a while, I only have like 73 days left. Lol time flies :-D

Bassie_1985 16 July, 2010 @ 18:24


I feel like I’m 15, old enough? :-D ;-)


I won’t be able to download it manually? =(

Ross McGrath 16 July, 2010 @ 18:27

From Wednesday, you will be able to grab it manually from the Store.

lol geat news but 2 days early is pretty bad considering people pay 40 the same as xbox live and they had the demo last week lol

Ross McGrath 16 July, 2010 @ 18:29

I take your point, but the online servers for the Beta you’re referring to have been switched off. If you want to play Kane and Lynch 2 online from Monday, PlayStation Plus is the only way to go. ;) Or you can wait until Wednesday of course.

LicensedDealer 16 July, 2010 @ 18:27

Laraman congrats, you have won ignorant comment of the year.

WHY in hell would you want them to delay a game for normal users. I thought “PSN Plus isn’t going to effect what was currently available to normal PSN users”, this is basically the start of what looks like “PSN Live”

Doodylicious 16 July, 2010 @ 18:30

What time is this going to be available? I’ve got mine set between 02:00 and 04:00. So if this get’s released Monday afternoon/evening, that means it won’t download until Tuesday which is only one day before the store update.

Still, nice to hear “first of many” goodies coming our way early.

Bassie_1985 16 July, 2010 @ 18:30


Lol do you live on mars? Who pays, gets things earlier;-). And promises mean nothing in business ;-)

Super--Brad 16 July, 2010 @ 18:36

AWESOME! Thanks for the heads up Ross. ;)

Ross McGrath 16 July, 2010 @ 18:42

6.30pm on a Friday – home time I’m afraid. Have a great weekend everyone!

Uar2bePWNDagain 16 July, 2010 @ 18:50

Woah thanks !
I so expected this to be US only, then I read this post!
Great you’re supporting PS + this much, am very happy to be a subscriber!

RagingRaven874 16 July, 2010 @ 18:52

i have plus and i really dont care paying for demo’s i can understand beta’s because developers are looking for limited numbers but this is for promotional purposes. i would rather this demo be available for everyone which would be good for me because none of my friends have plus and this game doesn’t appeal to me playing single player


OK I need a confirmation :)

You wrote: The demo will be made available to ALL our PlayStation Network users in next week’s Store publish on Wednesday, 21st July.

But US blog wrote: The demo will also be published to the PlayStation Plus section of PlayStation Store during our weekly store publish on Tuesday 7/20. Again, this will be available ONLY FOR PlayStation Plus members.

So how is it? I don’t have PS+ so I’ll download demo on Wednesday, 21st July? Or……? :)


Great stuff, even if its two days WOO exclusive to us :)

Me thinks that if a Gran Turismo 5 demo came about it would be placed on PS +, is it with paying £40 a year for that sort of “exclusivity” to be honest no. I have looked at the “what you get for your loyalty” and to be honest no. I understand it does not suit certain people. I must be in that catergory.

Still I have no disrespect for others that have joined up to PSN +.

Don’t make ‘PSN’ like ‘xBox LIVE’ SONY

Not that i am to bothered about waiting 2 days extra for a demo really.

@Hentis: I believe i am also one of the ‘forgotten ones’ like yourself ;)
Perhaps PS+ will evolve to include us one day but ’til then i love the free PSN :b


I really hope that the demo will also be available in germany for plus user.

It says that this only goes for AE, AU, NZ, GB & IE, but I hope it doesn’t… Because this could actually make me buy a PS+-subscription, but if it doesn’t really count for my country then… Why should I?

Chaosprower 16 July, 2010 @ 20:05

The Automatic Downloads thing is bad done, I don’t want not to have control over my PS3 downloads, If for example I want the exclusive demo, I can’t just download it, Automatic Downloads will download random push demos even if I already have them (Heavy Rain).

I’m not very interested in PS+ if this is the only exclusive feature.



The funny thing is that a few hours ago I was thinking “When is the demo coming out for Kane and Lynch 2 ?”

This is gonna sound so stupid, but can i go to the store and download it manually, or do you need automatic downloads on? :”)

Bassie_1985 16 July, 2010 @ 21:13

I think they will send it via auto download monday and via psstore wednesday… so you can go to the store but not before wednesday, I think :-)


ok cool we plus users get something 2 days before the rest…

but uhhh anything else we get for the next month??

@15/LicensedDealer: I don’t want them to delay the game for normal users, in fact, it seems July 21st would be the date of the demo for normal users. What I’d like is to bring any future demos forward by a week for Playstation Plus users as one of the perks of being a Plus user is access to exclusive BETAs and early demos.

Far from ignorant and all I’m doing is requesting part of the perk I paid for.

The auto downloading service for PSN+ members NEEDS a HUGH upgrade! Right know I have been doing updates manually for many of may games? Should not auto downloading service update everything?! Fix this SONY!!


Ok, Its pretty stupid that we have to turn auto download on…
Why not put the demo in the ps+ section?
I don’t use auto download because it downloads all the stuff I don’t want.

Bloody_Marcel 16 July, 2010 @ 22:50

Agreed with FIGHTFULL.

This is beyond stupid.

I do wonder how they are going to notify unaware PS+ members that this demo is available to them (not everyone has auto-download on or reads this blog).

Are they gonna send emails? How are they gonna read like?

“Hey, this demo is available for you to download! But wait, you first need to do this and that in order to download it. And you will also download content you don’t even care about! Perhaps even before this demo!”

Average user: “uh?”

Jeez. Is is so hard to just put the thing on the Premium section? Auto download was meant to make things easier. Not more complicated.


Why are people acting like this is people not on PS+ being hard done by? You aren’t getting it later than usual, this doesn’t affect you in the slightest. It’s reward for those who are paying, not punishment for those who aren’t. Wednesday is the regular store update day, so you get it on Wednesday. What’s the problem?


I can wait two days..

Nice, this is what I like to read about PSN+. Even tho I think we could have gotten it a week or two before the rest of the PSN comunity.

But I recon you guys have alot of stuff planed in the future for PSN+.

Crossing my fingers for early access to games like Killzone 3, Uncharted 3 etc…

At what time should we have our automatic downloads sett to? What time should be the best to sett it to?

This is terrible and if you are a plus customer in germany you not even getting it.
It only services Sony so they´re servers don´t get stressed when all CUSTOMERS go and download it at once. This is the worst service ever..

The question here should be, is this demo any good?

Typical, the week I’m on holiday too. :(

Ah well, I guess it’ll be a nice Demo to try that’s ready for me as soon as I turn on my PS3 when I get back. :D

@43 Assuming it’s the same as the 360 demo, yeah it’s pretty decent. The mechanics aren’t the most original but the aesthetics are interesting; it certainly has the style down, substance is hard to gauge from a demo. It’s mechanically sound which is more than can be said for the first game!

The multiplayer modes seemed interesting but I didn’t get a chance to try them: I searched for games a few times but there were never enough people to start one, such are the perils of ‘exclusive’ multiplayer demos.

It’s actually really shocking the fact there’s a gulf in content difference when Europe and uk pay the most for psn plus . When cash is parted with for a service the content should be exact same amounts for each region and it’s just not the case with Sony And psn plus .

When will I get Ridge Racer 1 and 2 for my PSP Go? I bought it and it has been nothing but a huge waste of my hard earned money. Thank you.


Things like this do make Plus tempting though, hmm…

dangerouse85 17 July, 2010 @ 09:33

AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ and not in Germany. I can tell you that yet. I bitterly regret to buy PSN+. It has to be called RIP-off+. None 18+ Demos and Games, none every week update like US PSN+… just ridiculous.

Sorry for my english, but it had to be said…


you can’t blame sony for your country’s anti violence laws you guys get shafted because off that it’s was the same in australia for blu-ray games

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