Gran Turismo 5 – Something Special

I am absolutely delighted to be able bring what will hopefully be very exciting news to those patiently (or impatiently) waiting for more information on Gran Turismo 5. During E3, our American colleagues unveiled their rather tasty looking Collector’s Edition. Today I can now confirm the special editions of Gran Turismo that will be heading Europe’s way later this year.

First up, we have a very special version of the game; one that, with its artfully sculpted exterior, glossy black finish and meticulously designed premium content, exemplifies everything the Gran Turismo brand has always stood for – beauty and precision.

Gran Turismo 5 - Something Special

This version of the game is known as the Signature Edition and the recommended retail price will be €179.99. It contains a whole host of exclusive additional content, which is listed below.

  • Metal sculpted box finished in SLS AMG Obsidian Black
  • Exclusive GT branded SLS AMG 1:43 model car
  • GT leather wallet containing Signature Edition competition entry card
  • Branded USB key with Polyphony/Mercedes-Benz trailer
  • GT branded metal key fob
  • Signature Edition coffee table book featuring the beautiful cars and locations of Gran Turismo 5
  • 200 page Apex drivers magazine with hints on driving technique, car tuning, future technologies and more

Gran Turismo 5 - Something SpecialGran Turismo 5 - Something Special

Gran Turismo 5 - Something SpecialGran Turismo 5 - Something Special

This is in addition to five ‘ChromeLine’ Collector’s Edition cars plus six ‘Stealth’ vehicles, both featuring enhanced performance and liveries and an exclusive dynamic theme.

A dazzling array of content, I’m sure you will agree, but what makes this very special of special editions, well…very special, is a rather unique competition. Those lucky enough to get their hands on the Signature Edition (quantities are going to be strictly limited) will be able to enter an extraordinary competition that will combine in-game and real world driving challenges – the prize at the end of these two stages? A real Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG supercar.


That’s right; through a combination of meeting challenges in-game within Gran Turismo 5 and then subsequently pulling all the right moves at the AMG Signature Edition driving school, you could win what Kazunori Yamauchi himself has called the “most exciting car in the world right now”.

To have a chance of getting your hands on the prize, you’re going to have to be 18 or over and hold a full driving licence. Full competition details will be made available at shortly.

The Signature Edition competition will be open to residents of the following countries;

UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Greece, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

It could well be time to get saving.

Next up for something slightly less exotic but certainly no less exciting, alongside the Signature Edition at launch we will be offering the Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition. This version of the game will have a recommended retail price of €79.99.

Gran Turismo 5 - Something Special

The Collector’s Edition features an exclusive commemorative #5 slip case. It also shares special edition inlay art with the Signature Edition.

What’s more, not only do you also get the same dynamic theme as in the Signature Edition, the same set of five ChromeLine vehicles, and also the Apex driver’s magazine, you also get five collectible artcards featuring beautifully rendered images carefully chosen by the team at Polyphony.

And if that lot hasn’t got you going then the final piece of the jigsaw just might. Alongside the special editions of the game, I can now unveil the 6 highly covetable pre-order cars that will be available in those countries with PlayStation Store.

All of the 6 pre-order vehicles in what Polyphony has titled the ‘Stealth’ range feature both performance and livery enhancements to give you that little extra edge in-game.

Here’s the line up:

Mazda 787B Stealth Model

Honda NSX GT500 Stealth Model

Audi R10 TDI Stealth Model

Nissan GT-R GT500 Stealth Model

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Stealth Model

McLaren F1 Stealth Model

I hope the exciting packages that we have unveiled here have whet your appetite for the fifth proper Gran Turismo game – so which special edition to choose? Decisions, decisions…

There will be more information to come on all of the above and of course plenty more news to come on Gran Turismo 5 itself. Without a doubt it’s going to appear here, at and on so keep checking back.

9 Author replies

Looking awesome, no, more than awesome. But 179 might be to much for me atm :(

I’m sold :) nice one. grab it first day!

addyjones1234 04 August, 2010 @ 09:51

OMG! Amazing, any UK pricing and retailer availability yet?

Holy Smokes ;-) I’m drooling now… The money is ready can i get it now?

Penrose Tackie 04 August, 2010 @ 10:18

Hello vicheous – not long to wait now :)

WOW, this looks awesome. Any chance this will be available in Poland??

Penrose Tackie 04 August, 2010 @ 10:27

Hello pawelgr5 – yes both the Signature Edition and Collector’s Edition will be available in Poland.

when and where?

Nice! But your joking on the price right? You can get a console for that price..


OMG OMG OMG getting that for sure

Actually WIN an SLS AMG?!?! OMFG best… prize… EVER!

WOW! I know what I’m getting my hubby for his birthday. Very nice :)

Penrose Tackie 04 August, 2010 @ 10:28

xHeatherx – I’m sure that will make him very happy :)

Awesome! :D


Signatures edition bit too expensive for me, but defo getting the Collectors edition of the game though!

Penrose Tackie 04 August, 2010 @ 10:22

Hi toolfan2007 – the Collector’s Edition is a great package also :)

Now this is news

looks good,i might have to get the collectors edition though,i dont know what that signature edition costs in english money but i think its prob more than what i can afford at the moment.i got two kids to feed sony lol


is about £150 when converted which is a bit much for a single game

Nice one Penrose.

Now make it a totally brilliant day and dish the dirt on the LBP 2 Collectors Edition. :)

Sorry, but not for that price
I’d happily pay £80 for the signature edition minus the model
but €180 is crazy

Alright! You’ve got me! I’m getting the signature edt :)

Penrose Tackie 04 August, 2010 @ 10:30

Hi Hamltn – glad to hear it, i’m sure you will have a lot of fun with it!


Any news on a LittleBigPlanet 2 Collectors Edition?

100€ for the extras of a leather wallet, a usb key (size???), a key fob and a litlle diecast model. It’s too expensive!!!
You will pay the prize for the contest, but i don’t have the skills for win the SLS.
Well, i try to find and buy one of this anyway.

Penrose Tackie 04 August, 2010 @ 10:32

Hello DarkDuex – with three different options hopefully you will find the best one for you, all will offer a great experience anyway!

To answer your question the USB is 4GB

I was wondering, it says quantity is strictly limited, how strictly are we talking?

VictorAnalogy 04 August, 2010 @ 10:28

Pre-ordered from Can. Not. Wait!


I pray, that Signature isn’t Amazon exclusive in Germany.


Great collector edition & great price too! I’m so happy ! For the first time we have a better package than the american !

What about the Ultimate Edition priced at about 200€ ?

How about a EU/UK release date?!?!?!?!?

How do the Pre-Order cars work?

Buy from any standard retailer and get the DLC through the store on or around release day? Details please.

not available in the netherlands?????

please….let this not be true….

i’ll import it then from the uk, but then i cant enter the competition i guess.

Sorry if this is a silly question, but:

The 6 “Stealth” vehicles, do they just come with the Sig Ed., or are people that have pre-ordered Collectors Ed’s supplied with a code to download them from the store free of charge as well?

Thanks. :)


Can you tell us anything about the dynamic theme?

I’d like to see a preview :).


Sorry I read too fast !

Pre-ordered the Signature Edition just now, can’t wait :D

So is it cheaper in thoose countries that cant join the competition?

I don’t care much for collector editions, but this has really got me tempted.

Awesome. I’ll definitley get the Collectors Edition.


Will the collectors edition also be available the Netherlands? i see a lot of country’s mentioned but not the Netherlands


How much is that in Pounds?

I will be getting one of these, For sure.

Decisions, decisions…Although the Signature Edition is very tempting I think I might just stick with my pre-ordered and paid for Collector’s Edition.

i cannot wait to get my hands on this badboy ill plonk £150 down for the sig edition without hesitation , can i ask though is the sig edition exclusive to GAME or will it be sold via other retailers too . thanks and excellent job with catering to your biggest fanbase .

Apart from wanting the cool looking Apex book,it’s just the standard version for me after seeing both packages.

Can we have a confirmed date please,or are we forced to wait for gamescom?

Think i might punt for the collectors edition that magazine looks like it might be intresting. Any chance for a UK price?

Also is there any news on a steering wheel?

flyingeagle666 04 August, 2010 @ 11:18

Great news that the GT5 collectors and signature editions are coming to the EU.

But when will we hear about the EU release date and EU collectors edition content for LBP2??

please answer because this is the 3rd time i have asked on the eu blog :'(

The Netherlands!!!



Game are already taking orders.

Penrose,Penrose,Penrose (hoping for a beetlejuice moment)I really need an answer mate,really really.

I’ve just seen the 6 us DLC cars

Shelby Cobra is the only car I want from GT5,I’d just drive that around the ring at night forever.I feared it was doomed to become a standard car after E3.But this is surly a premium model.

Will this be available in the EU at launch? I’ve got to know.

Very nice, very sleack packaging. I only wish SCEE would dump those awful big circle buttons on their boxarts. The purple one almost ruins an otherwise really classy box.

€180? Not a chance in hell.

The €80 Collector’s Edition on the other hand is more likely to join my collection :)

KatanaStrikes 04 August, 2010 @ 11:28

Penrose,(I believe we used to work for the same company in our past jobs?) can you confirm a release date for this in the UK?

Penrose Tackie 04 August, 2010 @ 12:12

Hello Katana how are you doing! – bear with us we will be confirming the release date shortly.

Rude_Sparthan 04 August, 2010 @ 11:29

just…. YEEEESSSS!!!! ;oD

heres hoping europe get gt5 released before the u.s as we are the franchises biggest userbase and buyers so please dont let us down by making us wait longer than our u.s counterparts for this penrose.

Thanks Penrose for the response!
I will buy the signature edition because I’m a fan of GT series.
I only say that is a bit expensive for the items that are included.

But, there are not a pack with Logitec driving wheel? A PS3 edition of G27 will be awesome.

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