Digital Comics Store Update (18th August 2010)

Hi everybody – another Wednesday brings another fine selection of Digital Comics for your PSP, including more epic Cap, another bottle of True Blood, more Sonic, the fabulous Street Code….and the legendary Bum Bum the Painter. So what are you waiting for?

Digital Comics Store Update (18th August 2010)

STREET CODE is the tale of Jack, a native New York bruiser, fed up with living in the dregs of a drug-addled Alphabet City. After escaping to a fresh start in Brooklyn, Jack must now negotiate a new strain of street logic–where most everything he encounters is not as it seems. With Street Code, creator Dean Haspiel returns to his semi-autobiographical roots and explores the emotional truths between prime and primate. Issue one is now available on your PSP – oh, and it’s FREE, so check it out. (To compliment the reading experience, why not shake your rump to Dean Haspiel’s Street Code music mix here – a list of music he grew up listening to, including Public Enemy, Run DMC, Daft Punk and 2-Tone’s finest, The Specials)

Elsewhere, the stunning Brubaker/Epting Captain America saga continues with “The Man Who Bought America”, where the Red Skull makes an unexpected move for the very soul of America.

Back in sun-drenched Bon Temps, True Blood continues with another fine adaptation of the hit TV show. In issue #2 , psychic waitress and vampire fetishist Sookie Stackhouse is forced to reveal her deepest, most shameful secret to save the lives of Bill and her friends. If you haven’t already done so, download the preview episode. It’s totally FREE.

A new Sonic The Hedgehog series launches this week from Archie Comics. Alongside everyone’s favourite blue anthropomorphic hedgehog, Sonic Universe stars Blaze the Cat, Marine the Raccoon, Rouge the Bat, Metal Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles and many more mischievous oiks up to no good. The “Living Weapons” arc kicks things off with a bang in issue #1.

Here’s the complete list:

  • 2000AD Prog #1693 2000AD
  • A Question of Pride Disney Digicomics
  • The Authority #6 DC Comics
  • Beauty and the Beast Disney Digicomics
  • Captain America (2004) #37-#42 Marvel
  • Deadly #3 DC Comics
  • DMZ #18 DC Comics
  • Donald Duck and Bum Bum the Painter Disney Digicomics
  • Doubleduck #7 Disney Digicomics
  • Ducklings Go Adrift Disney Digicomics
  • Ex Machina #5 DC Comics
  • Fables #20 DC Comics
  • Gen13 #26 DC Comics
  • Green Lantern: No Fear #2 DC Comics
  • High Moon #7 DC Comics
  • Jonah Hex #18 DC Comics
  • The Lexian Chronicles #11 Markosia
  • Planetary #7 DC Comics
  • Safe Inside #2 DC Comics
  • Scrooge McDuck and the Billionaires go Camping Disney Digicomics
  • Sonic Universe #1 & #2 Archie Comics
  • Stormwatch PHD #18 DC Comics
  • STREET CODE #1 (FREE!)DC Comics
  • Transformers: Ironhide #3 IDW
  • True Blood #2 IDW
  • Wildcats #6 DC Comics
  • Y: The Last Man #3 DC Comics

You can buy comics from PlayStation Store using an internet-enabled PSP – just fire it up and hit the “Comics” tab at the top of the Store. Alternatively, Digital Comics can be purchased through Media Go using a PC (top tip – with the latest version of Media Go you can add star ratings – a great way to sort your comic collection. Donald Duck and Bum Bum the Painter gets 5 stars from me for its title alone).

While you’re finished browsing the new additions to the Store, check out our new Bundles section for a great way to build your Digital Comics collection. Enjoy complete uninterrupted stories featuring Tank Girl, Fantastic Four, Star Trek, Zombies vs Robots and many more – all in one easy download, at great value for money too.

Please visit for prices or to see the whole catalogue.

12 Author replies
Shadowdragoon 18 August, 2010 @ 15:02

Yawn.. to hot to get any decent sleap.

So, you are faring better this summer day?

And the good old.
Also, any news on Scandinavia/Rest of Europa, crossregion gifting or comics reader for PS3?

Pauline Martyn 18 August, 2010 @ 16:17

Summer is grey here, meh. Enjoy the heat!
No news on other languages or PS3 this week sorry.

I was really hoping for news out of Gamescom regarding other countries being added. Is any progress being made there?

Pauline Martyn 18 August, 2010 @ 16:20

We’re pushing for these stores, I hope we can give you some news soon!

Here we go again.. When will other countries be added to this service. Please tell us the wait is over.. :D

Pauline Martyn 18 August, 2010 @ 16:21

Sadly at 4.20 today it’s not… but stay tuned!


Any news on if we will see Dark Horse comics available for download?

Only a couple for me this week, loving the Y: The last man series :)

Pauline Martyn 18 August, 2010 @ 16:19

No news yet but I hope we’ll have some for you soon. I’m addicted to their Blacksad series (amongst others).
Y is great – Pete’s a big fan too. ;-)

Carnivius_Prime 18 August, 2010 @ 15:21

How many more requests for a PS3 version needed before one appears? ;)

Pauline Martyn 18 August, 2010 @ 16:22

It’s a secret ;-) (hint: we need as many as we can get!)


Nothing for me this week. Was hoping the standard Transformers comic would get an issue or two. I’ll definitely get last weeks Venom saga tho. Thanks Pauline and co.

Pauline Martyn 18 August, 2010 @ 16:22

It’s coming very soon. :-)
You’re welcome!


Bit of a slower week, sure my wallet won’t complain about that to much lol Can’t say I’ve ever heard of Street Code, glad it’s got a fresh issue so I can check it out.

Pauline Martyn 18 August, 2010 @ 17:07

Yup, it’s free too so give it a try!

Nothing for me for the last couple of weeks, but Transformers ironhide 3 puts me into triple figures for my comic downloads – can’t believe how much I’ve spent on this so far.

I think the announcement regarding the sales figures (3 Million) and the shear number of comics available goes to show that this has been the most well handled launch of a service on the PSN

Pauline Martyn 18 August, 2010 @ 17:08

Thank you very much for the kind words, and for your support.

Oh and er, there’s more Ironhide coming (say sorry to your wallet for me). ;-)

a freebie is always appreciated.
and i’m glad to see the next issue of y the last man.
why are archie releasing a new sonic series when they stopped the original series after four issue, it makes me reluctant to buy the new series in case they abandon that one too.
a much more reasonable price for this issue of tru blood.
i bet you thought i was going to mention wonder woman didn’t you?
well i’m not.
…..uh, damn.o_O

Pauline Martyn 18 August, 2010 @ 17:11

D’oh. :-)
I am not sure about Archie – we are not getting a lot of content from them unfortunately so I guess this explains the gaps (also maybe Sonic was prioritised because it’s so popular?), but trust me I’m on the case to get more.

“So what are you waiting for?”

For the Comic store to be released in Norway. Any news?

Pauline Martyn 18 August, 2010 @ 17:11

We’re waiting for the green light! We’re all up for it here in the team. No news yet sorry.

Shadowdragoon 18 August, 2010 @ 16:15

Note for Scandinavians, still good idea to post at
Btw, there are good news in the way, seems the Mod is reporting the interest in the comics store to the ones higer ups. :)

Pauline Martyn 18 August, 2010 @ 17:15

The store requests are not falling on deaf ears, I can tell you that. Thanks for facilitating all this.


Pauline, not to be cruel to Marvel, but they are sort of getting spanked by DC when it comes to how many comics they have been releasing recently. Six issues of Captain America, and nothing else, not even something from there imprint Icon , well it’s a rather poor showing for such a big publisher.

IDW releases seem to have slowed up a bit recently as well (apart from last week) though they are a smaller publisher so I can understand them releasing less than DC and Marvel, but they do put out a pretty decent number of titles.

I didn’t know comics would be be coming in bundles, that’s a really good idea! I’ll have to check them out.

Pauline Martyn 18 August, 2010 @ 17:13

Thanks! We’re trying to emulate things like trade paperbacks, or just enabling people to buy a full story easily (like Daredevil: Hell to Pay, or a full Wormwood volume, etc.). So it’s good to hear that you guys like it. We’ll bring you more then, promise!


I’m not sure what I’ll be picking up this week besides the usual 2000AD. It’s a good time to hunt for stuff I may have missed.

Congrats on reaching 3 mill sales. You guys earned it, the comic store has been consistent since day one.


Oh yes I forgot to say on here, congratulations on breaking the 3 million comics sold mark :) Just finished downloading my comics for this week and checked out how many I’ve got backed up on my PC via MediaGo, and I now have 525 comics (16.4 GB) and there are some more that I’ve not kept at all on top of that. :o lol

StefNighthawk 18 August, 2010 @ 18:44

Emulating trade paperbacks : super!!
Still waiting for the red light to turn green : not super :-(

It’s probably one of those lights with a camera so you wouldn’t pass the red light :-|

Icarus_Immortal 18 August, 2010 @ 19:45

Any news on future Marvel titles being released through the Store?
Like for example, the success that is Invincible Iron Man by Matt Fraction? Or more from Marvel’s cosmic titles (Annihilation Conquest, War of Kings, The Thanos Imperative)?

Just about every week there are only a handful of Marvel titles released, whereas DC seems to love the service and throws out a ton of issues every week…

Hopefully this will improve, once you reach a broader audience with additional Comic Stores, since Marvel’s comics are just about the only “american comics” that are released in Sweden (with horrendous translation of course).

Thanks for all your hard work!
… and get me some more Iron Man :P


We need DC Comics!!!

Soniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic!!! Thanks so much team!!!!!

Is there any possibility of getting the Scott Pilgrim comics.
movie was awesome

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