More Exclusive Extras For PlayStation Plus Members

Plus members will have early access to the latest demo of the R.U.S.E.

Hi Guys, back again just to let you know that we have managed to secure another early demo for PS Plus members.

From the 25th August, Plus members will have early access to the latest demo of R.U.S.E.
This is exclusive to Plus members until the 1st Sept, when the demo will be available on the Store.
As with the last demo, you will be able to download this from the Plus section of the Store or you will get it via Automatic Downloads if you have this feature switched on.

Will let you know as soon as we have more little treats for you during the coming months.

See you soon


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/ waits for “Only a week” moans to appear

Woo nice :D

Shadowdragoon 25 August, 2010 @ 12:04

Hmm, And do that automatic download actually work? It do not seem to download anything for me? (and yes, I have a few 100 GB vacant, ;) And I have turned it on).


Hi, If you already have the demo then Automatic download will only update the system software and game updates for you but otherwise it should give you all the demos as well. However to make sure everyone gets the demos we are putting them on the plus section of the store as well now

Oh dear :-(

Hey, Can you confirm if this demo can be played using Move controller??


Not as far as I know But I will check it out for you


Sorry for the delay but YES, the demo will be move controller compatible!

Nice ! :)

RadioactiveMouse 25 August, 2010 @ 12:05

Nice one James. Don’t suppose you know whether this demo is compatible with the PS Move when it is released? :)


not that I know of but just waiting for an answer to clarify


Yes it will!!!

Ive been wanting to try this game out, due to it having move support when it is released.

I dont think the demo will have move support yet. Its not on the list of Move demos but we will find out today

sounds good, tried it on GC, but couldn’t get my head around it, hopefully there will be a tutorial ^^

@3 It’s been working fine for me, both for demos and a few updates, i love it ^^

On another note thanks SCEE and James! Keep up the great work :D


Thanks ;-)

madjock-UK_SCO 25 August, 2010 @ 12:07

I will give it a try but I am pretty sure it will be rubbbish to controller using DS3, Move will be the perfect controller for a game like this

I bet the US are looking in thinking “Why?”

Why do you guys think we’d like to pay 50 euros to get a demo 1 week earlier?

American Playstation Store has free game Mushroom Wars this week.
Why can’t we get something like that?


Ohh a RUSE demo!

Do you know if the demo includes Move support James? Pretty sure I’m going to picking RUSE up for the launch of Move anyway, as it’s things like real time strategy games that sold me on Move in the first place, but I’m interested to know if this demo includes Move support at all.


Hi, yes this demo will support Move when it comes out. Enjoy

MY_FAT_DIK_YANK 25 August, 2010 @ 12:08

Is this live now?


Yes, should be on the Store and in automatic download

nice, RTS games aren’t my thing really but i’ll defiantly give it a go :)

James is the new plus content next week or the week after i can’t remember?

just want to know what’s in octobers list cause i actually have everything you guys are offering with plus in september.


Hi, Plus content will refresh on the 1st Sept (1st wed of every month) then we will be adding some extra treats throughout the month. As soon as the new content launches I will let you know whats in Oct (hopefully you will love it!)

Nice one :D

good to see PS+ Members are getting something early nearly every week

Please, I’ve been waiting for a protection plan ever since continous play stopped. I’m on my 4th ps3, first one was covered by warranty and the next two I had to pay around £130 to fix from Sony!


I see your point dude cus i, and many of us feel were still lagging behind but then again we gotta make the most out of what little we can get.



haha, after all the requests last time, its top of my list! Will try my best mate


so u.s get a ps3 protection plan on the cheap with plus and european customers get a DEMO , seems very fair and makes me wonder why i havent signed up lmao


@Shadowdragoon – Auto Downloads work fine for me, i’ve got the last firmeware, 5 or 6 demo’s, updates to all of my games fine since Plus launched.. are you sure you’ve turned it on and allowed it to wake your machine? – check the settings..

As for the R.U.S.E demo… I’ve been quite excited about this concept for a while, and look forward to getting my hands on it.. Move support won’t be in the demo, cos it’s not out yet… surely?

Cheers for the update James :D


Hi, glad its all working for you.
The demo is Move compatible so in that sense you are getting the demo even earlier!! Enjoy ;-)

Really nice, got this game on pre-order. Wish you would also send out move pre-ordered Move controller a bit early to use with it :)


Cool just need my Move controller, if you have a spare one throw it my way ;)

Oooooh nice!

Looking forward to this!

^^^^ Agree with richard4481 though, any spare Move controllers, hand em over! ;)


haha, nice try. They are like gold dust even here. But if the move fairy drops a load on my desk then i’ll let you both know ;-)

Well this all but confirms that my subscription will not be renewed. wow a whole 6 days early for a demo! again! nobody would pay for this nor would they pay for any content from the last month’s update. Great just great i know it’s not you guy’s fault but this isn’t a service that’ll grow as anyone who did initially subscribe like myself, won’t be renewing. Very disappointing, especially seeing as i’m a massive sony fanboy.

What is the size of this demo in MB?


we got Zen Pinball.Mushroom wars is americas psn game for the month.


good stuff, your listening to what your customer feedback.
keep it up

Oh I get it!

“Hey James, you go on the blog first and announce that rubbish PS+ thinging, then I will follow up the rear with the playstation store then the paying public may not notice how bad the store is this week!? Got it?”

It all makes sense, £40 for any early demo……. Come on, we are not all idiots, well i’m not!!!

I’m quite happy to see that they’re picking up on complaints and atleast offer PS+ members something else. Sure some might say a demo a week before the store is not much, but it’s atleast something and that’s a good start. Good job James! Keep it up!


You keep your promise for more Plus Content for European Users. But your “Work” is a joke. US got still more Content than EU and the Files from Last Month are already up von US PSN. In EU every Month the Old Files gets deleted.

And again this is costing Sony nothing. Cheap!


now i know why mr house refused to give subscription numbers for plus last week.


I hope Plus has some Benefits for Move Users in the Future. I spend over 200 Euro on Pre-Ordering Move Accessories and Games.

SlipperyFella 25 August, 2010 @ 12:22

I may have technically already made my £40 back already, and I am totally looking forward to Sam and Max next month, but I just want moooooooooore! :)

Early beta access is the one, I wanna be playing Killzone 3 and LBP 2 before anyone else!

Thanks for R.U.S.E demo, I’m glad it’s a week exclusive this time rather than just a day. Strategy isn’t really my thing but I’ll give it a go regardless :D

Compared to:

Posted by Grace Chen // Senior Manager, PlayStation Store
Hi Everyone – It’s time for the weekly PlayStation Store Update.

PlayStation Plus
Mushroom Wars (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
2Xtreme (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
Vempires – minis (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
TerRover Demo (Early access to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
Two-year PS3 PlayStation Protection Plan (PlayStation Plus price $44.99, regular price $59.99)
Soldner-X2: Final Prototype + Soldner-X: Himmelstrurmer Bundle (PlayStation Plus price $10.79, regular price $17.99)
Soldner- X2 : Final Prototype (PlayStation Plus price $9.09, regular price $12.99)


don’t mention betas!! lol

max_resistance 25 August, 2010 @ 12:25

omg im gob struck not ,are these the great extras we was promised ,wow we got this and tomb raider ,big deal ,what a joke

@31: Why does it have to cost Sony something for it to be worth it?

Sure there are pros and cons about plus, but no one forced anyone to subscribe to it.

Oh, and thanks for demo… :)

Are you guys serious? WOW an early demo… How is it even exclusive. Non members end up getting it anyway :/
You guys really need to create a new survey here on the blog so us, your customers and loyal fans who take the time to comment on here to give you feedback and hopefully we can both work together to improve the product.

RadioactiveMouse 25 August, 2010 @ 12:30

@funkpower have a look at this post on the US store blog ;) —


See I was right :-(

Try giving them the Moon on a stick next week James, they’ll still moan though :-(

“Hey good friend! You should subscribe to PS+!”
“Because, now get this, we get R.U.S.E demo, yes demo, early!!”
“R.U.S.E demo, early!”
“R.U.S.E,demo, early!!!”
“ha ha ha ha ha ha he he he he he ho ho ho ha ha ha, MUG!”

James, are we going to ever get avatars or themes weekly?


Why all the negative PS+ comments

We will be getting our free game and Ps+ stuff next week which Sam & Max is alot better than Mushroom Wars. You are also getting a brilliant PS Classic. Add to that exclusive themes that US dont get. I think EU has the better PS + and im sure alot of users (US as well) will agree with me.

So far I have already got £30 worth of content in two months which is great. I may have to download a PSN game which I dont have but im happy with the service and its value.

JordanBlack68 25 August, 2010 @ 12:34

Still not happy, I want content not “early” demos.


When I read the title of the blog post I tought there would be new features, or something.

At least is a week earlier, more than the 24 hours of the other demos.

@kivi95: That’s what the US got THIS WEEK. That’s not the one PSN Game they got this month.

@James: There are currently two Betas going on (Dead Nation & LittleBigPlanet 2) but it seems that neither is available for PS+ Users? Should we just stop “hoping” to actually get into Betas and look for other ways to get into them? I know you guys only said there’d be Betas (so at least two within the first year), but come on. You randomly pick people to participate in those Betas?

I hope I don’t offend anyone, but PS+ in Europe is a joke. You guys can’t offer as many free games as the US PlayStation Team, but you could at least talk to the guys at MM to get some Beta invites for LBP2 for us Europeans. I really hope you guys will be able to offer the same Betas in all regions. I can already see how US PS+ Users will get lots of invites while we’ll be left in the rain. :(

Have a nice day nonetheless. You guys do a good job, but there’s always room for improvement. :]


Can you explain us why the post is titled “More Exclusive Extras” (notice the plural used here) when there’s only one poor damn one week only “exclusive” demo ?

That’s really misleading. You should stop taking us for fools.

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