Brand New Kung Fu LIVE Trailer

This is Teemu from the Virtual Air Guitar Company. I hope you are all having a great summer. For once, it’s burning hot, even in Finland, but nevertheless we are working hard on our new game Kung-Fu LIVE. It’s coming to PlayStation Store later this year, making it possible for all of you with some Bruce Lee spirit to engage in kicking ass in a whole new way.

Kung-Fu LIVE is a unique fighting adventure that uses the PlayStation Eye camera and our patented Freemotion technology to create a totally new playing experience. With accurate tracking and background removal, you are scanned into the game where your actual punches and kicks become part of the gameplay. Super human powers boost your performance so you can jump flips without actually making them, do epic jump kicks, shoot lightning from your hands and so on. You can even slow down time, Matrix style, and kick your opponents’ butts in slow motion. Yet, no pre-acquired martial arts skills are needed, but it IS a fun form of exercise as well.

The style of the game is a mix between realism and cartoons and is inspired by the Kung-Fu comics of the 70’s and 80’s. The story of the game takes you (yes, literally YOU – stay tuned for more on how this is done..) on a journey spanning from the real modern world to an ancient realm and back. You will be fighting against advanced and reactive AI ranging from small to gigantic enemies. Simply flailing about is not a winning strategy in this game.


You can also play single fights with up to five people at a time, where up to four people can control characters with gamepads and fight against the one in the game. It’s something we can’t wait to show off, and while this is still more of a unique hardcore fighter at heart, this is one of the features that really elevate its ‘party-game’ potential.

The player is integrated with the physics of the game world. He can therefore wreak havoc with boxes, rocks, trashcans and other objects by hurling them on top of his enemies. We also have some neat solutions that make it possible to move around inside the game world even though the game is played by staying within the camera’s view. Small movements in front of the camera will move you much further in the game world and you have several assisting powers that can be used for quickly covering longer distances. The game will contain platforming and larger levels as well.


We first announced the game in May with a playable sneak preview in New York. At E3 we demoed it to media and journalists. The reception from both gamers and journalists has been heart-warmingly awesome! You can check some of the highlights here, here, here and here.

So before the end of this year, I invite you to toss away the gamepad for a change and experience what it’s like to be Jackie Chan: punch, kick, jump and pummel your enemies into oblivion using your body as your only weapon.


I can’t wait to show you more of the stuff we are working on. If you are coming to Gamescom in Cologne, be sure to come by and try the game out in Hall 6 – open booth C-033. We’ll be there all day, every day. Costumed gamers are especially welcome! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more news and updates. And if you like the game, please give us a boost by liking us on Facebook!

Feel free to post questions about the game here. I’ll try to answer them as best I can.

P.S: Freemotion technology can make you extremely fit – just by playing a videogame. Any resulting six packs are unintentional.

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Carnivius_Prime 20 July, 2010 @ 15:14

Heh, I’m looking forward to giving this game a go.

This video is with only the playstation eye I think. Will the tracking be faster wen you also use a playstation move. This actually looks kinda slow. (I’d almost say, slow like Kinect)

Teemu Mäki-Patola 20 July, 2010 @ 15:53

Hi Nauraph,
You can see a brief player+tv shot in an older trailer at:

We have put a lot of effort to making it very reactive. Everyone who has played and commented on this have said that it feels highly reactive (as you can read from some of the articles/videos online). Gametesters have not mentioned feeling of lag. Personally I also think that you don’t really notice a lag playing the game. So I would like to say that there is probably less of it than somewhere else. :)

Teemu Mäki-Patola 20 July, 2010 @ 15:56

The player + tv shot (behind the video link) gives you the reference of the player while you also see the game. This video here was just screen capture without you seeing how quickly the game reacts to the player’s move.


Looks like fun. Would be great for this title to have some sort of screenshot function or youtube upload function to show off our kung fu moves to friends.

Teemu Mäki-Patola 20 July, 2010 @ 15:57

We are looking for different ways to get your comics out from PS3. Hopefully the feature will be in by the time of launch and you will at least be able to show you legendary comic book kung-fu shots to your friends.

TheMaxDaddy 20 July, 2010 @ 15:22

Looks like a good laugh Teemu. Funny trailer. Great to be able to justify my Playstation Eye with something other than EyePet! (It’s for my daughter. Honest.)

Teemu Mäki-Patola 20 July, 2010 @ 15:58

Heh! Many thanks for liking! Hope you enjoy the game!


So is move needed for this or just the PS EYE?

Teemu Mäki-Patola 20 July, 2010 @ 16:00

The game uses the just the camera (PSEye) also included in PS Move. The Move games will be focusing on hand based interaction. We are adding kicks and jump kicks to this broadening the available gameplay experiences for PS Move / PSEye owners. You need just the camera to play.


James! The videos not working on the PS3 :(

Teemu Mäki-Patola 20 July, 2010 @ 19:14

I üploaded the video onto YouTube here:

On older trailer was already there:

Hope that helps!

Stonesthrow 20 July, 2010 @ 15:31

lol this looks kinda fun..not into the whole casual motion experience but this looks ok for an afternoon of casual gaming :p

interview and more footage from E3 here.. looks like good fun!


ahhahah sweet :)


Nice to see some finnish developers here for a change! The game looks really interesting, day one purchase for sure, even if just to support you guys. ;P

Teemu Mäki-Patola 20 July, 2010 @ 16:03

Many thanks! Much appreciated.
Its a good deal: awesome fun with the price of a few beers. Hope you enjoy!

VictorAnalogy 20 July, 2010 @ 15:44

So when do *we* get that there demo then eh?

Teemu Mäki-Patola 20 July, 2010 @ 16:07

We have had two public hands on demos: first was at Gadget show in Birmingham in late April where about 1000 people played it and second was the public announcement of the game in New York where everyone was able to play it.
Next one will be at Gamescom Cologne August 18-22. If you will be there, be sure to stop by and try it out.
You can keep updated through the game’s webpage and Facebook page if more public demos will be coming. There will likely be some by the PSN launch.

Are you guys realy so excited about this game? It looks ok. “Just” ok.


I’m really looking forward to giving this a go.

I’m glad to hear you’re looking at exporting those comics.

SlipperyFella 20 July, 2010 @ 16:06

haha, looks pretty sweet, I particularly love the idea of planting yourself in the comics :D


when is this game being released cant wait to try it, thanks

Teemu Mäki-Patola 20 July, 2010 @ 16:32

Hi Daffycare,
coming out later this year (probably late October/November).

Thanks for the uplifting comments!

looks so awesome!
Though definately waiting for reviews on this one. Not just because PSN has emptied my wallet enough for the time being, but also it’s well known that if something looks too good to be true, it’s usually because it is.


lol great trailer


this looks great! the trailer’s cool guys, well done everybody, will get on day zero.

Teemu Mäki-Patola 20 July, 2010 @ 16:59

Hi Vaistrat!
Thanks for the support!

Smoutefretter_BE 20 July, 2010 @ 17:58

looks fun and finally a PSeye game!
prolly day one buy for me!

Looking good so far, love the way pictures of you are implemented into the story :D
One question though, do you have any estimates of price at the moment? If its not priced TOO highly then this looks like a fun party game :)

Teemu Mäki-Patola 20 July, 2010 @ 19:18

Hi Looy1,
price is still to be decided, but looks like it will be under 15 euros.

It works well for a party. Fun to watch as well as fun to play. And using the gamepads and 5 player multiplayer you can gang against the one on camera and try to beat the cr#p out of him/her ;)


This looks incredible, kung fu is just about the best thing ever. I can’t wait to have a go.

Teemu Mäki-Patola 20 July, 2010 @ 19:19

Hi Bllybtsn,
Great to hear!
Thanks for the support!

LordCartman 20 July, 2010 @ 19:42

This game looks great fun to play, especially if you’re drunk. Will definitely be picking this up. I am not sure my neighbours will be so happy, though.

James Gallagher 20 July, 2010 @ 21:23

Many thanks to Teemu for bringing your latest trailer to the Blog and being so active in the comments.

Teemu Mäki-Patola 20 July, 2010 @ 21:36

Hi James!
Many thanks for having us! It certainly was a pleasure!


Ha Ha, what a random game, but also cleverly designed at the same time.

Looks fun to play, wonder what it would be like to play if you were high :-P


This looks like great fun!
Thanks for the links to :)


Awesome fun with the price of a few beers?



Release Date????????? But it looks AWESOME, I wonder if the EyeToy is also compatible

I hope i hear about it!!

Teemu Mäki-Patola 21 July, 2010 @ 19:53

Hi Jordioa18,
will be released later this year. Late October/November timeline.
The new PSEye works (PSEye will also be bundled with PlayStation Move). It doesn’t support the old EyeToy.

This looks really AWESOME.. when will it be released.. it looks great..

Teemu Mäki-Patola 21 July, 2010 @ 19:54

Thanks for the support, MrLopes!
See the above answer for release date.



I’ve wondered about this since I heard you impose a skeleton on the user,is it possible in some way to fake z axis with the tech.Using what we know of human movement in combination with the IK skeleton,face tracking,possibly even Move or even a sort of virtual skin that streches around the vid feed of the user like 2 minutes into this vid

Teemu Mäki-Patola 21 July, 2010 @ 22:39

Hi vonhammer!
Thanks for the vid.
Its possible to fake it to certain degree. And with the Move controllers we could pretty much add the depth for everything. And that certainly interests us in the future.

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