Digital Comics Store Update (11th August 2010)

Hello everybody! It’s time to have a look at this week’s new digital comics.


DC Comics release the first two issues of one of my favourite comics series Y: The Last Man. If you’ve not heard about it the premise is simple. A mysterious plague has killed every man (& beast) on earth except Yorick Brown and his pet monkey. Now this may sound like a good thing for Yorick as it’ll be up to him to repopulate the human race… But the world he wakes up to is a confused & dangerous one; there are even some women who call themselves the Amazons claiming that nature wiped out the oppressive men so that the fairer sex could take over the world. Brian K. Vaughan (Runaways) has created a wonderful, thought provoking series and I recommend it to you all.

DC also bring you a free copy of Safe Inside (Zuda) and we start a new series of Green Lantern: No Fear.

From Marvel this week we have all 5 issues of Venom: Dark Origin in which we discover the true twisted roots that gave rise to a lifetime of malevolence for Eddie Brock.

We also see the first issue of a book that follows the exploits of a gun-wielding monkey assassin. The simian witnesses the destruction of his tribe at the hands of a bunch of armed men. With no family and no home, the only thing left for him to do was avenge his fallen brothers. “And thus the legend was born. A killer of killers, forever to be known… as Hit-Monkey”

Finally don’t miss the 3rd issue of Eternal Descent From IDW.

  • 2000AD Prog #1692 2000AD
  • Archie #606 Archie Comics
  • The Authority #5 DC Comics
  • Bayou #7 DC Comics
  • Breathe #2 Markosia
  • Deadly #2 DC Comics
  • DMZ #17 DC Comics
  • Eternal Descent #3 IDW
  • Ex Machina #4 DC Comics
  • Fables #19 DC Comics
  • Gen13 #25 DC Comics
  • Green Lantern: No Fear #1 DC Comics
  • Growing Up Enchanted #1 Markosia
  • Hit-Monkey (2010) #1 Marvel
  • Jonah Hex #17 DC Comics
  • Mickey Kid and Goofy Six Shots #1 & #2 Disney Digicomics
  • The Murder of King Tut #2 IDW
  • Mystery Society #2 IDW
  • Planetary #6 DC Comics
  • Powers (2000) #19 & #20 Icon
  • Powers (2000) AnnualIcon
  • Rockerduck and the Summer of Revenge Disney Digicomics
  • Safe Inside DC Comics
  • Scrooge McDuck and the Awesome Crawling Sand Disney Digicomics
  • Stormwatch PHD #17 DC Comics
  • Venom: Dark Origin (2008) #1-#5 Marvel
  • Wildcats #5 DC Comics
  • Wizards of Mickey II Disney Digicomics
  • X-Mickey Disney Digicomics
  • Y: The Last Man #1 & #2 DC Comics

As always check for all your comic needs.

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Shadowdragoon 11 August, 2010 @ 15:08

Ahh, Another beautifull rainy day, to relax, watching the rain. This is one of the things that makes summer nice, and enjoyable.

So, what is the weather like over there in England now?

Also, any news on Scandinavia/Rest of Europa, crossregion gifting or comics reader for PS3? ;)

Even nice whit a little walk in the rain. One of lifes small pleasures. The world looks different but the same during the rain, or what do you think? And the nice clean air just after it stops raining its really nice.
Best is, I got to experience both during todays walk. ;)


Hello again Shadowdragoon. After a brilliant start to the summer, August has really let the side down.
No news yet on more European stores :-( Keep the faith!

Yes, ive been waiting for this! Cant wait to read Y: the last man!
Great job today guys

Y The Last Man is an AWESOME addition to the store, great work comic team (this series is right up there with Preacher and Walking Dead)!


Cheers Mike! Wish we had the Scott Pilgrim comics to coincide with the game today!


Y: The Last Man sounds interesting, so I might pick that up along with Eternal Descent (been waiting for it), Breathe and 2000AD.


Good things come to those that wait :-) And do read Y: The Last Man, it is great.

4 words…

Grant Morrison , Jack Kirby

make it happen.

Any chance of seeing the Ben Templesmith Dead Space series on the store?


I do hope so. We have alot of game IP comics coming up in the next few weeks like Sonic and Starcraft!

Any idea when we’ll see Zombies vs. Robots Aventure #4 or Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons?

I’ve never really been into comic books but this series along with Tank Girl has me hooked.


They are awesome and have been very popular on the store. I don’t have a date yet but #4 should be on the way. Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons is a little risque in places (I’m going to have to wine and dine our legal department to get that one on the store!)

great update, any news on the following:
more superman/batman
dead space
more ghostbusters
how about some issues of the question
sin city

i dnt ask for much lol

thanks J


Hi J, that’s a good list. But, sorry, I have no update on those titles at the moment.

Still no plans for this on PS3?

Would love to spend some money on this, but doesn’t seem like my money is good enough to by comics on the PSP

Looks like I need to move the UK to see some comic love.

I hope you take the weekly feedback from (unhappy) potential customers back to the decision makers


certainly do, literally just got back from such a meeting

Shadowdragoon 11 August, 2010 @ 15:38

Note for Scandinavians, still good idea to post at


@12 gr0undp0und

Pete is only a member of the PlayStation Digital Comics team, and whatever your complaining about it, it doesn’t sound like its anything to do with comics.

Anyway, really good update this week :) Lots of very interesting stuff, especially from IDW with Eternal Descent, The Murder of King Tut and Mystery Society. Shame we didn’t get the final issue of Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows, I think IDW would of stolen the show if we had.

Loads of other great stuff to. 2000AD, Fables, DMZ, Planetary and Powers are all at the top of my reading list at the minute, really great stuff.

Oh and you have saved me money once again Pete, I was just looking at picking up a tpb of Y: The Last Man to check it out recently, now I don’t have to :)


Looks like groundpound’s post was marked as offensive and taken down.
Still awaiting news on Locke & Key… Thought you’d like Y: The Last Man as it is written by the same guy who did Runaways. :-)


Kudos on the Venom series. I was in Forbidden Planet over the weekend and I saw the Graphic Novel and thought “wonder if SCEE will get that for the Comic store” and there it is…were you watching me?

I’m another Scott Pilgrim noob who would love to read the comics before he sees the move/plays the game so any news on when they might hit the store would be greatly appreciated.

Keep up the sterling work. I live for Wednesday’s comic store updates!!!


SCEE’s Ceiling Cat sees all!
Unfortuanately there are no current plans to bring the Scott Pilgrim comics to the store as Oni Press is not on our publisher list. Hopefully that’ll change, but it will not be in the near future.
Many thanks for your support


@ Pete

I hadn’t actually noticed it was written by Brian K. Vaughan until you mentioned it in the blog post, so that has given me a extra reason to be interested in it :)

Oh and when are Marvel going to give me more Runaways? They are doing a good job with rolling Powers out, so I would be a very happy camper if it was they did the same with Runaways.

StefNighthawk 11 August, 2010 @ 17:11

Wake me when when SCEE and the comic store finally talk to each other about opening the comic store to other countries (ie. Belgium).

Digital Comics Store to SWEDEN anyone?

shame you couldn’t get the scott pilgrim books as i’d love to read themand i think oni would be a great addition to the store, especially some of the jay and silent bob comics.
and yay, Y the last man, been hoping for that.
still no wonder woman though. :(
i’m gonna end up buying the print version soon if they’re not on the store.

and you forgot to mention issue 1 of Y the last man is free.
i’d recommend everybody gives it a read.

You know i’ve seen these posts every week, but i have no idea how to get to the comic store lol. Is it only on that website or can i access it from my ps3?


@19 wing126

The comics reader is only on PSP at the minute. The comics store can either be used on the PSP itself or through MediaGo. You can view the full catalogue of comics on the official website but you can’t buy or read the comics on that, though it will link you to the comic on MediaGo so you can buy it.

I’m seriously fed up with waiting. Actually so fed up, that I just used about five-friggin’-hundred euros for comics only. Of course I appreciate the actual issues I can hold and feel with my both hands, turn the pages etc.

Still, this is total *beep*, keeping people waiting. And yes, I know it’s futile to ramble on about this in here, but I just feel the urge to spit some of my disappointment out. So, sorry about that.

Screw the comics store, I’ve had it.

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