PlayStation Home: PlayStation Move Event, Plus More Empire Strikes Back!

So what’s happening in PlayStation Home this week? The two key highlights are the newest event – PlayStation Move takes over the Presentation Podium – and the next batch of costumes for LucasArts’ Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary. There’s more as well, so let’s get into the details!

With its latest transformation the Presentation Podium becomes the perfect party space for PlayStation Move fun and games. Kicking off tomorrow, visitors to the PS Move event space will be granted a unique PS Move controller outfit that you’ll need to access the full event space and team challenge. Don your outfit, grab three other event attendees, and commence the team challenge. Coordinate with your team successfully and you’ll earn new colour variants of the controller outfit, with the ultimate prize an outfit with animated multi-coloured orb! Also available to purchase within the space is a special sparkly multi-colour PS Move controller outfit with exclusive all-new special emotes!

move space 3 move mini game menu 1

plain room 3 move space 4

Week two of the Empire Strikes Back 30th anniversary celebration kicks into gear with more fantastic costumes! Looking to capture a Rebel and claim a bounty? Look the part in one of three new bounty hunter costumes, including the Boba Fett Mandalorian Outfit! Make sure to browse carefully through the LucasArts section of the store this week, as there’s a special item available free for one week only! Drop into the Cantina space Thursday evening, starting at 5:00pm BST, for a live chat with Star Wars continuity expert Leland Chee.

Home: bounty hunters Home: luke and han

If you’re a lady in search of a new pair of shoes, Lockwood have the answer this week with a range of stiletto shoes in a variety of colours and two styles. Also available is a range of full length trench coats (male and female), and three very cute fluffy bunnies for your personal space.

Home: Trench_Coats_Female Home: Snuggle_Fuzz_Bunnies

The classical piano: re-imagined by Audi Design & Bosendorfer, brought to life in the Audi Home Terminal in PlayStation Home. Playing the piano is about concentration, flair, and timing. And so is the Audi Design Bosendorfer piano game. Completely free to play and with 3 classically inspired difficulty levels, the piano game challenges you to hit the right notes at the right times in a bid to win 2 great formal wear reward items (one male, one female) and, for the most talented pianists, the prestige of being on the leaderboard. The Audi Design Bosendorfer piano game from Audi: find it in the Audi Home Terminal after Thursday’s update.

audiPiano_inGame_watermarked audiPiano_ralfMidShot_watermarked

Finally, as previously mentioned through the Message of the Day, the FevaArena will be removed during maintenance.

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Looks good! :)


OMG great update guys the females of Home will be happy this week lol. also Move event looks epic


The PS Move controller outfits are rather cool :)

Nice update there alex.

Cleavaged trenchcoats, yay!


I’ll be around to answer comments until half past, then I have ot run and do more work. I’ll respond to further comments later tonight and tomorrow morning.


Wow, there’s going to be a LOT of Boba Fetts running around.


Oh no keep the Arena! :(


Lockwood :D
Thy is any of the new Star Wars costumes for female or more planned over the next weeks?
Nice update, Thanks :)


The bounty hunter costumes are all wearable by female avatars, however Luke, Solo and Lando are male-only.


Do Sony actually consider this a success? The amount of ‘visions’ they had for it and 70% of them never came through mainly streaming videos to friends to watch together and a trophy room.

I guess the main problem I have with it is, its neither a XMB nor a game. It doesn’t really know what it wants to be.

Anyway if putting less time into move means you are putting time into developing the stuff that people really want such as cross party chat, cross party chat and cross party chat then great!

Phoenixfire90 11 August, 2010 @ 17:20

Is there going to any plans to do a Playstation Plus space, Littlebigplanet 2 and GT event spaces?
And when will the new part of LBP Playground open?


None of those are questions I can give answers for currently, sorry!


Also could you tell James about the bug where if you have already played a game for a rent for example then play the full game trial game.

It deletes your trophies (locally) and resets to 0% and as I still have the game in my list I can’t sync it back up to PSN again to get the trophies back listed properly (locally).

My trophies on my id are fine but it has major messed up my local stats.

whats the lucas store freebie?


You’ll have to check and find out :p


Gonna be a LOT of Boba Fetts running around.

Another great update for tomorrow but I’m curious as to where the Irem Square content went, is it due tomorrow or is it coming soon?



It’s not this week, but definitely (I’m crossing my fingers!) coming soon. Busy few weeks coming up…

No Jar Jar costume? :D

Lucas should have made some mini game like a pod racer game or a 2D shooter, that would have been nice.

Probably going to play the piano mini game.

Thanks for the response Thylaudax, Home’s improving alot recently!

*Fingers crossed!*


i love me a guitar hero type mini game.

i’m undefeated on tug of war even when i played 2 against me.

when will the changes take effect?




looking forward to this! :)


Now this is a good update, cant wait for Move Event and those outfit’s, beutifull XD. I just wished that u could have got a piano in apartment

thanks for news alex

The solitaire game in home US will it be available for europe?

Marvel_Megatron 11 August, 2010 @ 21:45

Boba Fett for the win!

TheKillerSnowman 11 August, 2010 @ 22:33

i´m never out on home. everything costs money so i have not a home acount any more. i diden´t like home at all.


Great update, im a fan of playstation home and i really think there should be a lot more anime content and clothing it would sell like free cookies.-seriously


dude it lokks awesome cant wait for it

SWEET, Bobba has arrived! :D

My (phat) PS3 freeze up then reboot when i try to log in to home. This is something with 3.41?

How to get the costume. I keep waving at the portrait but I don’t get it :|


will we be getting solitaire alex, move costumes are sweet


how do you get the playstation move outfit?
theres loads of people trying to get in including me but don’t know how to get one.

Legion_Dragon 12 August, 2010 @ 19:42

Have you guys ever thought about putting TROPHYS into the Home mini games???

I would think that would be a winner :-)

*bing* gold trophy wasn’t for getting a 300 game on bowling ( whoop whoop )


hello i’m javier and I like little big planet. the problem is that everyone who has played little big planet will find a hole. all made under a multiplayer mode so I would like make a little planet we can play multiplayer and if possible the extras little big planet for ps3 thanks.


just got da playstation move costume yesterday, itz soo jwkez of how u get it XD


I just went to home to get this and then I saw… that its only for EU :( Will it come to US? If so, when?

cereal_killer160 14 August, 2010 @ 11:09

Can someone tell me how to get the playstation move costume?

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