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The biggest event on the European gaming calendar is finally here. Cologne welcomes gamescom.

SCEE President Andrew House is set for the stage and, after announcing the slimmer PS3 last year, the world will be watching for a glimpse at the future of PlayStation. You can follow the whole thing here, live, from 6pm local time.

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If this came on TODAY then how can I remind myself 1 Day Before XD but cant wait till this goes Live :)

neoxthexone123 17 August, 2010 @ 14:35

Its a shame you guys aren’t doing a live stream :(

We want a live video stream :-(

One time says 5pm, the orther 6pm.
What time should i check back here?

Gamespot are doing a live stream.

addyjones1234 17 August, 2010 @ 14:39

Awesome, live stream next year please :D

Neo-Renzokuken 17 August, 2010 @ 14:39

Will the conference be put on the PSN Store at a later time like last year?

5pm UK time, which is 6pm in Germany

@Icematt12, thanks !
Just to clarify, i should come back here at 5pm.


Hey James, could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE AND IM BEGGING YOU make a request to have FirstPlay thrown into Plus weekly.. now, hold on, I dont mean for free

I know it would cost €44 a year to put in a years FirstPlay so that would be unfair. But, the US do get a $25 Qore subscription which is half their money back again.

So, my idea is, give us the option to subscribe to FirstPlay at half price. So, we can buy a 90 day subscription for 5.50 instead of 10.99 ?

Could you pass it on to James Thorpe for me ?

Thanks, I have downloaded a couple of free Qore episodes and 2 Firstplay and love them so, if you could get some kind of offer for us ! Thanks a million.

Cant wait to hear about LPB2… hope we get the collectors like US or I will be :-(

So, if you can pass that on, thanks !


live feed guys enjoy when it comes on

Thanks Walshyb_2k9! I hope it works! :)

what is it on GMT? or UK time…

EA’s Press Conference is live NOW :


guys why can’t you do a live stream, places did it last year, noones bothering this year though :(


Yeah, it’s a shame there’s no live stream. It may cost a lot, but, well… it’s nice to be able to see what’s going on.

try that when its due to start lost post didnt come out right

Guys, if anyone that isn’t a credible gaming source provides a “stream” it’s best to avoid it – they’re never real.

Better than nothing, thanks James.
I hope for at least a major announcement.

thanks lockleys i wasnt to sure myself, i have just read that sony arent even doing any streaming of the presser at all.

Will the presser be put up on the Store tomorrow? Like last year?

Given the fact that there’s no stream, I think chances of the press conference going on the store are quite slim. It’s still possible, however.


What the hell why no live stream? Who really cares about blogs — seriously


Have you ever tried to do a live stream of a 60-90 minute event to millions of people to several sources? ;P
GamesCom (while “big”) isn’t really a time for major announcements, bar a few release dates and maybe a few debuts. Ergo, it’s pointless to stream.

Yeah, I don’t really like the text-based blogs. Streams are the only way to go to be honest.

love how it’s the “biggest date” on the european calendar and yet we barely get anything year in and year out…. You’d think with the money we make ps we’d get more stuff than america. It’s just logical but no.

no live-stream!? *shocked* please… wheres the stream, sony?

MisterBigMack 17 August, 2010 @ 15:49

is there anywhere else that is doing the live stream?


@phyllito: so you never played fable 2 ;) THATS a reason for the xbox :)

u mean peter molyneux actually made something worth playing since 8 years ago? I’m not convinced…

ME2 excellent news but… what about ME1?


ME2 for ps3, yay. but no video feed? oh nay

where is even the TEXT


The text will appear when the show starts at 5pm UK time



Just let IGN or Gamespot do it. Sony doesn’t need to do jack.

ANYONE notice how ea was indicating the sony was across the hall? more surprises? hehe WE NEED VIDEO FEED!!

I think that ME1 release rights are on Microsoft Game Studios, and ME2 was published by EA, so that might be reason why PS3 wont see ME1…


Price drop for UK is seriously needed.

No live stream is bad news. Surely stuff like this is what Home is for? Hope we get to at least see all the videos from the conference on the store this week.

T3quilaSlay3r 17 August, 2010 @ 16:28

why does ea have live stream but sony doesnt? that is so wierd


Thats true but I just thought of something else. The rumour yesterday was for Mass Effect: Genesis and today we got Mass Effect 2. My guess that Genesis will be a port of ME1 under a new name like Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Ninja Gaiden was also published my Microsoft and they got around it.

We just have to wait and see.

someone please post a link of where there is live stream of the sony conference

cross game chat + resistance 3 = <3. We want them!!!!

No live stream, com on. I should be mandatory to live stream on major shows. Give the fans what they want. Sony get you thumb out your … and something.

I through my 360 out the window. Mass Effect 2 on PS3? Bungie on Ps3? Sony you sure know how to please your audience!

Sony ALWASYS find a way to get the people [DELETED]! even when theres good news involved they always ruin it, NO live stream!? Cmon on! probably because they got nothing good to show good thing im leaving my ps3 to my mum!


threw, not through. LOL :D

Doesn’t look like any major news site is doing a stream. Read up and wait for it on PSN..

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