VidZone Gets Better And Faster As We Launch EMI Music And New Software Update

We can exclusively announce that EMI Music has joined VidZone and there is a new software update which means VidZone is faster and better than ever before.

EMI Music has joined VidZone

VidZone welcomes EMI Music which has a catalogue of over 8,000 music videos from fantastic artists including Coldplay, Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, Iron Maiden, David Guetta, David Bowie, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and many more. Check out your EMI cloud of all the acts everyone on this blog has requested since VidZone launched in June 2009 – yes, you can now access all these acts!

EMI Music has joined VidZone

Before launching EMI, we wanted to ensure VidZone was better and faster so you could party harder. Here are some top features of VidZone 1.15 – thanks to all at SCEE for their help on this release:

  • Speedy updates: The VidZone application will start-up exceptionally faster and content refreshes will be processed and downloaded quicker.
  • Optimised search: Search is now better than ever before. You can find more of what you want, without ‘that scrolling letters search’, as virtual keyboard becomes default.
  • Advanced settings: Our videos are multibitrate with hi, med and lo quality settings. You can now control your bandwidth use by fixing these settings (Aussie, Kiwi & Italiano fans – this is for you!)
  • Overall experience: We have fixed a few minor bugs which will make a big difference to your music experience. Let us know if you can spot them!

VidZone 1.15 goes live TODAY so please download the update ahead of EMI content being published from Tuesday, August 17. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts here or visit our Twitter, Facebook or VidZone PS3 Zone.

Watch this space for more announcements soon! Your VidZone Team

PS – And yes, EMI and VidZone 1.15 updates are across all 18 countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France (with Monaco), Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain (with Gibraltar), Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

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I hope Vidzone finally works with this update.

All I got till now was a black screen, when trying to play a video.

I still hope for vidzone in Poland!


Good update, keep’em coming ;-)

addyjones1234 16 August, 2010 @ 14:07

Awesome :D Nice work guys!


Vidzone <3 Electronic

Thanks :D

I haven’t been on Vidzone for quite a while now, so this might allready be in there. But is there a shuffle options for your own playlist’s? Kinda boring listening to the same routine over and over.


Hi GhostViper

Yeah, You could always do this. Go to your playlist name and press triangle, then select “random” from the menu.

Hope this helps.


Wow awesome, just look at those juicy artists, David Guetta FTW awesome job

Nice update, thank you.

About the multi-bitrate settings, can you tell us the rates for High, Med and Low? >5mb, >2mb <1mb per sec. And can you also set it to detect the best bitrate for your current connection speed. For example, my net is blistering quick in the morning but slower in the evenings.


Hey Dansila

I can’t give the specific bitrates, but yes, if you don’t select to manually set the quality, then the application will decide for you depending on your bandwidth at that moment.

This rocks! The virtual keyboard as default alone is worth this update :D

Just curious; what are the labels you guys have acquired so far? Any news on Warner perhaps? :D


Hi Swoofah

No specific news as yet, but we are still talking to them constantly to work things out. We won’t stop until we have every label on the planet!!

I Knew IT. Best news ever VidZone!! Only 1 more major!!!(Don’t think it will happen due to their position on streaming services), but this is brilliant! Thanks for all the hard long shifts you’ve been putting in recently guys. AWESOME!!!

Mine say’s update 1.12 ? not 1.15

Daft Punk

Time to start using vidzone again

+ Gonna update ur VidZone Wiki page now Aswell!! Bring us HD now, I’d ill definitey pay for the service!!!

1 Question. Will this update also allow us to watch explicit videos if we want to now?


Hey Sully,

maybe you should have a look and see… ;)




sweet, it’s been quite a while since I booted up Vidzone but I’ll be checking it out later for the Maiden and Daft Punk vids.



Incredible app. I’m recommending this to all my friends :)

Sorry, gotta post again. AMAZING NEWS!!!!!

Is Pink Floyd there too………. hmm o my wrong page sorry to


I see Vanilla Ice in that image! :D


Hi PirateThom

You do indeed…. you might also find MC Hammer….

Congratulations another huge success for VidZone, great work chaps now all we need is MUSE *Hint hint* :)

Firehair12000 16 August, 2010 @ 14:38

YES! This is great news :D I’ve always wanted Maiden on here \m/ and you released the day their new album (Final Frontier) is out xD



I know I’ve been moaning about EU metal for about a year to you guys, but this is excellent! Try and get a Maiden playlist up there. The rather Excellent Rock In Rio concert would be ace.



Hey Galvanise_

was that a Bill and Ted quote?… if not then that’s how I heard it in my head!


btw… We do have an Iron Maiden channel… be very excited!

What time is 1.15 gonna be released Ben?


This is great news. I actually use VidZone quite often since I havent gotten around to plugging in my computer in the reciever. Do something for Playstation Plus users, maybe HD and surround sound? Not for everything maybe but it would be cool with some show offs for surround videos and 3D.

Speedier navigation is really needed so great update there guys!


Alright. Thanks for the help with the random thing. Never noticed that before. Now I’m ready for the update :D

That’s pretty neat,now,all you guys have to do is get VidZone working in the UAE. :D


Hey all

It might take a little while for the patch to be available for everyone. Should be live very soon but be patient and keep trying.

If you can get it now, then let me know. We love getting you guys to be our real time user testers!


loadstone007s 16 August, 2010 @ 14:46

Why leave Israel out of the fun? Please include us too! :(

Great news, more artists are always welcome.

Still one of, if not the, best apps available. :)

Get Chiddy Bang, Chingy, Tinie Tempah and LeToya please!

Great start for the week :) Thanks!



How many videos do you have on there now? must be quite a bit more than what you started with.


Hey agm2502

Current count is close to 22k videos on the UK service, all other countries are around this figure depending on the licenses.

That is over 50 days worth of back to back video… and rising all the time! hope that is enough to keep you happy for now!


Okay, Iron Maiden channel. I think I might have to punch the air out of joy! Thanks!


Still no Disturbed content. I gave up on Vidzone a long long time ago.

Has the issue where you can watch one song but then every other song times out been fixed yet?


Hi Stiak

All these issues have been fixed. If you are still having issues, can you email



Thanks alot ben,but what i meant is,Vidzone still doesn’t work in the UAE because it’s not yet supported here,when i tried launching it,”Sorry but Vidzone only works in the following countries: Most of Europe :P “.I know your working hard and can’t wait to try it out :D.

3.14pm Firmware now available in UK!

I was just thinking the other day.
‘I would use Vidzone a lot more if it was faster’

Now to constantly think about cross game chat.

Do you have any plans for more community features like Playlist sharing and deeper rating options? Besides is there a way to watch a chanal on demand?

can u bring back robyn/christian falk – dream on?


Muse anytime soon? :(

+ get adverts in 16:9!

Nice to see more artists being added with EMI. I don’t use this much since i lost all my playlists during an update (save playlist seperately would’ve been handy) but i’ll check out the new update.

commuterzombie 16 August, 2010 @ 15:44

Wow, today just got awesome. I’m going to fire up the ‘Irons when I get home and enjoy!

Sounds like a great update. Faster launching is always nice, and makes me likely to use things more often.

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