PlayStation Home: The Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary!

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, and LucasArts are marking the occasion with their latest range of content for PlayStation Home. There’s so much cool stuff in this list I’m not quite sure where to start. How about the Mos Eisley Cantina public space? I suspect the floor space in front of the band is going to be filled, as they pump out their unique sounds.



Before you immerse yourself in Star Wars nostalgia in the Cantina, head for the stores to get yourself dressed to impress. Side with the Imperial forces by choosing either the Imperial Snowtrooper Suit or the AT-AT Pilot Suit. Join the Rebellion as a Rebel Snowspeeder Pilot, or become a key member of the Rebellion in the Han Solo Hoth Outfit, Leia Organa Hoth Outfit, Chewbacca Wookiee Costume or C-3PO Protocol Droid Costume.



That’s not all, as LucasArts have also provided us with some giveaways! Keep your eyes open in Home in the coming weeks to collect pieces of a special voucher code to receive a special item of furniture, and check the official forums over the coming weeks for details of other giveaways. Make sure to let us know of any Star Wars activities you may plan so we can drop by!

Say goodbye to the Robo-Goalie tonight, as he’ll be leaving us to be replaced by an all new, free mini-game: The Eliminator! Test your survival skills against an invisible hunter tracking you down on a series of platforms. Can you elude the Eliminator and outlast the competition to claim the top score? The Wise Man will also be heading back to his homeland following his brief visit.

Visit the Mui Mui Ship this week, where you’ll find the latest in the LocoRoco range of unusual head wear. They certainly know how to stand out from the crowd! Finally, drop by the Shopping Centre to view a replica model of the 125i BMW Performance car that can be won just by playing the blur demo available from PSN. For details, see this blog post.


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Nice Star Wars outfits XD

Mos Eisley better only have one song! Otherwise it won’t feel right :P.

Thylaudax, when’s our next batch of IREM content due?


There’s Irem Square related content right around the corner (so close I’ve got some blog text prepared already).

Hey Alex, when is the Killzone costume bux gonna get fixed?
It’s still present and it has been months since it was released :P


There are potential fixes being checked over currently. As to when they’ll be available, I can’t say currently. We’ve been this close several times already only to encounter new problems.


The Wookie costume shall be mine! :D

A nice update I think but something tells me that maybe another space missed the deadline ;)

Just a hunch :P

I can’t login to PS HOME =\

I get a error saying:

Connection To Server Was Lost
Z (9, -2)

No matter how much I reinstall it won’t work… Ideas?

The force is strong with you then Master Thylaudaxwalker

Hey, nice update:)

Hey Alex,

So how many of the Star Wars costumes out tomorrow are available to female users?


Han Solo is male only. Leia Organa is female only. The others are all available to both.


“Hey Alex, when is the Killzone costume bux gonna get fixed?
It’s still present and it has been months since it was released”

Good question!

Mine was sorted (well, I got a refund and re-bought after it was corrected), but I now have the female version of the helmet and boots, and male everything else. Really needs sorting.

Fluidic-Venus 04 August, 2010 @ 17:29

The Portuguese store is missing one PS+ mini. Can you do something about it?


You should address this to the PSN Store team, I can’t help.

Thanks Alex, thats great news :) glad I saved whats in my wallet for this weeks release.

Spidie_Pig_Rules 04 August, 2010 @ 17:35

i like thy but the BMW blur promotion is this coming to the shopping centre tommorrow aswell and were is the wisemans homeland ill have withdrawal symptons ill need to see the confuzing old geezer again :D


The BMW will be in the Shopping Centre tomorrow, yes.

Any idea when the Loco Roco Playland (as seen through the binoculars on the Mui Mui Ship) will be finished?


That’s not something I can share at the moment, I’m afraid.

Spidie_Pig_Rules 04 August, 2010 @ 17:52

WOOO GO BMW XD cheers thy :D

Very nice content this week, will the original track’s from the film be on or just some random music mixed up ?

Looks pretty good :D

30th Anniversary then… and no sign of any Star Wars BluRay releases? They waiting for the next disc format (holographic based media most likely) to be released or something?

30th Anniversary? You’re a little late arent you? Still better late than never. I would’ve loved for a Boba Fett costume though and the rest of the Bounty Hunter lineup from the movie as well as Vader, Yoda even Obi-Wan! You could’ve done the Altair thing and added his face onto it :P

hey Alex, the rss feed is STILL broken. Feedburner analysis shows the feed is not valid.

Hi alex

Love the update but could you help me i trying to find out if theres anyone i can contact about the gold ps3 for home i relized i didn’t have both boxes ticked to receive emails from sony so im wondering if theres a way to get the email re-sent (thats if i qulify & i was sent it to begin with) or if i qulify or do i have to wait for my 2nd year on psn?

Regards bluespook.

Thylaudax, when’s the MAG spaces due?

Thanks for the response earlier by the way


Unless something goes wrong, they’re due in the next few weeks.


Any idea when the 3D trophy room is coming?

Will there be any Star wars related mini games, in the public space?


OMG so cool!

+ I just know the furniture item is an R2-D2 model.

Quick give me the blaster the storm troopers are comming

no slave leia outfit? :(


I don’t like star wars so this is all fuzz to me -_-

Alex, please, while direct PSN support is non existing and it seems you’re one and only moderator who is here now, can you look at Blur demo competition issues on Czech and Polish PSN store? Thank you.


Star wars stuff great ive seen people walkin round dressed as aliens and predators any idea where 2 get that gear??


Omg Star Wars!! This looks worth reinstalling Home for!

I love to see the once promissed trophies room.
Any word on that?


Any idea when we’re going to see massive disparity in DLC between US Home and EU Home close?

ABOOODY-KSA-2010 19 August, 2010 @ 20:25

klo z8 kbr raskm

OoRocky_KSAoO 20 August, 2010 @ 02:29


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ok i like last version

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