Kingdom Hearts Special Edition

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know about a great Special Edition we’re planning to release to celebrate KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep launch on 10th September. There’s not long to wait now!
Here’s a picture of the box art for the Special Edition, I hope you like it.


As well as a copy of the game for PSP, there are two exclusive items that you’ll also get in this version:

If you don’t know what KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep is about (where have you been?), then check out the trailer below : )

The Special Edition is being distributed in UK, France, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Nordic countries, Benelux, Spain, Italy, Australia/New Zealand, Russia, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus.

Please do check availability with your friendly local retail outlet.

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but i have a PSP go….for now


Just ordered it.

I just had to cancel my order and get this before it was too late.

Omega932000 29 July, 2010 @ 14:07

Does Sweden count in as “nordic countries”?


Sweden does count as ‘Nordic countries’ Omega932000, so it will be available there too : )

Kotatsu2000 29 July, 2010 @ 14:11

How do PSP Go owners get these extras? Or does that get filed under the ‘PSP Go is dead, you’re a fool for buying one’ section?

Gah! Got all excited then. Thought it’d be an announcement for the original re-released to PS3.

flyingteddy 29 July, 2010 @ 14:16

Is the game cover itself the same as the regular version? Is this just an outer box containing the bonus material and game?


Hi flyingteddy, the artwork shown in the blog post is the outer box artwork. Inside you’ll get the hardcover artbook, art prints and copy of the game (the cover of this is the same as the regular version). Hope this helps!

looks nice

Wow, that looks great :D

Please, is this coming to the PSN. I only have a go now (my old PSP broke down) Pretty please, release this game on PSN (maybe even day and date with the retail release, that would be nice!)

European_Gamer 29 July, 2010 @ 14:17

Where’s the trailer? I don’t see it


is it coming out on PSN on launch date?

Just a heads up to Sony and Square Enix, if you re-released Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 in HD for the PS3 (Like you did with the God of War series), you’d probably make a LOT of money.


Good stuff. But as others have said, it will be released on PSN, right?
Any response would be appreciated.

SlipperyFella 29 July, 2010 @ 14:24

I want it just for the box

Only got a PSP a couple of weeks back – I’m guessing this is a “must have”?

Rob… You’re responding to the posts that don’t ask if the game will be released on PSN. At least tell us if it isn’t :(


Hi V_Ben, I know a lot of people are interested in whether Kingdom Hearts BBS will be on PlayStation Store, but I’m afraid there’s no news on this yet. Sorry!


Just pre-ordered, as a massive fan of Kingdom Hearts this is a must have. =D

Neo-Renzokuken 29 July, 2010 @ 14:37

Will this Special Eidtion be in a sturdy box and open up like the Dissidia Special Edition?


Is the special box of the hard cardboard variety, ala Dissidia and Crisis Core special editions, or the thin, nasty, cheap and ultimately unwanted flimsy “cardboard” affair ala FFXIII?


Will this be released on PSN too?

And if it will .. will the price be adjusted to show its a downloadable game? where u dont get cover/case whatever.

I hope its lower then the boxed version

supersmileydude 29 July, 2010 @ 14:52

PSN? i also have upgraded to a pspgo and gave my brother my old fat psp. i dont know if my fragile mind will cope with waiting beyond 10th sept for it!! :s

Thanks for the response Rob! Hopefully there’s some news on a PSN release at Gamescom :)

GrumpyMcGrump 29 July, 2010 @ 16:58

you just have to release it on the psn’s a big market and i only have a go. i think i would sell my psp if kingdom hearts wouldn’t be released on the store…

Yooohoooo!At last!The Special Edition looks amazing,thanks Square Enix!First-day purchase for me!:D

BBS for PSP Go, please?

they keep announcing psp games on the blog yet they never ever mention if it’s gonna be on the pspGO why bother posting it at all


Any chance there will be an LE BBS PSP Go?

Will this be coming to North America? I rather get this version over the special order decals….


The post says it related to IE.
Is this a confirmation that the special edition is coming to the Republic of Ireland?(ie..Included in the UK)

sonicspd145 29 July, 2010 @ 19:08

Honestly for the states i would love to buy this. but i guess that is a slim chance since the description for the special edition didn’t slate it for the states

I’d love to play this on my psp go…

Fluidic-Venus 29 July, 2010 @ 20:05

Must… own… now…

ProjectInfiniti 29 July, 2010 @ 20:27

This had BETTER be on PSN as this was my decision on making a suicide move of owning a Go and selling off my 2000.

Otherwise someone is going to get a nice disgusting present mailed to them. Seriously.

Tired of wondering when Sony and anyone else still supports the PSP Go.


hey hey

i just found my brithday pressie to myself \o/


Awesome – will buy, to be honest I would have waited if only the regular version was available because I have a big backlog on PSP, but these PSP Special Edition are really nice.
For the next game though – please drop the huge special edition crown print. I would think collector’s especially won’t want their cover art compromised by stuff like this.


When I have the money, I’ll definitely be getting this package.

Where can i order this online? I wan’t to import it. please tell meeee


So Rob, does this mean that we will not be seeing this pretty cool special edition here in Poland?


This ones going to be worth a little money in the future because of the disney association

I really want a psp go for the ten free games, but still love the 3000 for the special editions

nemesisND1derboy 30 July, 2010 @ 01:14

Hey man gotta say this looks really awesome and I want it! Ist it launching in Ireland as the included countries says IE however your post doesnt mention it…

Really looking forward to BBS!


I still hope this will be available on the psn, unlike Silent Hill Shattered Memories. Which I will have to buy off the US store, further inconveniencing me when I need to switch accounts.

This isn’t enough to be interested in buying hard copy, I still prefer digital right now even though I have a 3000 as I like my handheld gaming to be actually portable, and I want to keep my number of umds down.


I have both PSP 2004 and PSP GO but I prefer PSP GO it’s smaller and have bluetooth. If only games in digital version where cheaper since they don’t need box, manual, umd and all stuff related to this BUT they are usually 30% more expensive than versions from my local store it’s just sick.

The biggest problem to me is that I can’t transfer games from UMD to PSP Go, can’t SONY make some serial codes inside BOX version so you can download ONE and only ONE copy of the game from Store. I think it’s good idea because you always have a backup and/or version for PSP GO.

20 aussie bucks more for an Art book and a some Arts cards is a bit steep where’s the sound track

Shadowdragoon 30 July, 2010 @ 12:04

Quick question. Do you count Norway as Nordic country? ;)


Would you guys consider releasing a Kingdom Hearts Collection for the PS3? This would especially benefit European players since you could also throw in RE:Chain of Memories in the mix (this game was never released in Europe).

Indeed Andrefpvs, and lets add Final Mix to that whole package too :D

I’d love and I’d definatly lay down 150 euro’s if needed, IT IS NEEDED WHAT AM I SAYING, I NEED IT NOW XD.

daxterclankwii 31 July, 2010 @ 12:48

This special edition is very cool, but is there any possibility for a Kingdom Hearts-PSP Bundle in Europe?


i dont LIKE it, i freaking LOVE it :D

Leonard Nimoy and Mark Hamill :D


@ turbo-ff
probably not. it means that you downloaded the game and still have the UMD, witch you can sell for instance. you have 2 games in 1……
i think its a good idea if they just sell boxed whitout UMD but with a code so you can download the game. so you can still have a special edition or something :)

so…where can we order it online?

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