Brand New Dead Nation Trailer

Here’s the latest sneak peek at Dead Nation, and in my opinion, it’s the best footage of the game we’ve shown yet.

If you happen to be visiting Gamescom this week you will also get the chance to try out the very latest version of the game on the PlayStation stand. Since the game was last shown publicly at E3 we’ve started to polish the game to get it in its best possible shape ready for launch and as you can see from the video, it’s starting to look the business.

dead nation still 11

dead nation still 3

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Looks fantastic, when can we buy it?


Later this year.. keep your eyes open for more updates.

This just looks amazing

I played this @ the beta rooms and it looked the business then! Can’t wait to get my hands on this.

Wow this game looks great, haven played many top down games but this looks like a buy,

all i need to do now is trade in my other console and get me a new slim tommorrow ,

sorry kinect move is more down my street :-)

move support for this game ????


Sorry there won’t be any move support for release.


Dead Nation has one of the the best looking flame-throwers I’ve seen in any recent game!



Was the best game at the Beta Rooms by far.


^Like :)

This games looks amazing, love zombie shooting games. :D

Going to buy it day one. :)

wow this is looking like its gonna be a right laugh can’t wait for it

I love that PSN noise at the end. Wish that noise and animation would happen when you signed into psn.
Oh yea the game looks fun but no online co-op is just wrong for a game like this.

Has online co-op been confirmed for this yet?


According to First Play, this isn’t released until October 2011 which is ridiculous (if correct) although it better be correct cos I only bought Burn Zombie Burn yesterday.

The improvisation bit is going to make this game stand out from the rest of the zombie games. Oh, and the OSSOM graphics… and lighting :D

I’m really looking forward to this game. It seems to be the most awesome dual-stick zombie shooter to-date. It’ll probably be the very best game for this current generation of consoles too ;-)…

Damn it, release it already! Give us PlayStation Plus members a taste of the game!!

Btw, Sony or the PlayStation team, I’m with T-Jani above, please use the neat animation and/or sound effect when signing into PSN or opening the PlayStation Store. It’s beautiful!

Loving how this is coming along.

Release date soon please!

can you please say if it it’s coming this year? if so in Q3 or Q4?

MisterBigMack 16 August, 2010 @ 19:22

Haha when that zombie puts that smoke bomb in his mouth to cause the distraction – EPIC!


I can confirm that it is coming this year (2010).

MisterBigMack 16 August, 2010 @ 19:24

Sorry for the double post but just seen – didn’t know this was a PSN title! Looks like a retail game – damn looks top notch


@10 agree, thats a great idea.

the game looks amazing. i just hope it will have online coop. either way it looks rly cool and im gonna get this. been a long time since ive been rly excited for a psn title.


can i have access to the bbeta please considering i bought super stardust hd and expansions on day 1 and played this game for like an hour at beta event and also im a plus customer. and before you say there isnt a beta. there is someone sat on my friends list playing this as i type.

Great to see more form this game.

I want to know why it has taken so VERY long to make this game. Has the team been held up whit the 3D patch for super stardust or what is the reason? Has more content been added because of the delay?

This looks amazing, maybe something voor playstation plus? I hope so…

SublimingMass 17 August, 2010 @ 02:41

When is this released? Also PS Plus discount :)


Wait, I thought Housemarque were developing this? Who’s Xdev Studio Europe?

never mind – I found the answer!

Carnivius_Prime 17 August, 2010 @ 10:28

even though i’m bored with zombies this does look quality and likely the best zombie shooter around (some might say Left4Dead is but I can’t stand FPS games so it don’t work for me at all). Looks a hell of a lot better than Zombie Apocalypse



Don’t forget that they’ve also released Golf: Tee It Up on the 360 and SSD portable for the PSP. That’s going to be 3 ‘full’ games and one purpose built port released in less than three and a half years, that’s not bad going for a relatively small developer.

looks very good!


Cant wait for this!!


Is it a PSN exclusive?


Yes.. PS3 & PSN Exclusive. :)


Looks awesome, can’t wait. Any news on when this is coming out and how much it will be?

Briaaan… :D

flamingcarrot 17 August, 2010 @ 21:15

The game is looking great – I just wish there was an online co-op mode – maybe you could patch one in later guys ;)

Release date is Oct-Dec 2010, according to the Playstation website.


this looks quite good y’no X)


ok why is there a unannounced beta of dead nation started?? people are getting a email without they even know its on? so where is the plus exclusive thing now???

so people without plus can be luckyer atm then plus members great!

very nice deal!


Developer Housemarque

Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment <<<<<<<

so for own releases you cant give psn exclusive? but other company exclusives you can??

this is how sony deal with there customers


where is our dead nation demo scee!! any responds why plus owners dont get this????

random people getting a invite while paying customers getting nothing?

so any comment ??


so no comment from SCEE? tells enough how they think about plus owners i thought plus was for things like this beta’s demos but i see its not

no more plus next year for me exclusive my A*S

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