Killzone 3 Video Interview

You may have read my impressions of Killzone 3‘s multiplayer mode earlier in the week, but why listen to what I think? Find out further details around the explosive mode from the game’s Senior Producer, Steven Ter Heide in this video interview direct from gamescom.

The Helghast weren’t the only things I shot this week; look out for a few more video interviews next week, here on the PlayStation.Blog and be sure to follow us on Twitter, @PlayStationEU.

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Great Interview.

James OFf topic: But you guys should really make an PlayStation.Blog app for the PS3 which displays all these videos, interviews etc. Would be sweet and would definitely expand the audience!

James Gallagher 20 August, 2010 @ 16:31

The blog on the PS3 browser is something we’re currently improving, it’s still a while away though.

James, have you been working out?


interesting interview.

i hope they will have killzone2s online gamemode with rolling objectives.

James Gallagher 20 August, 2010 @ 16:32

Yes, that’s Warzone and it’s what I played at gamescom. The objectives are still the same.


@mew_frenger : Totally agree. Rolling objectives where the best part of KZ2 MP. I hate the fact that everyone on MW2 only seems like playing team deatch match. That soooo Quake Arenaish. Class based MP really is the future for shooters, so that people play as a proper team, rather than everyone being a grunt.

I really like the dynamic nature of the KZ2 DLC maps, and look forward to playing something similar on KZ3, and hopefully they’ll bring back maps like Salamun Market and Tharsis Depot being my favourites.

I hope that the clan system will stay :D

Great interview! And I agree with ‘sully1311’ for making an app on the PS3.

Oh and James, I love you (no homo) for doing these interviews and stuff!

James, good questions, i would’ve never thought of them.
Also, there was some Media Molecule event yesterday at GC, will you be posting anything on the blog about it?

That’s what james looks like? Nice he looks so classy than other journalists lol. Doing england proud (unlike IGN lol). :)

I like how you get lots of points in MP now, medics are the best! You shoulda asked about weapon customization I heard Kz3 has that but I wonder is it just sights and grip you customize or more (like the colour of the guns? That’d rock)?

Excitement levels are nearly bursting through the roof


Level wide events like the nuke from the DLC map in EVERY level?

That’s goddamn AWFUL.

I wish they would change the move control scheme. Killzone isnt exactly the kind of game that would attract the attention of casual gamers so why make the controls suited for them? Hardcore gamers will be able to handle more abstracted controls instead of the pointer controls… This just kills my excitement for move :/

James Gallagher 20 August, 2010 @ 16:36

The Move controls are still very much in development so I wouldn’t take what we’re seen so far as final. I’m certain that Guerrilla will read this and take note.

Hardcore gamers would use a Dualshock.

I don’t believe a thing this Steven ter Heide is saying. He talks often and a lot, but I’m still waiting for anything that backs-up his words… ;)


I love it when dutch speak english :-D

Forgot to take your razor then James ;)

twistedintoform 20 August, 2010 @ 20:17

here’s hoping there’s a lot more than 8 maps this time!. the way he talks about ‘one map with the mechs’, ‘one map with the jetpacks’, it doesn’t sound like they’re going to feature extensively.


Why isn’t the KILLZONE 3 trailer on PSN yet? Even tho it was stated in the update? Usual incompetence?

Is killzone 2 any good? I’m pretty new to PS3, and all this killzone 3 hype is going over my head, at the moment.

ShoaibO, it’s good, adored by many who are all stoked for this. Azerach, i agree. tho jus ‘cos he’s saying he’d prolly return to ds3, doesn’t mean everyone will. move support may spark interest or be fun to own. Demon’s souls 2 with move =)
why i agree is, think how you got better at games? yes, playing other ppl, but also watching them. that’s why i advocate better spectator functions (in games, app or show). publishers & gamers always list reasons: ‘too voyeuristic’ and ‘resources spent best elsewhere’.
Guerilla’s idea of putting players in live cut-scenes takes guts and is something i look forward too. we’re moving in the right direction. not slapping someone in the face with a trout while shouting: ‘you’re playing a friggin’ game!’ ,-) or motion-control. a remote is meant to set down, sony knows this ‘cos the ps3 remote is bluetooth.

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