minis Round Up: 21 July

Releasing today across all PlayStation Stores we have two great new minis titles: the icy puzzler Arctic Adventures Polar’s Puzzles and the hotly anticipated new title from Frima Studio, Young Thor. Check them out below.

Young Thor by Frima Studio

Young Thor

Frima Studio have already launched two minis titles, the brilliant Zombie Tycoon and Widgets Odyssey, but Young Thor could very well be their best yet. A fresh take on iconic Norse Mythology, the game has been inspired by some of the best action-platformers and beat-em up brawlers around.

Have you ever dreamed that nothing could stop you because of the prodigious power you wield, because you are a god? As Young Thor, god of thunder, unleash your fifteen devastating attacks and magical powers on the myriad of enemies that lurk in Midgard, the land of man, and in Asgard, land of the gods. Explore four vast environments in your quest for the eight artifacts that will help you defeat Hel and her two cursed allies, Ratatoskr and Nidhogg, and rescue the three Norns, Urd, Skuld and Verdandi. Prepare to embark on an epic journey to save the world tree, Yggdrasil, and with it, all life in both realms. It’s hammer time!

Young Thor For PlayStation.Blog

With over a dozen different attacks and special powers, 50 different in-game achievables to unlock and an addictive leveling and experience system that will let you strengthen your stats to level 99.

Built specifically for minis it looks and plays great on both PSP and PS3, so what are you waiting for?

For more info check out the game page on or take a look at

Arctic Adventures: Polar’s Puzzles by Eiconic Games Ltd.

Arctic Adventurers

If the heat of battle is not for you, then how about a cool puzzle game? If so, there is only one question you need to ask yourself – are you smarter than the average bear?

Arctic Adventures

Help Polar solve all 50 brain-freezing puzzle levels. Use snow, ice, metal and dynamite blocks to crack these conundrums. Achieve the Move and Time targets for each puzzle and collect all 150 Gold Stars.

The game includes over 20 hours of gameplay* spanning the Icy Wastes, across The Frozen Sea, through The Twilight Forest to the Edge of the World and on to the Oil Rig.

* Number of hours based on a normal human being; actual hours of gameplay may vary depending on the puzzle solving, ninja skills of the player.

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almighty-slayer 21 July, 2010 @ 14:09

Hmmmm Young Thor sounds good


nice update, thanks

Young Thor. Wooohooo!


“* Number of hours based on a normal human being; actual hours of gameplay may vary depending on the puzzle solving, ninja skills of the player.”

Are you questioning my Ninja skills???

I accept your challenge!


Considering your name I do not question your Ninja skills Dr Evil.


Minis save the store update day yet again (well, Sam & Max, too)! Thanks for the preview.

James Gallagher 21 July, 2010 @ 14:23

If you’re reading this post on your PS3 browser, you may have noticed that videos have been fixed. Thanks for your patience.

Ragnarok-NZ 21 July, 2010 @ 14:25

Adam/James…Pac-man Championship Edition? Pleaaaaase?
Any info? Something to keep my hopes up will do!


Hi Ragnarok-NZ – it is one the way. We hope to be able to confirm dates very soon.

icerules_91 21 July, 2010 @ 14:28

Both look quite fun may pick them up

Bassie_1985 21 July, 2010 @ 14:34

merde, I used my last 20€ to buy TMNT and C&C yesterday…

Young Thor looks like GOW. And I and GOW :-).


fly fu is rather pricey for the u.s and i take it eu too when ipod touch users get it for free hmmmm


It would be cool if you could incorporate user ratings on the PSP store as well, not just the PS3 store. I usually download minis with the PSP and user ratings might actually help with the purchase decision for older titles.


Hi AKGermany, there are user ratings on the Store in Media Go if you want to browse the PSP content that way

Carnivius_Prime 21 July, 2010 @ 15:19

Both look pretty cool. I’ll add them to my list of games I will purchase when i get some damn money. yup, that’s right, at moment I can’t even afford Minis. Oh well. birthday soon

Thor looks quite good, might also pick up Polars Puzzles.

ooh – just read the bit about the vids and ps3 browser – great news!

Helvedeshunden 21 July, 2010 @ 20:44

Young Thor looks quite impressive for a mini. Might have to give that a go. I still wish there were trials for everything, though. There’s so much I don’t even give a chance, because I can’t try before I buy.

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