A Garage Full Of New Gran Turismo 5 Features

With That 3 November release date drawing tantalisingly close, Polyphony Digital isn’t afraid to hit us with a host of new features. I attended a Gran Turismo 5 presentation yesterday and will need to try hard not to write a novella about the stable of additions we saw for the first time.

The newest addition to the series is a track editor that allows to players to generate their own courses based around a complex scheme of parameters and share them with the wider community. There are four themes to choose from and a dizzying array of settings to tweak, including the number of turns, track length, weather, topography and speed of sectors.


We also got our first look at kart racing, which, according to Kazunori Yamauchi, “Completely changes the world of Gran Turismo”. He added that the team had been saving this feature for Gran Turismo 6 but, after it had been leaked to the public, he decided to add it to GT5. The presence of karts shows how capable the game’s physics are in coping with the differences between the lightest vehicles and those generating the greatest downforce.

PiazzaDelCampo_PDI RACINGKART100_010_1080PiazzaDelCampo_PDI RACINGKART100_002_1080

One of the most eye-catching points was around the Photo Travel mode and the announcement that it will support 3D images; attendees were encouraged on-stage to put on a pair of glasses and see the effect for themselves. This demonstration also showed off the detail of the feature, which evens allows players to adjust the position of the front and back wheels of their parked car before taking the perfect snap.

The mode that Kazunori spent the most time demonstrating is B-Spec. You may remember a version of this in Gran Turismo 4. The father of GT introduced it claiming that they had intended to release this as a kind of sequel to Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec on PlayStation 2.


“In GT5 we have been able to create what I originally intended,” he said.

You take the role of a race manager in what he described as a ‘Racing Simulator RPG’. You start with one driver and, as the game progresses, you can control of up to six. During races you can issue commands such as drive more aggressively or overtake, and you must always monitor stats like how tired your driver is, mentally and physically, and how agitated they are. Different drivers have unique personalities and you can watch their performances via a near photo realistic video feed.

This contributes to what Gran Turismo fans know as GT Mode, now called GT Life.

It was a presentation that will make those with 3 November in their calendar even more excited. Knowing the GT community, I doubt that’s now possible.

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SlipperyFella 19 August, 2010 @ 17:03

Awwww man, this game is so huge it blows my mind! The Karts look sick!

On a side note, the coverage of Gamescom has been really great so far, just wish I was there myself :(

James Gallagher 19 August, 2010 @ 17:20

That’s good of you, thanks. I’ve been graabing so much stuff that I’m sure we’ll still be running gamescom content on the blog next Friday.

This game is a must have can’t wait woooohoooo

James can I ask will the UK release date be the 5th of November with that being the Friday?

James Gallagher 19 August, 2010 @ 17:18

That’s a great question that I’ll endeavour to clarify. If any game is big enough to defy the Friday release rule, it could well be GT5. I’ll have to check though.



Never been interested in the GT series, but the more I see of it and the more I hear the devs are putting into it has really garnered and interest.
I’m seriously considering getting it now.

Cannot wait, wonder if to get a platinum you have to unlock every car :O

VictorAnalogy 19 August, 2010 @ 17:24

I cannot wait for my sig edition to arrive! Totally stoked for this game!!!

James, I have one question that you may be able to answer. I am a resident of Sweden, and I have GT5: Collector’s Edition on pre-order on Now, as we all(?) know, it includes 5 ChromeLine vehicles as well as 2 Stealth vehicles (Mazda + McLaren for Amazon if I recall). My question to you is; will I be able to use the codes for these 7 vehicles to actually get them even if I don’t reside in the UK?

at least that doesn’t look absolutely spellbindingly incredible.

Oh wait it does


Gave me goosebumps! So epic! Cumon November!!

Why did my Blu-Ray laser have to break now? ;(




This is just wow! How much GT5 can offer. But but, please leave something unannounced to surprise us close to the release date :)


I must admit, I was going to wait a bit to get this once it was out, due to the number of titles coming out over the October/November, but after reading this post, it’s safe to say I’m sold!

Hope your able to leak further details in the coming weeks! :)

Best race game ever! :O

I have never, in my 28 years of life and ~22 years as a gamer, seen a game this packed with features. It’s just insane!

OMG this is the game the PS3 was made for no other game on any platform will EVER be bigger than this except GT6 !!!


i can’t wait for this to come out! wat date is to come out??

SIR-DARK-HAZE 19 August, 2010 @ 18:33

Hi welldone Kaz, amazing devs like ND, Insomniac and MM. Looking forward to this game. One question i didn’t play GT4 but in GT5 will we be able to tune our cars like in GT3. Cheers

Rude_Sparthan 19 August, 2010 @ 18:33

..this is just a piece of ART… and of course a piece of HEART..!! great job Yama and PD……

blog please bring us details.. footage.. pictures.. all that you have!!! ;o)

Pacman_Ownage 19 August, 2010 @ 18:34

I’ve got to say, i’ve always hated the GT series and everything it stood for…

But now… it really does…

..look like shiny rubbish :P

I may pick it up when it’s £7, like i do with most games these days ^_^


Already have the CE ordered and booked Nov 4th and 5th off work in preparation, but i do find the lack of information about tuning options a bit.. disturbing… could you guys at SCEE find out something, anything about this?

Well worth the 5 year wait! Well done PD.

can not wait for gt5, i love gran turismo will there be a demo coming as i can not wait till november, can’t wait to try the karting that should be good.


Awesome ? incredible ?


I just got an email from Game saying its the 5th November :( grrrrr

FB-Louie_Schumii 19 August, 2010 @ 19:32

Thanks for the blog update James. Those karts look like plenty of fun.

Do you know when we might get the full T&Cs for the SLS-AMG Signature Edition competition?

It’s been over 2 weeks since the Gran Turismo website said “Full terms and conditions will be made available shortly…”

This game will be so great. Some of these new features is blowing my mind.

MisterBigMack 19 August, 2010 @ 20:05

Love that trailer

Might sound a crazy thing to say but this will be the first GT I will buy since GT!

(didn’t own a PS2 hence the above) can’t wait to see what I’ve been missing!

I have a question. I wonder if a A-spec mode or B-spec mode is tied together or not. Like if you win a race in A-spec mode, will it be considered won in B-spec mode as well? In other words, do you have to start from scratch in both modes, or can you just start with one thing and then chose as you go deeper into the carieer mode?

Truely is a remarcable game, rols on 3rd Nov. By the way, anyone know if it is PS Move compatible on release ? please say yes XD

Yeah, it’s not coming until the 5th in the UK. Seriously Sony, why can’t you do simultaneous releases for your big titles?
Getting the short end of the stick just because I live in the UK is really starting to get old…


Can’t wait but I shall enjoy f1 before gt5 to keep me going

Wow, it looks like it’s been worth the wait – first car on the shopping list is a Ferrari 330P4.

With the improved details in the cars I can see B-Spec being a great way to view races and also to enjoy creating a winning team of AI drivers – could this be taken online with you coaching real drivers?

The other new item that interested me is the Course Maker which allows you to create rally point to point tracks – Will GT allow you to creat an event containing numerous tracks?

The only other questions to be answered between now and Nov for me are – Hopefully the cars have still got Performance Points and also the race events?, The race events are not individual events but a series of races? and lastly with 1000+ cars I hope there’s at least 100+ race events or as mentioned the option to create events with specific cars/tracks/performance points?


This looks so amazingly good.

I got a PS1 after playing Gran Turismo at my cousin’s place. Since then the Gran Turismo series has been my favourite games, rivaled by none.

The only reason why the wait for GT5 has not been completely unbearable is because Polyphony Digital is the only game developer I trust to not only meet but exceed my expectations, so I know that in the end I’ll get something which was definitely worth the wait.

Looks awesome, i Just hope that awesomeness continues online which it does have right?


At the people complaining at getting the game two days later I can only say this:
You’ve waited for five years… will two more days really hurt you that much?

The game looks terrific. I’ve been looking forward to this game for what feels like an eternity now. It better blow my mind. <.<


For the first time ever I will be taking a day off of work when this finally hits my doormat. I’ve had it on preorder since July ’08.

@38 It wouldn’t surprise me to see the release date put back to the Friday yet, But after waiting this long a few extra days is not a problem.


I hate Gran Turismo series, but this looking amazing, really. Strongly considering in picking this one up.

i must admit, i had given up on this game a fair while ago. but, since the announcement that it will be in 3d, i am in. i am now looking forward to this as much as Killzone 3 and 3d blu-ray support!!! 3d gaming is just spectacular.


GT5 is just huge…For Racing Fans it will easily be the ultimate racing game. But since I am not a hardcore Fan, that could turn out bad for me in the end. The game will technically be almost perfect… The only fear I have is that the Platinum Trophy will be absolutely ridiculous. With so much content it could easily take > 200 hours to finish all requirements…And no matter how good this game will be, I am surely not willing to put that much time in a single game(the only exception to that rule may be some special JRPGs). So please, keep the time requirements real so that decently skilled but somehow “casual” racing gamers like me also have a chance to get that platinum.

Carnivius_Prime 20 August, 2010 @ 09:34

I love racing games but I’ve still just never found Gran Turismo remotely fun. Guess I’m just more into arcade racers like Burnout and Motorstorm. I like some of the features added here but it means nothing if I’m not going to enjoy the actual racing which is the main point of a racing game.

Aww I pre-ordered this well over a year ago and it’s still not here!! Has to be very slow mail over the last year ;-)


This game is going to be awesome. Cant wait to get my hands on this.

Its been a long time waiting.

awesome…i pre-ordered gt5 for 2 years ago and i still waitin every day like i child for santa


This Game looks like the best thing ever!!! Serious question here, Is it going to be available as a download??? Probably not a good idea for me with a VERY dodgy router, but this game with Near-Zero load times would be AMAZING!!!
My tenth Gran Turismo game…
Bought on day one for me!!!

The last game I’m buying this year. GT5 and Starcraft II are all I need.

Bahamut_Giomla 20 August, 2010 @ 20:42

Play GT5. Play GT5. Play GT5.

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